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Restless and Distracted – Neptune Transit to an Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon: Astrology-Based Advice

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Dear Elsa,

The past year has been rather messy, and I wonder at times if I am losing my mind. I know that I have a lot of character flaws and that the lifestyle I lead is unbalanced, but I can't seem to make myself change things for the better. Actually, I'm backsliding instead. I am restless and distracted when I should be concentrating on my work. And I fear that instead of becoming a more open person, I have become more and more of a misanthrope.

I understand that I need to concentrate, get out more, and lead a more balanced life – but understanding is different from doing. I don't mean to say that I haven't done anything, but maybe I'm not trying hard enough? I don't know. While I am aware the transition into adulthood can be tumultuous, it feels right now like I'm on a path of self-destruction. And I'm just not snapping out of it. Any ideas?

Falling Apart

neptune calming the wavesDear Falling,

It sounds as if a stern lecture and some kind of kick in the ass would be inside your comfort zone. And if you were having a Saturn transit, this is exactly what I would offer you, but this is not the case. Instead you’re having a Neptune transit, which invariably brings confusion and an inability to focus.

Imagine being tossed in the middle of ocean and it’s just as you describe. You mean to get to the beach, to solid ground… but you just can’t go against these enormous forces. How deep is the ocean, anyway? And you’re just this little girl out there… watching other people on the beach walk a straight line, while you remain disabled.

So the first thing to know is this is not permanent. Things will begin to clarify early next year. And one of the things about being 19 is you generally just don’t have enough years on the planet to put these things in perspective.

By that I mean, at 19 there is an idea that life ought to go in a straight line, when this is simply not the case. People are waylaid all the time. They are sidetracked. They are tossed from the game, and have to sit out a round or two, for various reasons. They get ill. They get drunk. Their husbands leave their “perfect” marriage. They slip on the sidewalk and crack their head! You get the idea. And this is where you’re at. You were walking a straight line on the beach and the tide came.

And now you’re in a period where you are doing self-destructive things. You’re flailing. And the way to stop flailing is to stop flailing. And I know this sounds strange, but I think in the end, you will find that I am quite right about this.

You have to quit thrashing around. Instead look for a gentle solution. Instead of fighting all this water, lie back and let it carry you. You need to let the tide do the work. Let the universe do the work. Your work is to submit. And I realize this may be a terrifying but it’s really one of the best things this world has. Magic, that is. Coincidence, synchronicity, etc. Because it’s while you’re out there in the water, off your beaten path that you are most likely to collide with the someone or something that changes your life forever.

So just try to muster up some faith, because down the road, I imagine you will see clearly how this transit in your life enhanced you. Saved you, even. Take care and good luck.

pictured – Neptune Calming the Waves, 1737, Marble, Musée du Louvre, Paris

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  • a reader

    Great response Elsa. Just wonderful. 🙂

  • Kathleen

    That WAS a really great response! I too, am having a difficult Neptune transit–I’m 41, so I am having Neptune square my natal Neptune, plus it is Opposite my Leo Sun in the 11th, and to make matters more difficult, Pluto is on my IC, and both transits are pulling in by less than a degree as I write this. I feel like my whole life is completely NOT me, or not my life anymore–and yet I have NO clue how to change it, plus barely the energy. I’m 41 years old and I want children badly, and a mate–and it is not happening! (Neptune in 5th, opp Sun). Try being 41, an astrologer, and STILL have no clue what to do! Maybe submit is the answer. I feel like I should be more proactive, to get myself out of this, but I don’t know how. I feel like an idiot!

  • bob mitchell

    brilliant answer – i too am a 62 year old astrologer with sun/asc leo.

    i have to remind myself – God has got a say in all this too. go with the flow