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Restaurant Review (San Diego): Broken Yolk Cafe

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While in San Diego for the NASPA Regional Conference, Virginia and I stopped by the Broken Yolk Cafe for some brunch. This was a place on Man vs Food and has a massive egg challenge, not something I was going to try two hours before winning an award but maybe next time. Instead I came in to try some Mexican breakfast food since it is a staple in San Diego.

From the outside the Broken Yolk looked like a standard diner and sort of small but wow was I wrong. It was actually really modern looking with some nice flat screen televisions and it went back far enough to seat a decent number of people. I ordered a coffee and some fresh squeezed grapefruit juice (hoping that it was a decent amount of juice for cost) and perused the menu. After a few reads I was torn between a few options so in regular fashion I asked my server for his breakfast recommendations. He rattled off a few options but told me that by far his favorite was the chilaquiles. I went with his recommendation and ordered them with the red sauce (I am not really a fan of green sauce, I don’t know why but I am slowly realizing that I have a distaste for anything “chile verde”).

The juice and coffee came out and I was instantly pleased.Why you ask? Because the grapefruit juice was actually served in an adult sized glass. It is really annoying to spend 4-6 dollars on juice and get the same or less in actually ounces. Here I got probably twelve ounces of juice for 5 bucks which is enough to get me through the whole meal. Other breakfast places can take notes from this, please save your child size glasses for children and serve me enough juice for more than one gulp!

After a short wait my chilaquiles arrived in all their glory. So what are chilaquiles? Well, you start with crispy fried quartered tortillas and top them with sauce (As previously discussed, I chose red). Next you cover them with melted cheese and sour cream. For breakfast eggs can be added and I opted for my over medium fried and it all goes on a plate next to some refried beans. How can you go wrong with that! Well, I imagine you can but this place definitely did not.


Everything about this dish made me happy. The tortillas were crispy on the outside of the plate but soaked in sauce on the inside. The cheese was melted perfectly and the red sauce was tangy and spicy. I great wake up call after the early morning and the two hour drive in traffic, though the constant refiling of my rarely consumed coffee by out attentive waiter probably influenced this comment a bit. And oh the eggs.

For those of you who have read other posts I am very critical of my eggs, probably more so than my steak and burgers. Not sure why but it is what it is. When I say over medium it means that the yolk should still run but it should be viscous like molasses and these eggs were just that. When I cut it the yolk coated the knife and fork and did the same for the tortillas. They added the unctuousness the dish sorely needed as eggs are supposed to do. Mixed into the tortilla side of the plate they made this dish something I would come back to again and again.

While the beans were pretty much a throwaway, I was really happy with this recommendation and told the waiter just that. It is always nice to go to a restaurant where the wait staff take pride in the food and can really guide you towards good choices. I am always a little nervous when I go to a MvF place and try something he didn’t eat but the Broken Yolk Cafe did not disappoint.

Next time you are in San Diego check it out they serve tons of omelets as well and don’t forget, adult sized fruit juices!

Overall Review: 7/10

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  • MB

    Since this place opened in Point Loma I went there 5 times, with family, friends, my wife, all separate visits. They screwed up on 4 of those 5 visits so badly that they gave me free coupons to come back each time again for free. This place is so bad I don’t want to eat there again even for free.
    Today I ordered steak and eggs. My steak came raw. Not rare, it was so raw that the steak was still actually cold in the inside from being in the refrigerator – it was not even cooked. Fully beet colored all of the way through. Now I love sushi, and I always order the seared Ahi tuna when I have a chance. That’s what my steak looked like. This steak looked like it was thrown on the grille for 5 seconds each side. I am not exaggerating. So I asked for the manager again. She did not come. They said they wanted to make my breakfast again, I agreed to let them, it wasn’t my servers fault. In fact it never was any servers fault, the problems were always in the kitchen. So I said to go ahead with the other breakfast but I wanted to speak to the manager. I don’t know her name but she is there all of the time. She knows who I am. But after asking for her twice, she still did not come. I could only imagine what the cook was doing to my food, and it wasn’t making me very hungry. So I cancelled my free breakfast. That’s pretty bad. I walked up to the manager and all she had to say was that she was making me a new breakfast. I told her I did not want it, and that I would never be back. I wont go back. The people cooking in this kitchen should just be washing the dishes. They are not cooks at all. What they served me today was disgusting.
    All I can do is tell everyone I know. And I will.