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Restaurant Review: Ruby Tuesday

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Accompanied by my niece and after a tour of a local chocolate exposition, we ended up in the bistro chain of “Ruby Tuesday”, ostensibly named after a Rolling Stones’ song but who knows?

We were seated at a fine booth with a pleasant view. The service throughout our dining experience was impeccable.

We began with a drink, a margarita. Not that I’m a connoisseur of mixed drinks but I thought my drink to be a little low on the spirits. Although the lime was fresh and sharp as only fresh limes can be.

I considered the Shrimp Pasta Alfredo but changed my mind quickly. This dish, one of my favorites, is always served in gigantic portions and offers little of variety in terms of taste and presentation. Ruby’s brags about its salad bar and with full intention of testing it fully, I decided on an appetizer termed by the restaurant as a “4-Way Sampler”.

Ruby’s own menu describes this treat as:

4-Way Sampler
Asian glazed wings, classic Tuesday tenders, Southwestern spring rolls and fried cheese sticks. Served with smoky honey Dijon, ranch and marinara dipping sauces.

My niece opted for one of Ruby Tuesdays custom hamburgers. We both decided to begin our meal with a trip to the salad bar.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comKeeping a salad bar clean and tidy can be a challenge at times. Customers tend to drop bits of food and stuff drips. However, on the day of visit by niece and myself the restaurant was not crowded.

We arrived at around 4:00 pm for a late lunch/early dinner. While an employee was busy keeping the salad bar stocked with plenty of food, no one was paying any attention to the general untidiness of Ruby Tuesday’s great source of pride. Lettuce that was meant to frame the pretty vegetables was tossed all about and was more a nuisance than a pleasure to the eye.

As for the food as presented on Ruby’s vaunted salad bar, it was all crisp, fresh and tasty. I had some shredded beets to top my lettuce, cuke and tomato concoction and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a vegetable generally offered, if at all, as round slices drowning in a vinegary liquid. There were also plenty of pasta-based salads offered, some big crispy croutons and a plethora of salad dressings. I’d give the salad bar a solid B+. If Ruby’s would keep its green bounty a little cleaner it would be right up there with an A rating.

My 4-Way sampler appetizer was a mixed affair. The fried cheese sticks were under-fried, wrapped in a pale soft breading with not a hint of crunch. The so-called “spring rolls” were okay but nothing like the crispy wonton-wrapped vegetable creations of the Orient one associates with this food. The chicken legs were the best of all four offered items. They were crispy-skinned, meaty and coated with an intriguing sauce that makes one want to eat more. The chicken tenders were perfectly fried with a crunchy crust such things require. I’d recommend this appetizer as it is the perfect size, accompanied by a trip to the salad bar, for a complete meal.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy niece loved her cheeseburger. One can design their own burger at Ruby Tuesday and she came up with a blue cheese-topped hunk of meat on a freshly made whole-wheat bun. She raved about the pleasant sweetness of the bread and, indeed, made me take a bite. To my surprise the bun itself was such a joy that the meat might be a second player to its holder. Not to fear. My niece, a little thing who never eats much at one sitting, chowed down heartily on Ruby’s custom-made burger, burped joyfully and pronounced her meal filling, hearty and delicious.

My rating for Ruby Tuesday below.

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About pat fish

  • My experiences dining at RT indicate that it’s pretty hit-or-miss.

    For instance, the one in Pigeon Forge, TN is great. But most of the RTs I have been to in Central Florida and Long Island have been disappointing…

  • A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I used to eat non-kosher food. And I used to frequent places like Ruby Tuesday. Frequent is not quite the word. It wasn’t good enough to go there that often.

    Having been a manager in a fast food restaurant for a number of years, it is my humble opinion that going to a “chain” restaurant like Ruby Tuesday’s is a waste of money. They are also fast food restaurants, but you don’t see that aspect of them unless you visit the kitchen and see how your food is prepared.

  • Mike

    Stop nitpicking. I worked in a restaurant, and keeping the salad bar tidy is not an easy task, especially hordes of weight watching slobs come in and mess it up.

    Also, why are you complaining about the spring rolls not tasting good enough? Ruby Tuesdays is not an asian restaurant, so dont expect it to taste as good as an asian restaurant would serve them.

    Be a tad more realistic.

  • Mike, you raise unpleasant memories of the salad bar we had before we went to selling salad in little clamshell boxes – PVC with the rabbit food.

    It was an absolute disaster with all the “weight watching” types going up and loading their plastic plates, making a mess as they did so. Patfish, I hate to tell you this, but when you’ve worked as a foodie long enough, you start seeing the customers as pigs rushing to a trough.

    The worst days were Saturday afternoons when the moms came in with the screaming brats ordering kids’ meals for them – which they threw all over the floor once ensconced in their high chairs – while the moms all ordered the smallest salads they could get away with. I was so glad when I left the restaurant on Saturday afternoons after doing the paperwork.

    Restaurant work is not something I’ve rushed into here in Israel. The customers here are a lot tougher to deal with than Minnesotans.

  • “Restaurant work is not something I’ve rushed into here in Israel. The customers here are a lot tougher to deal with than Minnesotans.”


    I have done my share of restaurant work as well. Unpleasant, in my experience. Most of your co-workers are semi-competent party-animals, and a disturbingly-large portion of your customers are human scum.

  • Dave Nalle

    Mmmm…what’s next, a review of Applebee’s or Boston Market?


  • Nancy

    I worked a restaurant job once for about 25 minutes. One of my first customers was SO gratuitously rude & crude, I dumped his order on his head & quit on the spot. One of the most satisfying days of my life…. 😀

  • Walt Wilson

    Service was excellent.

  • unhappy

    tonight me and my wife decided to go and have a nice dinner so we chose ruby tuesday. I asked the waitress about the commercial about the burger I had seen on tv and she told me I would enjoy the bigger burger insted so thats what i ordered.I dont mind paying good money for good food but when I pay $10.00 for a burger I dont expect it to be raw with blood dripping on my plate.I ran out of coke and it only took the waitress 23 min. to bring me another glass which she charged me for.Tonight has changed my whole perspective about this place which is bad cause in the past I always made sure to let everone know that I perfered ruby tuesdays over applebees.Im not a very hard person to please but when I go to a restraunt and spend $40.00 on a meal I expect some service.The girl who was our waitress was to busy talking to boys rather that servicing up plentiful to get a tip.I will eat here again but only cause I have enjoyed it in the past and hopefully it will be a better experience.

  • Lynn Jacksonville

    My husband, mother and I decided to dine at our local Ruby Tuesday’s tonight. It was a mess. Our waittress was “new” which became an excuse for her horrible serving skills. We had to bring our empty glasses to the hostess to get a refill, again after 45 minutes of being there go to the hostess for our food, which was wrong and cold. Then when the waitress came by and saw that we actually had our food she decided to drop off the check, which was also incorrect. After waiting 45 minutes for her to pick up the check, we again brought it to the hostess to pay it. Needless to say she got no tip and we are not going back.

  • Mom

    Mothers Day @ Ruby Tuesdays in Americus, GA

    You walk in ask for table for 6, they look around it takes 5 minutes and I can see empty seats. Whats the deal?

    Out of chicken, ribs, baked potatoes & mashed potatoes. Do I need to continue?

    Plates @ salad bar was dirty!!!

    Last time eating @ a place like this!!!!! My family will never go back.

    We should have know when we went in and no one was there so how do you run out of food and especially on Mothers Day?

  • KK

    I frequented a Ruby Tuesday tonight with my two children and husband after a long day at the fair in Vancouver, Wa. The hostess was very friendly, gave us her name, as stated if we needed anything to let her know (albeit a bit nervously…probably due to rude customers in the past taking out their frustrations with waitresses on her). The waitress was very nice also, and did an excellent job of keeping our waters filled (hard to get service like that nowadays anywhere) and made sure we didn’t need anything else once our food arrived.
    Their prices begin at $9 for a plate and go up to $17; with appetizers around $7-$9. I found the $3 per soda charge a bit steep, even if it is refillable; most people don’t refill, but they would have to refill at least three times to come close to equating that price had they bought it from the store themselves. I was pleasantly surprised to see multiple options for myself as I don’t eat meat. I had my choice of a veggie burger, a salad bar, a baked potato, and a veggie quiche with salad bar…I opted for the later while my children ordered the mini burgers & chicken & dh ordered a burger as well. The quiche was square and an individual size. I don’t eat a lot, but I don’t graze either. I took one trip to the salad bar and loaded up my romaine and spring mix lettuce with garbanzo beans, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, thinly sliced beets and carrots, olives, mushrooms, cucumbers, bell peppers, broccoli, sliced zucchini and some weak colored red onion. I was not entirely pleased with the salad bar as a few someone’s had tossed about the cheese like confetti onto several other dishes and the bottom right side of the cucumber bowl was slimy (not where I grabbed my slices from)…as in some cottage cheese had been sitting in it a while and made an impromptu opaque gravy out of the liquid there…slimy. That was not appetizing. I looked past it though, hoping that they would have someone clean the mess up a bit. As I was drizzling on some honey mustard dressing and adding some waldorf salad to the corner of my square plate, someone did come out. They pulled some cheese and veggies covered with it out of one dish and disappeared, leaving most of the mess. I didn’t return to the salad bar, but as we walked out at the end of our meal, I noted nothing had changed.
    I only made one trip to the salad bar & had my approximately 6″ square quiche. I ate about 1/4 of the quiche, most of my salad, and all of my 3/4 c. or so of waldorf salad and I was too full to finish. I asked for a box, however our waitress graciously offered to box the remainder for me and I thanked her.
    The food overall was not exceptional. I am happy to see more choices for my own veggie loving palate, but I’ve eaten better elsewhere for around the same. The only complaint I had with the quiche (which had a good filling) was the pasty crust. It was rather greasy and reminiscent of philo pastry sheets. My husband was satisfied with the burger. The fries had an interesting taste we couldn’t place, but they were good. The onion straws he ordered on the side were uniquely flavored also and they were something of note….unfortunately they were the only thing of note.
    The decor is very art deco. For those who may not know…my basic understanding is that art deco is taking geometric shapes and repeating them in sets throughout a space to draw the eye. The hanging lamp shades were all triangles and gargantuan circles of various shades. The glass window insets between sections of the restaurant were squares within a square. There were squares within the rectangle shape of the bench backs. All of the wall art was square, rectangle, square, rectangle repeatedly with a strong sports theme. They take the art deco theme all the way with their square and rectangle serving plates.
    There was a wood fireplace in the entry, but I can’t say if it’s a façade or works…although they did have a pile of real wood stacked high next to it along with a neat old radio on top of an oversized mantel above the left side of the fireplace. The light was easy on the eyes and soft to compliment the dark stain tones of the “wood” walls.
    Overall, I will probably be back sometime only because of the choices I have compared to other “burger joints”, but we won’t be dining here often unless the food makes the prices more acceptable or the prices lower to accommodate the mediocre but acceptable food.

  • Ruvy


    Sounds about right: overpriced, mediocre food. Read my comments #2 and #4 above…..

    Also, if you want to know how one American chain made out in Israel, go to my review of S’barro’s in Jerusalem.

  • Kelley

    I have visited many times to this RT on Owen Dr, in Fayetteville, NC. Todays experience has given me a disstate for the place. I was joined by 2 other people. We started off by ordering drinks and an appetizer. After about 10 minutes our drinks and appetizer came. We placed our order. When the food finally arrive, it took a while cause one had ordered a well done steak, we were very hungry. I began to cut into my steak and realized that the Medium Rare that I had order was not that. It wasn’t even pink inside. I was very polite to the waiter and explained that my steak was over cooked. He accomidated me and took it back for a new one. While I was waiting the manager came over and apologized for the over cooked steak and told me that one would be out shortly. Another 20 minutes later, a new steak arrived. It too was way over cooked. There was just barely any pink on this one. Now I am not a cook, but I do eat steak a lot. There is a ususally a lot of pink and in some cases depending on the steak blood when you order it medium rare. This was not the case. I took one bite and pushed the plate to the side. When the waiter came back to ask me, I told him that I would take the steak the way it was, but it was still over cooked. I don’t expect a lot at restraunts when things like this happen, cause I know that it’s hard work. I used to own a restraunt, but when we received our bill and it read $92, I was shocked. They didn’t even try to comp so much as the appetizer. I felt that they were telling us to deal with it at this point. I will not be visiting this establishment again. I do bring a lot of business there too. Thank you Kelley

  • Darlene

    Ruby Tuesday is a very pleasent place to eat with the family. We had such a great time. I love the salad bar, its wonderful. The service is great they always ask us how our days bein going. The hostess in the morning is very nice. I will be back to enjoy this wonderful place to sit down and eat. Keep it up Ruby Tuesday dont change

  • Brenda

    I had a dining experience at the Ruby Tuesday in Shreveport, LA. Dining that day was myself, my husband, my grandaughter (age 11) and a friend of hers, (also age 11). The waitress did show us a kids menu, but there was nothing appealing to the girls on it. We started looking at what they might like on the regular menu. We saw the item marked dinner for 2 for $15.99, which included an appitizer, salad, and an entree. The way it was shown on the menu was VERY deceptive. To make a long story short, I ended up paying $80.00 for a meal that cost about $30.00 to make, maybe. I asked the waitress specifically about the wording. We were charged $15.99 per person + drinks. Also, we were only given two appitizers, which with the way we were charged we should have gotten 4. The waitress should have had the courtesy to re-afirm what we thought we were ordering. I don’t make a habit of paying $80.00 for a lunch anywhere. Also, the entree my husband ordered (which was fried shrimp on pasta) was bitter and he could not eat it. You can rest asured that I nor my husband will never enter the doors of a Ruby Tuesday again.

  • Dylan Crimson

    Nothing could make the visit better, we will come back again very soon. From the Manager to the Server and Backwaiter everyone was the best we have seen in quite awhile. We even saw our Waitress, Rebekah, move another table to sweep under the table after the people had left. Good impression on us. We will be back.

  • Jeff from Tallahassee

    Got taken on the dinner for two thing also. The way it was worded was as if it was dinner for 2, for $15.99 total, not 15.99 per person.

  • Lisa Solod Warren

    This whole review and comments….it’s a joke, right?

  • This whole review and comments….it’s a joke, right?

    No, Lisa, it’s reality. The dissatisfaction you see in the comments above reflects reality. Restaurant chains attempt to market dreams – and the managers therein have to make the customers think that they are getting that dream – when they know damned well that they are not.

    And there is nothing funny about having to clean up after cheap soccer moms who mess up salad bars and their slobs of kids. One result for me was that when my kids hit two or so, I would leave the kitchen when my wife fed them. I couldn’t blame the kids for being two years old – but on the other hand, I did not want to yell at them either. They didn’t deserve to see my intolerance – an intolerance bred of seeing the cheap soccer moms and their slobs of kids at Burger King….

    And unfortunately, it is painfully true that customers in a restaurant seem like pigs at a feed trough after a while. I spent a good while talking with the guard at the Burger King on ben-Yehuda Street in J-lem yesterday, telling him about how I can still make a whopper blindfolded while he told me how the restaurant was losing money having to sell things for a mere 10 shekels to get customers inside. As I talked with him, I watched the customers inside with the practiced eye of a restaurant manager. Just because the restaurant is kosher doesn’t mean the customers don’t act like pigs at a feed trough.

    I wanted to go in and have myself a double hamburger or double whopper – but 40 shekels is serious money for a hamburger sandwich.

    oink, oink….

  • I only came here because of Ruvy. Very entertaining, the post and the comments. Ruvy has a sharp eye, but of course, he’s got the experience.

    When the kids were little, Fridays were always Ruby Tuesdays nights. (I often wondered why they weren’t TGIF nights…) Back then, the food wasn’t half bad and the service was excellent. But then came a change in management, the good waitstaff graduated from college and got real jobs, and the economy tanked the place.

    As for soccer moms and their slobby kids, it’s the responsibility of the parent to teach decent manners. My kids may not have the best manners at home, but they’ve been groomed in some of the nicest restaurants around and know what to do with a fork and a napkin. My son’s first trip to the symphony when he was 10, and I took him to a very nice restaurant before, one of our favorites. The maitre d’ commented for months afterward what a gentleman he was.

    ‘Course, he didn’t see him at home beating up his little sister. 🙂

    My cooking outranks most restaurants, even the fine dining establishments. In my old age, I can barely stand to eat out anymore.

  • Ah Joanne,

    You’re a woman after my own heart!

    As for soccer moms and their slobby kids, it’s the responsibility of the parent to teach decent manners. My kids may not have the best manners at home, but they’ve been groomed in some of the nicest restaurants around and know what to do with a fork and a napkin. My son’s first trip to the symphony when he was 10, and I took him to a very nice restaurant before, one of our favorites. The maitre d’ commented for months afterward what a gentleman he was.

    Our sons were raised the same way, if not to such formal standards. We could barely ever afford the fancy restaurants in St. Paul. But our boys behaved, did not run away from their seats, and tried to eat their dinners without making a terrible mess. They didn’t scream or whine at the table either, and neither my wife nor I can remember how many times we were complimented on the way our sons behaved in a restaurant, it was so frequent. It didn’t hurt that when we ate out, we included our boys in the conversation, didn’t read the newspaper and ignore them, like we saw so many parents do to attention starved kids. And of course these folks at the restaurant did not see our kids fight at home….

    Thank you for the kind words, Joanne. You’ve made this sick man’s day…. My wife, like you, makes food that far surpasses the stuff on offer in restaurants here. But we can barely afford to eat out anymore!

    Of course, for the next week most restaurants that will be open in Israel will not be kosher. No pizza shops, no bourekas, no falafel, no fancy Italian restaurants that charge $175. It’s Passover, and that means lots of matza and lots of water (to prevent constipation). Ah matza, the bread that tastes almost as good as the box it comes in….

    Bet you can’t get that at Ruby Tuesdays!

  • I’ve never met a matzoh I didn’t like.


  • CEO. Pro woman

    I was in the winterhaven rubys and had a wonderful dinner mainly because of a manager there who later i found out name to be casey she made us fill at home and went table to table talking to every one like she has know them for years she truly takes pride in job and i thank her

  • Brian

    Well, I work at an RT. I see things from both ends, Server and Guest. But I can’t help siding with myself when a problem arises. I make 2.13 an hour. 2.13!!!! Tips are what my lively hood is actually based on. So day after day of seeing 2-4 tips on $40 checks really starts to wear a person down! I stopped caring so much. And for Well done steak eaters..if you want beef jerky go home and burn your own meat! And I KNOW half of these people can’t possibly be leabing the same kind of mess on the floors in their own homes, but the tables and floors in my resturant look like absolute disasters after people leave. One Lady Ordered loaded cheese fries and when they came out, she began to “GASTLY” complain about how fatting it must be and “how can anyone eat this!! it must be full of calories!!” I have really started to hate people so much!!! So general populace..but you sicken me…

  • sean

    i work at rubys, and i must say its the best food place I’ve worked at food wise. The guests can be awesome but 75% of the time they are cheap and cry like little bitches. Idiots must understand that servers usually have 4-6 other tables, so if you dont get ur damn coke in 2 min, then wait! If the food comes out cold or over cooked then blame the cooks not the servers busting their asses. In some cases the server might suck, i work with some weak people. but just because 1 time 1 new server sucked dont say you and your family wont be coming back. every place has their share of bad servers who just work there to get money to buy clothes and still live with mommy and daddy. I have my own place with my girlfriend and I’m going to college. I need money so i make sure everyone in my section is taken care of. If u say u wont come back over 1 bad time then please just go to suck-ass Applebee’s.

  • Alexandria VA

    Just got home from Ruby Tuesday 7692 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria VA. Worst experience ever (and I’ve been to the restaurant before). Our food was cold, the fish that I ordered wasn’t fresh, the glass was dirty and the service was slow!

  • Travis

    I work at a Ruby Tuesday as a waiter and have for the last four years that I’ve been in college. I feel like most of these comments are unfairly bashing the whole chain over a single bad experience. I personally love our food, especially the burgers. If the food is cooked correctly it’s great. That being said I know that sometimes it can be cooked on a subpar level.

    The thing that bothers me the most about Ruby Tuesday is that while in a perfect world all the food that gets rang in to the kitchen to be cooked hits the window at the same time, it usually doesn’t. For instance, if you order a medium rare steak, and you are with somebody ordering a steak that is more well done, ask them to bring yours out as soon as its done or it WILL die in the window. I hate this aspect but it’s a fact.

    On a final note, I don’t understand why some of you said you used to like the food but are now choosing not to visit ruby’s based on one subpar visit

  • Richard C


  • Richard C

    I would not go back to a Ruby Tuesdays if you paid me to go or it was the last restaurant on earth. It is a disaster. My wife and I have gone a few times and each time it was terrible. Our last visit was in Augusta Maine for lunch. I had a sandwich that was just disgusting and my wife had the “fresh crabcakes”. Well she got sick, very sick from the “fresh crabcakes” a full blown case of food poisoning. I even went back the next day, got a sample of the “fresh crab” and sent it to a lab for analysis, it came back that the sample was contaminated with Listeria. I contacted Ruby’s three times only to finally get a phone call from the local mgr. Duuuuuu, he didn’t have a clue, insisted the fresh crab cakes had been made just that morning from some canned crab meat and no one else complained about them so how could my wife had gotten ill, good bye and have a good day. Great food, sucks, great customer service, that sucks too. Avoid this place like the plague or you too could get some “fresh canned crab meat”.

  • Jessica

    Saying you’ll never return to chain because you didn’t enjoy your experience at a specific restaurant is ridiculous. It’s as if you’re saying you won’t go to someone’s house because you didn’t enjoy the way you were treated at their sister’s home. Experiment with different locations and become a food connoisseur if you must comment and criticize restaurants regarding theirs. While most restaurant’s try to maintain the same standards as their brands promote throughout all locations, the bigger the chain-the more difficult the task. Not all Managers can be babysat, taught, or replaced as quickly as they should be.

    To Mom: Mother’s Day is one of the busiest restaurant days of the year in the business. Ordering too much food leaves us with product we cannot sell and make profit off of, losing money, and negating the reasons for even having our doors open in the first place. In 9/10 instances, more food is ordered than needed and thousands of dollars go down the restaurant drain because of the practice to rather have too much, than not enough. No server goes to a table and says,”We actually have extra burgers left over from our last shipment, can you please order one?” The few times a restaurant comes up short on something they are scrutinized as if they are unprofessional and possibly cheap. It’s a tough standard.

    To Nancy; you’ve got the gist of how rude, pompous and impossible to satisfy most customers are. The customer is NOT always right. In most cases, they take advantage of “complain until I get something free” tactics, not taking the time to read coupons they are redeeming, and blaming their mistakes of “I didn’t know this came with chives on it…”, on the servers. Restaurants give you a detailed description of every dish they offer as soon as you arrive and are seated. Isn’t that nice of them? Shouldn’t it be utilized? It’s also popular to treat servers like babysitters. Parents of youngsters: either bring enough money to tip your server for cleaning up Lucky Charms for 20 minutes after you’ve left, so that they can even SEAT another person at that table, or use that money towards a baby-sitter. Having your children visit other tables on the other side of the restaurant from where you are, bumping into a server carrying hot plates and liquids, and coloring on a restaurants expensive tables and table clothes is completely unacceptable. That should be tallied in your end of meal receipt.

    Everyone should work in a restaurant for at least 6 months before they can truly critique ANY restaurant. I challenge any of you who haven’t. I love this business, and the customers who respect the business AND the venues they visit. Call and speak to the GM of any restaurant you are dissatisfied with; I promise they will be cooperative and receptive, and implement your advice.

  • This is why I do my best to avoid restaurant chains. Even when visiting other states, countries, etc. I look for the locally owned bistros. That way I learn about local cooking, customs, etc. and I get a heck of a lot more bang for my buck. Ruby Tuesdays is OK – NOT haute cuisine. Folks, if you are going to go out and spend your hard earned money in an eatery, do a little homework. There’s a best kept secret around the corner. Local restaurateurs are dying under the weight of chain competition. The money you spend in a neighborhood restaurant (not Applebee’s) stays in your community and helps keep your local economy going.


    I have been to many types of places that have all types of food and people. I get to sit beside the jerk who eats and talks, the kid who screams and cries and the parents that wanted the family night so bad they ruined everyone else’s night out by bringing Chucky.. Good food bad food, great food , is that food? The price is never fair for what you get. We always complain. I enjoy the service or hate the people enough to say so. My point is,if you have to whine about it then stay home and cook. The world is to pot and I am glad people are trying to work. Perhaps we should tell the management and expect some form of break on our bills. Don’t hold you breath! I am just saying this is what it has come to. The customer is never right any more and if you think I am wrong look around. Sorry you have it so bad but at least we can still go out. The way prices go up who can afford it and with service sucking the gamble is not worth it.
    Thanks for reading even if you don’t agree.
    I try to pretend it’s fun even when I know it could be better if I were paying less and that kid would stop screaming and dude would close his mouth while chewing! GROSS!

  • Sonny

    well our visit was the worst of any restaurant i have ever been to. There was no one at the door we had to ask to be seated at a table that was next to a large party of drunks from the local black college who were swearing and jumping everywhere. we ordered drinks, they must have had to send someone down the street to get them.(it took very long) we selelcted the lobster dinner and salad bar. The salad bar was a wreck food everywhere, even on the floor! We returned ot our table only to find out that they were out of lobster. While the waitress was suggeting an alternative the table full of drunks started shouting for more alcohol which was brought to them. My date and I decided we would try somewhere else a little quieter. Upon leaving on of the intoxicated idiots at the table made a very off color comment about our ethnic background. The waiter that was serving these thugs just laughed along with them. We waqlked out to our car only to see about half the staff outside soking and carrying on like aborigines. We left and went to a local oyster bar that was quieter, nice and a more inviting atmosphere. I will never go back to the Ruby Tuesday on The Eastern Blvd in Montgomery. The staff is rude, the place is dirty, evidently the managers and their bosses dont care. and the clientel are completely lacking in any social graces or any understanding od decent society. I cannot comment on the food because we never tried it, But if it is like the rest then it peobably taste like cardboard!

  • Christina Salisbury


    After several visits to the Howell, NJ locations we have had many issues with undercooked meats. We request our burgers to be well done. They have come out mid-rare to medium on several occasions. The last time we got a burger there several months ago, it was sent back to the kitchen 2 times for being undercooked, (requested well done with no onions or mayo, it came out rare the first time, condiments correct. Second time came out medium with mayo and onions. I am allergic to onions). After this, the manager came out and made sure we got a well done burger at no cost to us. It was WELL done and dry. The cook pressed it down good to make sure it had no juice or color. I am a professional chef and this was disgraceful. We vowed to no longer get burgers at Ruby Tuesdays. Also the salad bar on several occasions had bad items. I told a worker about it and wasn’t changed. I tasted one of everything first before loading it up on my plate since then. Bad carrots, eggs, cheese, bacon and edamames….also wet wilted salad with hot plates.

    On 11/20/10 because we like their watermelon mojitos and holiday sangria we returned with hesitation. My husband ordered a chicken sandwich which after eating 1/4 of it I noticed it was raw. I tasted it before I saw it was raw and got sick for two days with diareah. We had a coupon for buy one get one free ($10). The manager on duty who did not identify herself, came over and offered him something else to eat. At this point his and my appetite were gone but ordered pasta anyway. The only thing we were offered was the chicken sandwich for free. We were charged tax on this and the bill said customer didn’t like. They tried covering up the fact on record that it was undercooked/raw. Manager didn’t comp the bill as they should have given we explained about our prior experiences with undercooked meats there. The cooks at Ruby Tuesday’s need to be professionally trained or fired. I am sure we are not the only ones who experience undercooked meats at this location. The only thing we will ever go there for now is the drinks. Even then the bartenders are especially great with their attitudes. Each time we got a watermelon mojito it was made different and had ingredients forgotten or barely any liquor. Be Wary of this location.

  • Alex

    I am not speaking for all Ruby Tuesdays, but the one in Jackson, Tennessee is by far the worst dining experience I have ever had. The bartender, a cocky dude named Joe, treated his customers with such disrespect that I was amazed he was employed there. What was worse was his boss stood within earshot and heard how he spoke to the paying guests and did nothing. I will never return to the Ruby Tuesday in Jackson, TN again. I will also tell all of my friends about it, so they won’t make the same mistake of expecting to be treated with respect.

  • Ruby Tuesday (Rockwall Tx)

    The new menu is not as good as the old and more expensive. The salad bar has less choices and the Ruby relaxer cocktail was full of ice and very little alcohol. The jumbo crab cake has shrunk and the $ gone up and my friends asian dumplings were not cooked properly and were hard around the edges. Very dissapointing and I would not go back.

  • theresa toth

    I would like to know why you raised the price of the salad bar but took away all the good things like the gabonzo beans, grapes and cranberries; if you want to put something else.

  • Ruby Tuesday Tower Road Denver

    We ate at Ruby Tuesday’s on Tower Road by Denver International Airport. It sucked both times. Don’t eat there. Everything was awful. The salad bar was brown and dirty and the entrees and appetizers tasted like a can of instant whatever. Really disappointed. The waiters were great, though. Too bad the food didn’t measure up to them. I would fire the chef.

  • Cody Woodring

    1.5 out of 5 for the service. The waiter was polite, however he got my order wrong, twice! They also charged us for both incorrect orders, still not giving me what i had wanted. However, the food i did receive was excellent, 4/5. The atmoshphere was decent too, it felt welcoming and homely.

  • David

    I’ve never had a bad meal or bad service at Ruby Tuesday’s here in Lincoln, Nebraska. I eat out at least once per week and usually avoid corporate eateries. Ruby’s is on my ‘go to’ list. The salad bar is excellent!

  • Helen Shwartz

    My family And i Went into Ruby tuesdays On a saturday Night In bismarck ND two of the hosts with brown hair and glasses continued to text and ignore my family and talk with the male server when we did the younger Girl with brown hair took my husband,kids and I to a table asked us in a rude tone questions like why are you here? when we sat i asked her for a booster and she replied “sure.” even thought the resturaunt was completely dead she never brought the booster and kept looking at our table Laughing. I use to eat at ruby tuesdays all the time with groups of ten always giving great tips the hosts at ruby tuesdays are extremely rude i did feel better after meeting my server a Very pretty girl with brown hair and blue eyes named Anne… I think. Other then that i will never go back to rubytuesdays and recommened it to friends.

  • Bill

    I purchased a gift card at the Shreveport, LA, restaurant for some dear friends and encouraged them to “take a night for themselves” and make the 75 mile drive. They did that on 3-29-12 and, after presenting the gift card, was told it was invalid. I was mortified and took the complaint to regional director. Apparently, their response is to send another gift certificate… which is useless. These folks will never go back, even if they were able. By the way, the waitress who brought me the worthless gift card is no longer working there. What a surprise. They’ll have to do better than this to get me to come back. As a businessman myself, I would have done more. I’m quite disappointed and won’t be recommending them again.

  • Dyrinda of jacksonville

    this was the worise food every, the bread if you can call it that, it was so smill and teastiess i was only given one,I asked the waitres why and she said you can only get one perperson,If that was not enough my food was over cook I mean reaily OVER cook it was black in color and it was pasta, needless to say I will never go there again.

  • Leslie Phillips

    I had Mother’s Day lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Troy, AL. I had stopped going there because my favorite part, the salad bar, had gotten so bad. But, after over a year of staying away I decided I wanted to go. Big mistake! I ordered the shellfish trio and it was the most pitiful meal I have ever had. It cost $18.99 and I got a crab cake that was about two bites, small bites, three dry shrimp and a tiny dried up lobster tail. The salad bar wasn’t any better than before and the mashed cauliflower looked and tasted like it had been microwaved about 5 times. I should have listened to my instincts and went on down the road to Santa Fe Cattle Co. and believe me I will from now on.

  • David Small

    John the manager at the RT in ofallon missouri is not trained very well. he made the dining experience unpleasant.

  • JD

    I was one of multiple guests at the Ruby Tuesdays in O’Fallon, MO. The food was good and the service poor. Someone dining with me made a comment to John O’Neil, Manager, and he acted like he could care less about if the dining experience was good or bad. The waitress was young and in need of additional training. And they weren’t even that busy.

  • amy

    Forget this place. They overcharge, when they run out of the side item they try and charge you additional for it. The plate for the salad bar is smaller than a desert plate and hardly big enough for a man’s portion, unless he intends to go across the room to the salad bar several times. The main dish is served in very small portions for the price. A party of six and it took us over 1/2 hour to eat and the place was almost empty. The food is questionable, the service lousy and when I mailed them a complain the manager was to lazy to even answer my complaint and instead had a young man call me and say “They were sorry” They did send me a coupon but I gave it away. I would never eat their again. Ruby Tuesday at
    Okemus, Michigan restaurant.

  • Megan

    We went to a Ruby Tuesday in Rehoboth…our server never gave us the cheese biscuits…she said I will have to get them…we got them after our dinner…then messed up two orders.To make it worse she rolled her eyes.

  • Lara

    Chochalate cake….cold as anything thanks

  • sharon

    Visit today at the Villages Fl. We waited a very long time for our food. My husband and friend ordered the penne with chicken parm. This time there was a piece of chicken cut in thirds sitting on top of pasta that was without sauce and dry.The chef did come to the table but, by this time we were done. Service was horrific. It was a birthday dinner that failed. I ordered Tiramasu for all to share and a b’day cupcake that never came. I asked the bus boy who cleard to bring me a tarter to go with my left over shrimp, never came. The salad bar is not what it used to be since Ruby’s are offering it as a side to the middle portin of their menu. We will not go back……

  • Roxy will be surely missed

    HIGHLY recommend that Roxy should stay at Mililani Ruby Tuesday as manager. Mililani Ruby Tuesday will be losing a great asset to this establishment. Outstanding personality, people person, works well with co-workers and great with the customers. She will be greatly missed. I recommend that you put the new manager KiNG in Moanalua Ruby Tuesday and leave Roxy here.

    Outstanding bar tenders Brandon, “M” and Francine….shifts should be shared Monday thru Wednesday. Shannon the bartender Monday thru Wednesday, good bartender but very, very, very slow. Should take a poll from the returning regular customers who are loyal to Mililani Ruby Tuesday. This is to also include the dining customers who enjoy coming to the Mililani Ruby Tuesday on a weekly basis.

  • hannahhaight

    My son and I went to Ruby Tuesday on August 27th with a coupon which was presented to the hostess and server. The forgot to bring us our biscuits with lunch and it wasn’t until after I paid t he bill that I noticed the $4 coupon had not been deducted. The manager refused to reimburse my money and told me if I came back tomorrow I could still use the coupon. ReallY! You want me to come back after you screwed my over already. I emailed corporate but as of today (two weeks later) I haven’t heard back. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.


    Me and family went out to Ruby Tuesdays lately. Terrible. An annoying beeping noise came on for 1 minute about every 2 minutes or so. Cheddar biscutes, rock hard and dis-shaped. I banged one on the table and barely a crumb fell off. The salad bar now has less addings and is more expensive. Food is expensive, not good quality, and over priced. It doesn’t even come with the salad bar. Last time I went I had a miscallenious noodle in my Lobster Carbonara. Our waiter OH…NOT BAD, JUST CHEWING GUM. Distgusting. Just distgusting.

  • Jim sharpe

    I went to the RT on Rte 37 in Toms River, NJ. I ordered the lobster tail and petite sirloin steak. When the waitress arrived, I commented that,
    For Sure, the petite sirloin was very PETITE, very much! It was over cooked, too. The lobster tail seemed that it had been in a tank for a very long time and had shrunk down to nothing from not eating, though I think it was just a very small tail. Actually, the lobster meat was quite good, it just seemed very small. The service seemed good and I did tip about 20%. The salad bar was good and I did enjoy it a lot. I will go back but now I know about the small size on the lobster and steak. Boy, they sure did look bigger on the TV commercial!

  • chris

    Went to Ruby Tuesdays and the food taste like it was cooked yesterday and served today . Terrible service as well.

  • shawn walker

    The ruby Tuesday in Harriman tn store 4240 is so bad.I’m a previous worker done wrong and pretty much forced to leave cause I tried to better my self and go to collage after working there for 2 years I have watched the last gm still money and inbezle it from the store,the new gm Jason have sexual relations with girls that work there,I warn anyone who steps foot in the place beware of things around u in my opinion the rubys in Harriman tn is acting unlawful under workforce labor laws and standards of OSHA

  • Kendle

    We actually ate at the McDonough, GA location last night. I remembered why we have only ate their twice since it has been opened. We had 3 in our party and only received 2 sets of silverwear, no extra naptkins (even after asking). Salad bar was messy and not filled. The salad bar was never filled while we were there. The food was cold and frozen. We won’t be going back there EVER.

  • alison

    i hate this resteraunt!! my local one had a messy salad bar that wasnt worth the price considering how small it was but the salad was good i guess? the biscuts were yummy but the chicken tacos were nasty, the chicken was raw and the price was just NOT worth it!! and also the waiters were sitting around with not a car in the world flirting with eachother and giving eachother back rubs and being innapropriate. my waitress had to be told 3 times to give my mother a refill. there was food all over the floor! now i know why it was dead and no people were there.. because its horrible.

  • Jenn

    I ate at Ruby Tuesday last night with a friend, and the dining experience and service was very good. But about two hours after I returned home I started having severe stomach pains which continued throughout the night, as I was camped out on the toilet. I considered driving myself to the ER, but the pain was so bad that I was in fear of passing out while driving. Needless to say, I have a case of food poisoning and will never eat there again!

  • RG

    I ate at Ruby Tuesday Niagara and had a similar experience as Jenn where I developed a severe stomach ache which lasted the whole weekend. I was on the toilet the whole time and did not even enjoy my time in Niagara. I am very disappointed with the quality of food at this reaturant and will NEVER eat there again. I guess the song by the Rolling Stones was dedicated to the reaturant “goodbye Ruby Tueaday” and they never ate there again.

  • Edgardo

    My girlfriend and me went to the Ruby Tuesday on Rockwall, TX located next to the harbor….. on 08/17/13 at 10:33 pm …. Wow that was terrible ..from the beginning the server show me this face like ” is too late i want to go home” i ask for a drink and she was asking about the food, so i tell her can u give me some minutes and after approx. 38 seconds she come back asking for the order and i was like “i am not ready” and this time she come back after 1:30 minute ….so i just tell her i don feel good now so i not going to eat. After that she start talking with the manager and i hear her saying “is too late and i have to go home” so guess what ….i just stand up i gert out of there

  • Marysabbos

    This was at the ledgewood, new jersey location and i had a horrible experience at this location over the weekend. I went with my family of four and everything was ok until our food came out very wrong. The burger was overlooked, the chicken wasn’t fully cooked and I got a cold baked potato. We called over the manager hoping for this to be fixed. Instead the manager, Sabrina was the rudest manager I’ve dealt with in a while. She seemed as if we were more of a bother to her then anything else. She had such an attitude! Never going back!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE FOR ANYONE !!!