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Restaurant Review (Norman, Oklahoma): Louie’s Bar and Grill

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On Campus Corner in Norman, Oklahoma, there are hundreds of people going in and out of dozens and dozens of the cutest little shops you’ve ever seen. Starbucks, Pita Pit, Chipotle, Subway, Tea Café: there are tons of restaurants to pick from, but how in the world do you pick which one? How about a good ol’ American sports bar and grill? Louie’s Grill and Bar at 301 West Boyd is always a classic choice for locals, college students, and sports fans.

Most people love the atmosphere Louie’s brings to their local neighborhood. The mood is very leisurely, it says, “come in and have a bite while you relax with your friends and family.” Flat screen TVs are strategically placed around the restaurant, always tuned to the best sports games of course. And for the adults over 21, the restaurant has a wonderful list of wines, beers, and mixed drinks, all for a great price. Louie’s prides itself in having an all-American menu. Burgers, pizza, salads, soups, sandwiches, and chicken strips. Whatever you’re in the mood for, Louie’s got it!

Some Louie’s restaurants even feature concerts by local artists on the weekends. Louie’s of Oklahoma City has won many awards for its great food and atmosphere. Originally started in Oklahoma, the chain has restaurants all over the Oklahoma City metro area, and a few scattered around other parts of the state. Recently the chain has also expanded into two Border States. Wichita, Kansas, and two major cities in Arkansas now hold their very own Louie’s Bar and Grill.

Most people find their meal at Louie’s to be satisfying for both their appetite and their wallet. Everything on the menu at Louie’s is under ten dollars, and the portion sizes are enough to fill even the hungriest of customers. For instance, a starving college student could get a great-sized meal (possibly two-days worth) for less than ten bucks. This gives Louie’s a major lead on competitors in the area. Normally you can either find a cheap meal or a great-tasting meal, not both. Louie’s fortunately breaks that stereotype and provides everyone with a great experience.

Although the official Louie’s website shows an appetizing picture of a burger and fries, the original location in Norman on Campus Corner does not offer fries. When asked about the hold out on the French fries an employee replied, “Because of the older building, our kitchen is very small and does not have enough room to make fries.” This is a major upset, especially for customers expecting a complete American meal at the door. All great Americans know that a burger isn’t complete without French fries. The service is very nice and friendly, but a tad slow for the fast-paced college student or businessman. Perhaps a friendly suggestion to the waitresses would fix this small mishap.

Overall Louie’s Bar and Grill is an excellent choice for that greasy burger you crave at the end of a long work day, or that splendid salad you oh-so desire at lunch time with the gals. With a wide variety of both food and drinks, Louie’s caters to anyone’s dining needs.

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