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Restaurant Review (Norman, OK): Sweets & Spurs

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A little ways off the beaten path of uptown Norman, Oklahoma, you will find a bedazzled cupcakery nestled in between a little known Mexican food restaurant, and something else I’m not real sure about to be perfectly honest. Anyhow, it’s what’s on the inside that matters, and inside this brick building awaits a sweet cowboy’s paradise.

Sweets & Spurs held its grand opening at 215 34th Avenue in September 2011. Owner and baker, Holly McGowen, dreamed up the idea by combining her two favorite things, sweets and cowboy boots. The fun and exciting recipes come from her personal baking experience combined with old family recipes.

When you walk in the doors of Sweets & Spurs your mouth waters as your eyes glisten. Cowboy boots, glitzy pictures, and cute trinkets line the walls with excitement, then your eyes sweep over the counter and you find the real treasure. Cupcakes, mini-pies, puppy chow, and chocolate dipped goodies put your taste buds on high alert as you try not to drool on the glass.

Some of the fun everyday cupcakes are Vanilla Howdy, Chocolate Outlaw, Southern Charm, Pink Casanova, Tumbleweed, and Mema Knows Best. These delights range from red velvet cake to sweet vanilla and apple cinnamon. Sweets & Spurs also offers delicious mini pies in tasty flavors such as Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, and Coconut Cream.

The two down sides of the business are location and service. Any good business person knows that business begins with the three “L’s” location, location, and location. Because Sweets & Spurs is far from any college hangout, family restaurant, or shopping center, it tends to be hard to find and inconvenient to get to at first. When visitors try the cupcakes, they may very well wish to come back, but the hidden location gives them an easy excuse to forget about the precious gem.

As for the service, I can’t say it’s bad, nor can I say it is exceptional. Being a lover of small, unknown businesses, I have often noticed the owners are overly friendly and read to serve. After all, their livelihood rests on the shoulders of the customer. However, each time I have entered Sweets & Spurs I have been treated much like a business partner. You tell me what you want, I’ll get it, and we will be on with our lives. This is the kind of attitude I have received from the employees at Sweets and Spurs. Like I said, it is not negative, nor is it positive. I personally prefer to be overly-welcomed by the business in which I chose to spend my money.

Overall the experience and tastes at Sweets & Spurs are unique and magical. The fancy boots and sweet treats are a fun and delicious way to spend a few bucks with a friend. If the atmosphere were more inviting I would even suggest spending an entire afternoon there studying and munching on wonderful goodies! If you don’t mind taking the extra time to look for the location, I definitely recommend you stop by and give Holly McGowen a sweet moment of your time.

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