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Restaurant Review (Norman, OK): Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery

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The town of Norman, Oklahoma has dozens of wonderful ice cream and frozen yogurt venues to try out. All of these places have their ups and downs, and I have made it my personal goal to try them all. The most recent place I’ve tried is Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery, located at 1200 12th Avenue in Norman.

Maggie Moo’s is a national chain that prides itself on coming up with unique and creative ice cream-related treats. The ice cream cupcake and the ice cream pizza are two fine examples of this aspiration. The creamery is also well-known for hand mixing your choice of topping and ice cream to create a bind blowing, personalized flavor. To most customers this almost interactive process is what makes the trip across town worth making.

A popular question the company gets of course is “who is Maggie?” Maggie, you could say, is the mascot of the company. A skinny cow-diva decked out in a pink spotted dress, pearls, and hot pink lips. She is often seen around town or in her creamery making a celebrity appearance for the fans.

Maggie Moo’s has a very unique blend of ice cream flavors, mixes, and toppings. The items on the menu are playful and exciting, and the varieties of a personal mixture are endless! Some of the most popular creations include Cotton Candy Ski Jump, Red Velvet Wonderful, Strawberry Skydive, and Peanut Butter Galaxy, which consists of chocolate ice cream with REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups, REESE’S Pieces Candies, and peanut butter.

Aside from just picking out your favorite cup-full, customers can also pick from pre-made cartons in a store-freezer in the store. This can be nice when one needs to grab a half gallon of ice cream, a cake, or a dozen cupcakes for parties and such.

The only downside to Ms. Moo’s creamery is the prices. There are plenty of other ice cream shops in Norman that offer basically the same selections for one third of the cost. One small cup of ice cream at Maggie Moo’s was comparable to an extra-large cup at a different place. I love the innovation of Maggie Moo’s, but most people, (especially college students) are not going to pay that much for ice cream. Ice cream is a luxury, not a necessity.

Overall Maggie Moo’s provides a fun and exciting yet sophisticated atmosphere where customers of all ages can come and enjoy a creative blend of flavors in their ice cream. Imagination and sweets combine through the delicious masterpieces created by Maggie Moo herself. Although it might be pricey, some say it is worth the price. For more information on Maggie Moo’s in Norman call 405-701-1868.

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