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Restaurant Review (Las Vegas): Zine

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I generally don’t like Chinese food. You can ask anyone. But, after going to Zine in the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, I may be changing my mind.

For my daughter’s 21st birthday, we went to Las Vegas and stayed at the Palazzo Hotel. We went to Zine because she was craving Chinese food.

We ordered the sampler appetizer, which included dumplings, spring rolls, shrimp tempura, and shi-ma. The dumplings were delectable. You barely needed to dip them in the sauce because the flavor was so rich and tasteful. The spring rolls had only vegetables in them and were crunchy, but not greasy. The shrimp tempura was light, crispy, and flat. We found it interesting that it wasn’t round. Both dishes were flat like paper.

Next we ordered beef chow fun, which had a delicate texture with an excellent flavor. We ordered it with fried rice, which had a blend of pork and shrimp and yet was light and airy. The pork was thinly sliced unlike the cubed pork that you get in a typical Chinese restaurant. The honey glazed shrimp had mayonnaise sauce, which was sweet and tasteful, and was surrounded by glazed walnuts that melted in your mouth.

We paired this with plum wine and a Mondovi cabernet. Although the Mondovi didn’t really go, I enjoyed it immensely. Zoey loved the plum wine. She felt that it was the right choice for a 21-year-old who doesn’t like red wine because of the bitter taste. She said it was fruity, sweet, and didn’t taste like wine, but more like juice.

According to Jian, our waiter, Zine opened five years ago. When it’s slow, the chef comes out and discusses the preparation of the dishes with the guests. There are a couple of private rooms that holds between 6 and 12 people.

When asked what his favorite dish was, Jian said, “The Peking Duck. It’s not on the menu but if a guest requests it, the chef prepares the dish in an authentic style.”

He also mentioned that the Chinese New Year gets busy in the restaurant and he recommends reservations.

Zoey and I were so full we couldn’t even finish the three dishes. Jian asked if we wanted to see a dessert menu and when we looked, we both agreed that the red bean pancakes were the way to go, but we couldn’t order a thing more.

I highly recommend this restaurant and look forward to going back when I return to Vegas.

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    I’m not sure. Whenever my friends say, let’s go for Chinese food, I generally shy away. But after tasting this food, I’ll be more likely to say I’ll go! There’s also a place in NYC that I really enjoy called Big Wong, located in China Town. I think the food is pretty good there but I haven’t found a place on LI or anywhere else besides Vegas that I really enjoyed… Thanks for your comment!