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Restaurant Review: (Las Vegas): Rattlecan

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Las Vegas can get pricey, especially when you frequent famous chefs’ restaurants. But there is a new restaurant in town located at the Venetian Hotel, which won’t empty your pockets but will fill your belly with a great meal. That restaurant is Rattlecan.

When you walk into Rattlecan, located near the front lobby of the Venetian Hotel, you will enter a restaurant that looks like it was transported back in time to Manhattan’s East Village. Cool graffiti lines the walls of this chic burger joint, which was designed by Antonio Ballatore. His friend, Chef Sam “Sammy D” DeMarco, makes burgers that are truly creative and unbelievably good-tasting.

My daughter, Zoey, and I went there one evening prior to seeing a show. Once we went through the door, toured the restaurant, and tasted the food, we were fans.

The bartenders were amazing too. They had at least five signature shots. I tasted two: Upside on Backside and Hey Kool-Aid. The “adult” drinks were sensational. Both Zoey and I had a McTwister, an alcoholic drink that tasted like fruit punch. All of the drinks were mixed perfectly.

When we sat at the table, Janelle, our waitress, greeted us. She fit in with the décor and was incredibly upbeat and welcoming. The Assistant Manager, Michelle Bautista, also came over to say hi and welcome us to the restaurant.

For dinner, I had the signature dish, “The Rattlecan”, which consisted of a burger with cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, pickle, special sauce, lettuce, tomato, and crinkle-cut fries. I added avocado to make it more delicious – and even more fattening, but I didn’t care. It was my last night in Vegas and I wanted to enjoy the experience. And eating “The Rattlecan” was an experience I truly enjoyed!

Zoey had the Fat Caps, which consisted of a juicy delectable burger with portabella mushrooms, caramelized onions, Brie, balsamic glaze, and truffle mayo. She said it was “the best burger” she ever had.

We also had wedge cut sweet potato fries that were just as yummy. They were so big, it looked as if the chef had taken the whole sweet potato and quartered it. The regular fries reminded me of the old fashioned fries we used to get at Nathan’s at Coney Island.

You know what? The Rattlecan was the best burger that I had ever had too and I’m not kidding. It was scrumptious. Each bite was like a culinary delight dancing in my mouth!

After dinner, Zoey and I decided to ride the Pickle, a fun rodeo-style ride shaped like a pickle.

Rattlecan also has a small game room and black lights to make some of the graffiti stand out.

This isn’t an ordinary burger place. This is Rattlecan, and it is tastefully yummy. I highly recommend it and look forward to my next trip to Vegas to experience the delight again!

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