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Respect for the Game

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Before I begin, I would like to say one thing: I have always been an Angels fan. Win or lose, I have always been there to support my favorite team. My pride will always be with the Angels no matter what because I have a great respect for the game of baseball. With that said, I will also say that I have a great respect for the Los Angeles Dodgers. They are an iconic team and have a great deal of history, but as of now the image is tainted.

So far the Dodgers have had to deal with a lawsuit over a beating, two sets of fires over the course of a few days, a bankruptcy claim, a massive divorce case between the owners and an unwinning season. This has not been a great year for the Dodgers who are, as we speak, 12 games behind first place in the National League West Divison. The home games haven’t been exactly sold out this year, and the main reason is because of owner Frank McCourt.

Frank McCourt (Los Angeles Dodgers)Frank McCourt is a businessman, and businessmen want one thing and one thing only: money. It’s always about money, always about greed. As Michael Douglas’s character Gordon Gekko says in the film Wall Street “greed is good,” but if anyone actually remembers how the movie ends, greed is definitely not a good thing. It only ends with a loss and a price to pay. Now, it seems to me that the Dodgers fans are most afraid of the Dodgers going down in flames. It’s a scary thought to have such an iconic team be brought down by greed. The fans are angry, and they want a change and they want an ownership in there that will have respect for the game of baseball.

But who knows? Maybe things will turn around; maybe things will get better for both the Dodgers and for the sacred game that is baseball. All the fans can really do now is wait and see. The fans don’t know what will happen because there are several different outcomes to this situation. The one outcome that the fans want is Major League Basesball’s commissioner to seize the team from McCourt and sell it. We have our teams; we have our rivalries, but in the end every single fan has one thing in common: respect for the game. That’s all they want.

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