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Rescue Me Season 3 Internet Webisode

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The FX Network’s drama Rescue Me starts its third season on May 30th. Rescue Me is the story of New York firefighter Tommy Gavin (Dennis Leary). The show focuses on the problems in Tommy’s life which include his wife who lives across the street from him in a different house and talking to the ghost of his cousin who died at the World Trade Center.

There has been a long gap between the second and third seasons and FX is using the Internet for marketing. FX already has some short video content on their website, but is offering a special mini episode before start of the new season. To bridge the gap between seasons two and three of Rescue Me, the network is making a condensed episode of the show available on video on demand, broadband, and cell phones.

Rescue Me 2.5, a 15-minute stand-alone episode, written by Leary and co-creator Peter Tolan, includes the show’s regular cast, unlike past cell phone “mobisodes” featuring Fox’s 24 and ABC’s Lost, which put their focus outside the regular cast.

In another move to increase the show’s exposure, the mini episode will also be available on AOL from May 8th to the 29th and on imdb.com and tvguide.com on May 30th.

I think an original episode of a regular show on the web is great, but the network is still using the Internet for marketing and not trying to develop larger uses for the medium. There are better ways to tie regular TV and Internet TV.[ADBLOCKHERE]

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  • Chery

    I was just wondering who is singing the song while Tommy is trying to save the little girl? It didnt show any credits for the music and I just love that song, please help!

  • Kristin

    Stereophonics and the song is Devil

  • chloma

    What is the song played in the “Rescue Me” season promo’s? It starts off with a sample of “Ice, Ice, Baby”. It’s driving me nuts.

  • angela

    actually, ice ice baby sampled this song. it’s david bowie and queen – under pressure.

  • C

    does anyone know the song at the start of second to last episode,its a kind of reggae ish song

  • atooleyr

    i can’t find that song that plays as everyone finds out tommy gavin’s brother is dead….it’s played in almost entirety (sp?)….i can’t find it anywhere…and i dont remember lyrics…help anyone!?!

  • C

    yeah thats the song im talking about. anyword on when a soundtrack is coming out because this series always has great music.

  • C

    im going to see if i can find that episode and will either post some lyrics or hopefully the song/bands name

  • Jai

    Does anyone know when the third season of Rescue Me will be out on DVD?

  • C

    this is all i found inot sure if its the ‘official’ or licensed version, but if you dont care id reccomend downloading the episodes on a torrent site and just rip them to dvd…cheers

  • andrew

    what is the song playing when tommy is standing outside th liquor store, and it shows what would happen if he drinks?

  • Carmin

    the song that plays at the beginning of the episode where Tommy’s brother is dead is called “hell is around the corner” by Tricky and Portishead

  • Jenn

    what is the song name on Season 4 Episode 7 where Tommy is up in ladder with Sean? I love that song?

  • Macyakker

    Anyone know the name of the song that plays right after Tommy rapes Janet at the end of Season Three Episode 4 entitled “Sparks.”

    It sounds like Joe Strummer or perhaps The Clash but I am unable to locate it under either of these Artists on iTunes.

  • Michael

    Minisode called Supreme, where he’s in a bar, had a Reggae song playing the entire time. Anyone know what it is?

  • jake zeke

    what band is playing to every intro into rescue me?

  • MC

    Jake, you mean the theme song? It’s C’mon C’mon by The Von Bondies

  • MC

    Michael, song is ‘Supreme I Preme’ by Finley Quaye