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Reno 911 – hits hard at your funny bone!

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When I first saw the trailer for Reno 911 – I
thought it was going to be a total disappointment – one of those
pathetic attempts to spoof Cops…..

Well – this comedy has caught me by surprise. The officers of Reno 911
are dedicated to protecting serving the citizens of Reno, Nevada – even
though they’re certainly ill-equipped, ignorant, cowardly, and
down-right childish about the whole, “upholding the law” bit.

I think it’s amazing that the officers are so totally committed to their
jobs – even though they’re doing it all incorrectly – with hilarious
results. A great example is the episode in which the officers land a
major cache of illegal fireworks – inside a ice cream truck located in
the middle of the desert. The book the driver on possession of illegal
fireworks and they proceed to literally have a blast at setting off all

that contraband. Some officers gleefully joined in with some riot gear –
to get up and close to the exploding party. Of course, the show also
needs to illustrate some of the consequences of their actions – so one
officers makes mistake of aiming a flaming roman candles at the ice
cream truck – which still had the rest of the fireworks loaded up inside.

“That’s what’s happening!”
This show totally panders to your guilty pleasures in satisfying all
those inappropriate comebacks – that you’ve ever wanted to engage in. I
think it’s fabulous that these officers have no inhibitions of acting on
all those inappropriate responses to mis-understood insults. One great
scene is when two officers team up to beat-up a mime – in the middle of
the day – simply because the Mime refused to break character and answer
their questions. Another great scene is when Dep. Williams encounters a perp – who seems to be high…..the perp makes the mistake of saying the Deputy looks like Dee from “What’s Happening.” Her response – she whips out her pepper spray and shoots at the perp’s eyes – as he’s screaming in pain – she sass back: “That’s what’s happening!”

“God – I hate religious people!”
Finally, Reno 911 indulges in all those cool immature pranks that only officers can get away with. In one episode – officers competed in a “perp” bingo – to win tickets to the next Nevada execution. Deputy Jones and his partner proceeded to call up a pizza joint on the other side of town – and promised the driver a hefty tip if he could make it in 30 minutes or less. When the pizza arrived – the drive found himself in a speed trap – the officers determined he was speeding dangerously. Lucky for them – the driver also fit a perp description for their bingo – the driver was at least 6 feet tall. So they book him on driving without a license – after they take his wallet and toss his license into the gutter.

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  • I can’t bring myself to watch one episode of that show.

  • cjones

    This is definitely one of the funniest shows on television right now. I really dont watch The Comedy Channel much but this show is hilarious. I would really recommend it to anyone who is into this type of humor. I love it.

  • cjones

    “That’s what’s happening!” – That scene was hilarious !!!

  • I get pissed everytime I miss an episode. That show is either so brillant or so stupid I can’t tell which but I love it! My favorite episode was the FBI coming in and taking over where they caught the redneck deputy in the morgue cooler. Funny stuff!

  • this is the best show on comedy central.

    did you know that the guy playing lt. dangle (the shorts) is the voice over on the snickers commercials. this is just some important trivia that i thought you might not be able to live and function without.

    i would like to find out who your favorite characters are and why.

    jack e. jett
    the jack e. jett show

  • Jeremy

    This show is so funny, it reminds me of cops that I have known and worked with over the years. The actors they found to play the characters are great and do a very good job playing the part. I wish I could get a dvd or video of all the episodes. Keep up the good work Comedy Central.

  • Great show… the actors do a great job of exagerating some “stereotypical cop” behavior and fouling up everything in the process! The Halloween show, when Jones ends up shooting everyone else… what a riot.

  • Andrew Bowen is best actor from Reno 911

  • Andrew Bowen is best actor from the world

  • Hahah…

    I actually enjoy this show. It gives good giggle.

  • brewer

    Sure would be nice if Reno 911! got more press…a night on Jay Leno or Letterman…they deserve to be nominated for an Emmy, come to think of it. Has anyone heard if there are more episodes to come? I sure as hell hope so!

  • Is Reno 911 coming to DVD, anybody know?

  • travtek

    What a show! I rarely watch TV anymore but this year, I happened on to Showtime’s “Dead Like Me” and Comedy Channel’s “Reno 911”. Before broadband came along, “Cops” was my favorite show to watch. My favorite Reno 911 episode was the German-Speaking German Shepherd attacking the deputy on command, before the the deputy knew the German command to call off the dog attack. Where was the freaking index to that book?!? Hah! Anyway, grrrreat show. Worthy of the premium cable channels.

  • Kristen

    This show rocks! It’s the funniest show I’ve ever seen. Some of my favorite episodes were the one where Jones and Garcia go looking for Jackie the hooker but they find Lt. Dangle in a dress and wig dressed as one of the hookers when he’s not even on duty. Another one is when Garcia is dared to lay in the morgue freezer for 30 minutes but the FBI agents come in and see the officers messing around in the morgue. And also the episode where Dep. Williams goes to get her hair done and sees Dangle getting his hair and nails done. That was funny! This show rules.

  • Phil

    this show is just the shit, when are more coming out?

  • dee

    Just a note… It’s “perp” not “prep”. I’m sure you realized that after posting. Also, the stoned fella said Dep.Williams reminded him of Shirley Hemphill, who played “Shirley” and not the actress who played “Dee”. This is possibly the funniest show on tv, behind the Simpsons, of course. Hope it’s out on DVD soon.

  • Reno 911! is the best new comedy to come to cable in YEARS.

    Great stuff, I really hope they plan to make more.

  • Reno911 is the funniest thing, besides KeepingUpAppearances that I have ever seen. When are the new episodes coming? I have all the current ones memorized so I can play them in my head when I need a good chuckle…

  • tlr

    does anyone have taped copy of the series? missed out of most of them. glad to pay for all episodes!

  • Nicole

    I LUV this show i got scared cause i thought it was going to be cancelled since 4 a while ive been seeing reruns but JUNE 9th new season, i dont have tapes of the show but u can download video clips from online go 2 kazaa or somewhere where u can share files

  • Chris

    I’m glad there are other Reno 911 fans out there. Did anyone out there love the episodes with the agents from the Office of Homeland Security? They were my favorites!

  • Great show. I like all sorts of episodes. the man on Halloween setting fire to a bag of ‘boo-boo’ on a door step, only to run and set the cop car on fire. Uh, (blond gal), sitting with the goth kids in the alley and explaining their rituals to them was actually endearing, her character delveloping how I thought of her, BUT when she marries the felon, OH, CRACK UP!!!!! Garcia (angry cop)blasting the pinata. ‘Ever hear him take a duece?’ ‘Yeah, its like Normandy’ Wiegal? Her esteem is shot!

    Can’t wait for season two. the characters are developing well.


  • GangstaDubtrain

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the new commercials for Reno 911?

  • GangstaDubtrain

    Nevermind… I found it
    In case you wanna know its called “911 is a joke” by Public Enemy

  • EB

    At first, I thought the show was stupid, since one of my favorite shows is COPS. I did not see the point of making such lame jokes, but with time, the jokes, and the characters started to be funnier. Love the one when the blond is going to get married, and all the ladies are in the bachelorette party, and they hire some “cops” to do the strip tease, and one of the actual Reno cops(the black guy, don’t remember his name) is also doing the strip tease. Very funny!!!

  • i can’t wait to see lt. dangle in his short shorts.
    the great thing about this show is that my favorite character changes from show to show.


  • eatyourfeedback

    Too bad for you…you’re missing out on some funny #@$%!

    By the way…if you haven’t watched it, why comment on the show?

  • CJ

    Definetely the first laugh-out-loud comedy on TV since Seinfeld left us, and the Simpsons lost it’s edge. I love this show!!

  • Chester

    Lt. Jim Dangle(Thomas Lennon) is the best character of the show! Reno 911! is the best show…ever!!!!!!!! Anyone who hasn’t seen it, needs to see it.

  • Naren

    Damn funny show. Welcome respite from network crap (ray romano should just stop while he’s ahead). Along with the daily show with jon stewart and dave attel’s show, comedy central is the real must watch TV.

  • This season is great so far. The character developement is evolving. Wiegal dating a serial killer. Deputy Johnson is a slut with a big heart, and probably has the most sense of them all.
    Anyway, I’m tuning in for every episode as usual, and watching the replays throughout the week.

    Oh yeah, the second season of Nip/Tuck starts soon. Now don’t miss that one if you haven’t gotten into it yet.

    Cable network series are really challenging the networks!!!!


  • Vanessa Carini

    This Is by far the best show on TV
    I Love All Of The Shows

    J.Dangle And T.Junior Rock

  • Oh Yes, Andrew Bowen is best actor of Reno 911, but he was just in 2 episodes: s1e2 and s1e5…

  • jared

    hey remember when garcia is trying to get jackie the prostitue off the street and after he dropped her off he said something about she’d scare off the devil or somethin it was REALLY funny but i cant remember wat it was can anyone help me?

  • Tifa


    Reno 911 is good too.

  • Lerin

    Jared this is what it was. “God puked and there was jackie.”

  • Yes, character development for this season is great. It actually is turning out to be a good show on many levels. I like recently Clemmy (Deputy Johnson) was doing an appearance in a Children’s hospital in a ward for kids with cancer. She is reading tarot for the kids, the death card comes up for a kid. Oh man, brutal!


  • Jay

    Hey everyone i am a senior in college and as a requirement for a programming class i had to choose a show and analyze it in vartious ways etc. Since i love Reno andf it happened to be on the list of approved shows i figured what the hell. Unfortunately i have had a hard time finding substantial ratings numbers and production costs etc. I have found some ratings info about premiers but thats about it so ijust figured i would see if anyone in here may know of any good sites to visit etc. that could help me find what i need. Ok thanks a lot


  • Jay, you are probably experiencing the viewing difference between major networks and cable networks. Cable doesn’t hit heavy into the Arbitron ratings yet. Cult popularity grows. Cable has a ways to go to catch up with the 3 (4? FOX) majors.

    Go to Comcast and fish around for a while and see if you can get numbers. Or comedycentral.com for show info.

    I love Clemmy. If she wasn’t married in real life (maybe she isn’t)….


  • then again, there is ‘Sapranos’, they keep winning Emmy’s. Jon Stewart also. It is all in a slow change. Cable networks are a great place for guerilla marketing. More ads for not as much money.

    How about Nip/Tuck? Another amazing show. Family Guy? Queer Eye? And the list is getting pretty big. Majors tryin’ to pick up on these shows is next, except that they are too extreme for the majors.

    Can you dig it? I knew that you could…

  • Jay

    Thanx plg, i got some numbers from com central a few weeks ago but they only have some numbers for premier episodes. I am going to keep lookin around. Also, does anyone know an estimated cost per episode figure and if so where did you find that info. Like the ratings, it seems that this is the second toughest bit of info to find. Thanks again


  • Andrew Bowen starring in new Reno 911 episode! s2e16

  • what is the song officer jones sings in the season one episode where clementine gets married? he sings it also in the episode with the british cop. he sings it when he dies.