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Glenn Reynolds, besides being the most prolific and successful blogger on the planet, is a law professor, writer, author, science and tech buff, musician and composer. Since he began blogging in earnest around a year ago, the music had taken a back seat, but no more: he is now scoring his wife’s documentary. Up next: the benevolent dictatorship of a small country.

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  • Dirk Deppey

    I’d love to hear it, but the link is broken.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Dirk, changed it.

  • Glenn Reynolds

    Er, thanks. But I didn’t mean it for public consumption — it’s just a little thing I put together on Acid (note: on the software Acid; I wasn’t on Acid) as an aid to thinking. I just emailed the link to Eric because I thought it was cool.

  • Eric Olsen

    In case anyone is confused, the track Glenn is referring to isn’t up at the link anymore, so itook the link down.

    But it was good.

  • Steve Rhodes

    What is the documentary about?