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Remoras Love Bloody Water

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I am thoroughly disgusted with the average American voter.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Obama’s approval ratings were not looking too good. He was hovering around 50% in most polls, with an almost equal disapproval rating. Republican venture vultures were flocking to peck out their status order, convinced that if one of them could uncover the winning platform (subject to corporate approval, naturally!), that candidate could defeat Obama. Yet once the president ordered the pseudo-judicial summary execution of a man, admittedly not a good man, and maybe a threat to the nation (not that we will ever know for sure now), now the American people are backing him in larger numbers than he’s seen in a long while? Having blood on one’s hands (whether justifiably or not is a topic for another discussion) must be a good thing in the eyes of American voters. Maybe the only good thing.

Millions of formerly employed people remain so. I don’t have a breakdown for how many people in this condition have altered their opinion of Obama over bin Laden’s killing, but any who have done so are clearly not too worried about having no means of support. They obviously would rather applaud a proven killer leader than become employed again.

More homes than the 1 million homes already foreclosed (according to RealtyTrac) will be foreclosed this year, yet nothing is being done by the Obama administration, neither to fix this problem nor to prosecute those who caused this crash in the first place. I don’t have a breakdown for how many people in this condition have altered their opinion of Obama over bin Laden’s killing, but any who have done so are clearly not too worried about losing their homes, probably the only asset many will ever have in their lives. That matters nothing compared to Obama being able to add a notch to his Commander in Chief swagger stick and wave it about.

The cost of living is rising dramatically, and I expect it to do so for the foreseeable future. This is due mainly to the very visible rise in energy costs, yet the reasons for the rise are not due to supply and demand. Obama recently promised to look into this, and to punish those taking advantage. Has this public promise been forgotten now that SEALs, acting under Obama’s orders, invaded a foreign nation, nominally an ally, and performed a questionable act of national revenge, later altering the official version of the events as the detail flaws became known? I don’t have a breakdown for how many people affected by this national fiscal difficulty have altered their opinion of Obama’s economic stewardship over bin Laden’s killing, but any who have done so must be comfortable with the downslope direction the economy is taking.

And what of the GOP? The only alternative most voters believe they have? If they were really doing things to advance the will of the people as they love to proclaim, they wouldn’t have suffered an adverse 20 point shift in Obama’s numbers, a detail which weakens their strategy to bring about Obama’s 2012 downfall by stalling any legislative progress and by snowing the voters with their hateful fears masquerading as policy.

I’m sure there is much more that I can raise questions about, but these suffice to demonstrate that the American people by and large cannot be tasked with orchestrating solutions to the problems their nation faces. They are too enraptured with the simplistic and violent Hollywood movie ending as the solution to one major problem which cannot be applied to any of the others that I have presented here (and many more). Rational thought and logical discussion about these major national problems are definitely beyond their abilities, as any objective observer could attest. The huge and abrupt approval numbers shift, due to a movie-style adventure with a happy ending, speaks volumes in defense of my point.

So what can we expect? We will be subjected to a debate among the hugely-funded special interests (Wall Street vs. Tea Baggerstan) who currently wrestle over the direction they want to take the nation in their quest for evermore munificent returns. Their best interests will be sold to us as if they also benefit the rest of us. Few voters will question this meme being implanted in our society by the media lapdogs of both contenders even as I write this. Fewer still will remember by November 2012.

The ball is in Obama’s court. It’s again his game to lose. I won’t be placing a bet on him winning, for his track record is horrible. I await the White House response to the plea from House Republicans for relief from the Democrats telling the truth about them. I expect that Obama’s bipartisanship will again be used against him, and he won’t learn why this should cease immediately.

You’re a killer, Barry. No one can deny this about you now. It’s time to walk tall and do what the nation needs doing. I wish I had hope that you would change and actually do so. Words on the TelePrompTer aren’t going to do the job anymore than words would have taken out bin Laden. You are going to have to prove yourself and show me what you can do. Bring it on. Prove me wrong. Please.

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