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Remember This About 9/11

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Everytime I give my 15-year-old daughter permission to participate in the band at games in the Alamodome, I worry about her safety, think about it, weigh it, analyze it, and then give her my permission to live free. It’s my way of saying to the terrorists, “Screw you.”

I haven’t flown a plane since 9/11, and won’t again until all of the hassles and checks and confiscations of personal property are withdrawn. It is not the terrorists that prevent me from flying. Not flying is my way of saying to my government, which insists on restricting the freedoms I enjoyed before 9/11, “Screw you and your cowardly ways.” I would rather be dead from a terrorist attack than to live my life in fear of my travelling companions and fellow Americans carrying nail clippers and shampoo bottles.

Think about it. If nail clippers and shampoo bottles should be feared on planes, should they not also be feared in crowded shopping malls, on trains, and buses, at New Year’s Eve celebrations in Times Square, and in football and baseball stadiums?

Living free is inherently dangerous. Living free is inherently noble. Succumbing to fear and allowing it to dictate one’s decisions and actions is to give power to the fear and those who promote it. And for those Americans who wish to live free, giving power to our own government, which seeks to make us afraid, is as inherently dangerous as giving power to terrorists. For they both seek to deprive us of our liberty.

I believe those who died on 9/11 would desire one thing among all others — that America and Americans continue to live free and in defiance of those who would emulate the attackers who took their lives and freedom from them.

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  • Thank you.

  • Nancy

    And again we get back to good old Ben Franklin: “Those who would sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither.”

  • dee

    I’ve been saying this since the 9.11 attacks, that’s what the terrorists want, they want us to be scared, but we must not give them what they want. We cannot be scared. Of course the government plays the fear factor and many dumbies or pussies fall for it. I am not scared enough to give up my liberties and bush’s case is awful and has done nothing to convince me otherwise. Nice opinion, I hope most of the people realize and wise up to fell the same way.

    PS – The quote actually goes, “Those who would sacrifice civil liberties for security deserve neither.” Brilliant

  • Arch Conservative

    Is there no difference between living free and living stupid among you moonbats?

  • Nancy

    Plenty. But apparently none among you & yours.

  • Nancy

    Y’walked into that one, Arch.

  • zingzing

    you go ahead and fear shampoo archie.

    of course, refusing to fly because our gov’t fears our shampoo is kinda… strange as well. i like the sentiment if not the course of action.

  • Steven

    We don’t change things for the ones who died. We change them for the ones that lived (especially the families).

  • Arch Conservative

    It’s called caution not fear Zingzing.

    there are two types of people in america now.

    Those like yourself and Nancy who insist the ISLAMOFACIST terroist threat is overblown and we shouldn’t do anything about it. People like you try to bloack eveyr effort made to make us safer wether it’s spying on terrorists or airport screenings. You blather on and on about symbolic bullshit that has nothing to do with reality such as the hackneyed quote regurgitated by Nancy earlier in this post.

    Then there are people such as myself who realize how real the threat is and that certain steps must be taken, even if they inconvenience Americans, to make us all safer. We don’t see someone going through our bags at the airport as a shredding of the constitution. We don’t go on ranting about how this means we’re becoming a police state and other such nonsense.

    If zingzing and bremer don’t want someone going through their bags at the airport I have a simple solution. Don’t fuckign fly. Stay home. See if anyone cares.
    The rest of us aren’t afraid as zingzing says. We’re still flying aren’t we? I haven’t heard any reports of empty American airports. We’re not afraid. We’re cautios and we’re ok with the increased airport scrutiny and and inconveniences it might bring us because we know it is there to ensure our own safety.

    I am sorry if King bremer feels he is too important to suffer these minor inconveniences with the rest of us. He would rather die in a terrorist attack than have to endure these inconveniences. So he doesn’t fly at all anymore lest his bag be searched. Well congrats Bremer………you’re living free and stupid and damn proud of it! Good for you!

    As for me I’m no less free than you. I go to the airport. I let them look through my bags if necessary. I wait a little longer. But I get on the fucking plane and fly to where I’m going while you’re and am no worse for the wait while sitting on your fat ass at home feeling superior because you chose not to fly and have someone look in your bags. Oh yeah you’re a hell of a lot freer than me!

  • MCH

    “I am sorry if King bremer feels he is too important to suffer these minor inconveniences with the rest of us. He would rather die in a terrorist attack than have to endure these inconveniences.”

    I agree, Archbing, there is a difference between you and David Remer…you see, he actually served his country during time of war.

  • Arch Conservative

    What does that have to do with anything?

    Typicla MCH. Make a dumbass statement that has nothing to do with anythign at all that was said.

    I had forgotten how fucking stupid you are!

  • Arch, just keep slinging you playground names around, it shows all who don’t already know how childish your thought train is.

  • Arch Conservative

    WEll Jet maybe if MCH actually commented on something I or Robin or anyone else said instead telling us that only people who served in the military are allowed to have opinions for the ten billionth time I wouldn’t have called him fucking stupid.

    But alas he is a broken record.

  • The article doesn’t use the word “you” anywhere. It doesn’t disparage Americans for being concerned, or cautious. It does talk about about one person’s view and makes references to freedom and security, since, they lie on a continuum: at one end total security is having no exposure to the real world, and total freedom without responsibility is anarchy.

    But, some read this article and feel attacked or, the need to defend themselves from it. That, says far more about the reader than the article and the views expressed in it. Funny how that works on the blogosphere. Readers bring much into what they read, that was not written, which makes the net a very popular medium, reaching a much wider audience that a writer would ever expect.

    Thank you all for your comments. The comments often are as important and enlightening as the article itself.

  • Arch Conservative

    You imply those who see the increased screenings at airports as reasonable, necessary and acceptable are either idiots or cowards and not living freely but instead living in fear caused by terrorists.

    The simple fact that they are getting back on the planes despite the possibility of another attack shows that they are in fact not living in fear.

    And the fact that they feel we need the tighter airport security does not make them idiots. It just means that un,ike you they feel we are going to have to change the way we do certain things in an attempt ensure safety for all Americans. An airport is a public place where the actions of one can affect the lives of many. America is still America. So what if you can’t bring finger nail clippers onbaord. in the grand scheme of thinsg has this really effected your life that much? Please explain to us all how very different your day to day life is because of these security measures or any others that have been enacted. I don’t see it. To me it just seems like a bunch of rhetoricla bullshit so please explain.

    I called you stupid because it seems as if you want to throw all security measures out the window so that we can snub our noses at the terrorists. Maybe you think the steps that have been taken at our airports won’t be effective. if so say that then. And if so what would you do then?

    Surely you don’t want to pretend as if terrorists will never attempt to attack us again.

  • “The comments often are as important and enlightening as the article itself.”


  • Arch Conservative, you do such a good job of throwing words out like idiot and stupid, I will leave it to your experitise to defend their use. I certainly never used them, and wouldn’t.

    I made a personal decision about airline security based on the facts that not a single instance of attempted terrorism has been thwarted by asking passengers to give up their vaginal creams, shampoos, lighters and nail clippers. I would not presume to tell others how they should decide this issue.

    I only invite folks to think about the security freedom trade offs. With Congress asking for a debt limit of 9.2 Trillion dollars, it seems to me we could use our dollars more effectively by targeting terrorists themselves, not the kleenex they might use as a weapon to shove down the pilot’s throat gagging him to death.

    Oh, sorry, did I just give the terrorists a new idea? Sorry. But, if I did, don’t you think the government should be reading what I write to stay one step ahead of the terrorists? C’mon, let’s get smart about this and stop relexively knee jerking and wasting billions of taxpayer’s dollars and indebting the next generation of workers through the roof with our national debt and endless deficits.

  • I was in 4 airports the day of this latest scare…I’m here to tell you that they don’t need to stop people from carrying shampoo on a plane I’m on because if I see someone trying to mix his toothpaste with his mountain dew…I’m gonna kick the living shit out of him…

    so…if that’s a good taste for you…toothpaste and mountain dew…or anything else along those lines…better hope you don’t have the seat next to mine. Same thing goes if I see you trying to light your shoes on fire.

  • Andy, don’t forget to bring along the ultimate anti-terrorist weapon – a classic clamshell-style iBook with a handle. In the right hands you can just about take someone’s head off with the thing.


  • Andy, I have heard some terrorist experts say, and I agree with you that, the best defense against terrorists is public vigilance and awareness of how to respond to an attempted attack, and top notch intelligence sharing amongst all law enforcement personnel.

    It is the latter which is creating so much debate here between our Congress and the White House. Watching the hearings, it appears the Cheney – Wilson proposals would remove Congressional and judicial oversight of warrantless wiretapping altogether. This would grant the White House authority to wiretap his political opponents, any Americans it doesn’t feel comfortable with, and report to no one on the use of that intel. In effect, it would, for the White House, erase the 4th amendment from the Constitution for all practical intents and purposes opening the door to future Watergate episodes and worse.

    Proponents state that minimization rules established by the White House would not allow that to happen. But, of course, the White House could change those at anytime. The Courts would have a say, but, we see president’s past and present attempting to pack the courts with those who would support their views on this subject.

    Ultimately, if the Cheney – Wilson versions are allowed to pass, regardless of whether this President uses the powers responsibly, the door will be wide open to future presidents to gratuitously abuse the rights and liberties of American citizens as laid out by the Constitution, without oversight, or detection in most cases.

    This is a very perilous time for America’s Constitution and American freedoms from undo intrusion by government, as the people and Congress weigh the tradeoffs of security and civil liberties.

  • zingzing

    ahh archie, take a comment basically saying “stopping shampoo carry-on is stupid” and find “i don’t want no airport security.” you are truly a insightful man. i envy your powers of deduction. i want to fuck you.