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Reloading the Matrix: Reloaded

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I went and saw Matrix:Reloaded again today, and it was definitely better the second time around. I walked away from it the first time with the impression that it was too long, too much to get your head around in one sitting, but with very cool visuals. It didn’t drag as long the second time around, and while it was still a little slow getting going, I appreciated the early exposition scenes in Zion more than before.

Enough has been said elsewhere about this movie, so this isn’t going to be a full review; just a recommendation to give it another shot if you weren’t very impressed the first time you saw it.

A few things that I picked up the second time around, that I missed on opening night:

  • When Neo encounters the agents outside the captains’ meeting at the very beginning, they refer to him as “The Anomaly.”
  • Ironically enough, a sign in the courtyard where the “Burly Brawl” takes place prohibits brawling.
  • There are three or four philosophical monologues throughout the movie, and their emphasis alternates between choice and pre-determination.
  • Where exactly did Neo go when he flew for the first time, and who was he looking for in that dark room?

:Reloaded raises a number of questions, and while most of them should be resolved in :Revolutions, don’t be surprised if some of them are not, or are only answered in part; the Enter the Matrix videogame contains an hour of footage that fills in some of the gaps in the story.

I couldn’t resist the buying impulse, and I just installed all four CDs’ worth of the game. Unfortunately, my first impressions are not as good as I hoped they would be. Controlling your character (you play two- Captain Niobe (who happens to be Morpheus’ ex) and Ghost, one of her crewmembers) is tricky, although I expect this will get easier with practice. Except there is no practice area where you can hone your skills without having to worry about real enemies taking your untrained ass apart. You’re thrown straight into the action, and it’s sink or swim, baby. The biggest irritation so far is the lack of a target reticle for your guns. How the hell are you supposed to efficiently take down the bad guys when you can’t even aim your weapon? Combine this with some graphics glitches (the shadow effects are flickery, and I’ve already suffered a hard system crash), and we’re definitely off to a poor start. Hopefully it gets better- I’ll let you know.

(Posted here at the Limey Brit.)

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  • tc

    He was looking for the Oracle in the apartment from Matrix 1.

  • Brian

    When Neo flew for the first time he was looking for the oracle, that apartment building is where she was in the first one.

  • Ah, of course. I completely missed that. Thanks.

  • knnknn

    There is a website
    with a lot of Matrix thoughts, hints and secrets revealed…

    Check it out

  • Most of that site is pretty simplistic, missing points that have been raised here in various M2 threads. A nice outline format doesn’t obscure the fact that little organization is present.

    For example, when pushing his favorite (and I believe incorrect) theory, he lists objections. Why aren’t those objections listed underneath the other theories, where they logically fit?