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Reloaded- again.

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Here is another review to add to the swarm of Matrix Reloaded blogs that are massing Blogcritics.org. I shall try to review it in a truthful way that won’t reveal any spoilers.

First off, I enjoyed this movie. The fighting scenes were fun. The plot was interesting. The characters were cool. Of course the movie was a dissapointment, but that’s not due to major flaws with the movie itself.

Let me explain. The Matrix was completely innovative with it’s special effects. There was a great philosophical bend to the story line. It blew movie fans away. And so it gained a “cult” so to speak in the four long years since it was released. With each passing year expectations multiplied and anxiety increased. Would “Reloaded” live up to it’s predecessor? And now we have it.

Let me tell you now that it would be impossible for a movie to follow up The Matrix without being a letdown. “Reloaded” tries it’s hardest and succeeds in being a watchable enjoyable film that fails to blow us away. People expecting to be blown away will walk out of the theater witha sour taste in their mouth.

Thankfully, there are numberous redeeming elements to the movie that will still make it watchable and enjoyable.

While many people have said that they didn’t like the storyline or plot, I found it to be good. I think most people’s problem with it was that it didn’t end right. Like the Lord of the Rings movies it just sort of cuts you off in the middle of an intense scene. It will be finnished the end of this year if everything keeps on schedule. Due to this abrupt ending, parts of the story are still a bit fuzzy.

The other problem people had was that the story did not go how we expected it to. But I don’t find that to be a flaw. Instead of sitting back because I could already figure out how the movie was going to end I had to constantly think. The only part where the movie got confusing for me was the last section. However, I believe that when the last movie comes out late this year that will be cleared up.

The fight scenes were decent. The best one was when Neo was by himself and there were many Agent Smiths flocking him. He uses a steel pipe and it feels like an “ad lib” baseball game. There was also the fun-but-way-too-long car chase scene.

The most dissapointing part of the film was the outragously way too long sex scene between Neo and Trinity. We knew it was coming from the previews and commercials, but the length of it is still a shock, in addition to the explicitness of it. The Matrix succeeded without sex, and Reloaded would have been better off without it, too.

I think that once the 3rd film comes out, Reloaded will be more appriciated, however, right now it just feels like a bridge. Go see it, but don’t sit back waiting and daring it to blow you away.


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