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Religious Bigots Just Don’t Get It

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Religious bigots just don't get it. They don't understand that others have the right to express their opinions publicly. If one were to criticize them for promoting their religion in public, they would cry, "Religious intolerance!"

Who is Really Persecuted?

When atheists express themselves, though, we are suddenly "militant atheists," hell bent on eroding the religious foundations (that don't really exist in the way they mean) of our country. While atheists are persecuted — or at the least subject to constant bigotry for simply expressing ourselves — I continue to hear Christians in the United States claim that they face persecution.

Really? In a country with a vast majority of Christian citizens, they are somehow persecuted? Give me a break. Even other Christians, such as Indianapolis Star religion blogger, Robert King, understands how ridiculous it is for Christians in the U.S. to claim persecution.

New Bus Ads, Now From the Christians

In an attempt to counter atheist bus ads, British Christians have raised money for their own ads. This is their right, but they miss the point. The ads were not meant to de-convert anyone, although the religious are constantly attempting to convert nonbelievers, or those that believe the "wrong" thing.

Although many atheists do see religion as a dangerous thing and would love to have more people rely on evidence-based reasoning, this was not the point of their ads. The ads were simply to let the nonreligious who feel alone in a religious world know that there are others out there who share their disbelief, that they are not alone.

Christians are already well aware that they are not alone, so what good does this really do them? It's a mean-spirited attempt to drown out the atheist voice by those who can't stand the fact that atheists will no longer be in the closet. We will no longer sit quietly and internalize the opposing view that we shouldn't express ourselves like the religious, lest we be labeled "arrogant."

The British Christian community can feel free to buy as many bus ads as they want. It just shows how frightened they really are that they are losing ground. Unlike some intolerant religious folk, atheists are not afraid of open dialogue and have nothing to fear.

Th Washington Post says, “More than three of four people in the world consider themselves religious, and those who say they belong to no faith are in the distinct minority.” As a minority, even in a more secular country such as Britain, we have nothing to lose. Our ranks are growing faster than ever and religious leaders know it. They are scared, so we can only expect the attacks to get stronger in both the United States and Britain.

Chief executive of the British Humanist Association, Hanne Stinson, said the new religious ads proclaiming God are "really quite a compliment." She said it means "our ads had an impact." This means we're doing something right.

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  • Joann

    Neither Christians or atheists get it, actually. For an example, conservative Christians, at least those who are right-wing, support the right to own guns as well as the death penalty, then turn around and claim that they are Pro-Life on the abortion issue. However, atheists and other liberals support abortion but believe it’s wrong to kill a violent prison inmate or own guns. So, let me ask you guys something: Why is it perfectly okay to kill an unborn baby, who did absolutely nothing wrong to deserve it, but it’s not okay to kill a violent offender? Hmmm! And I thought you all were all about liberating the innocent.

  • jaymers

    Cant we all just get along?? Athiest pissed at Christians and vise versa. Personally I dont give a crap who you worship or not to. As long as you are free to do so my friend.

  • Thanks Ruvy….

    You’re most welcome, Jeremy. After dealing with a number of militant atheists on this site who have been really dismissive, rude and insulting, it’s almost a pleasure to be called dismissive, rude and insulting. I thought I might have forgotten how. I guess it’s like riding a bike….

    Let’s repeat this line for you for emphasis. It was the key to my attitude in my comment:

    “It’s nice to be able to watch somebody else’s kultutkampf and sit and eat popcorn, though.”

    I live in Israel and have no problem with blacks, Asians or anybody else for that matter, so long as they are not screaming itbaH al-yahud! (slaughter the Jew!) and attempting to actualize that fine sentiment. But we do have our own rather unpleasant kulturkampf here in Israel. The link will give you some small Idea what I’m talking about.

    Your problem is with Christians in America, whom you perceive as desiring to shove their “truths” down your throat. While I have no sympathy for said Christians in your society, I have also left your ranks, and more to the point, do not give a rat’s ass what they think.

    There is no reason for me to engage you in your opinions. You’ve reached them after some mature consideration, and to “engage” you in them would bring me down to the level of those who would have you swallow a foreign faith. It’s a matter of faith on my part that you’ll come round to a series of beliefs in G-d one day, but it is not my job to try to convince you – or even to “engage” you. I will allow Destiny to do that for me, and allow you to come to me (or someone like me) seeking guidance. At that time I may even be fit to give it to you. I don’t feel I am now.

    But on the other hand, I can sit and eat popcorn, and enjoy watching you “fight the good fight” against the Christians who would have you commit an auto da fé.

    Cheers and blessings from the mountains of Samaria, north of the Eternal Capital of the Children of Israel.


  • Thanks Ruvy, your comment displays my point all the better. If you disagree, why not explain how instead of making such a rude, dismissive comment that adds nothing to the discussion? You apparently think it’s okay to talk to atheists like little children. I suspect you’re in the U.S. It’s okay to disrespect us here. You wouldn’t be able to get away with “poor African Americans” when they are making a legitimate claim of bigotry. Yet atheists make a legitimate complaint of bigotry and we are either talked down to, as you did, or straight out attacked.

    “Not that I have any sympathy for the Christians either….”

    Do you think this hides your insult or therefore makes it okay? Clearly atheists speaking out bothers you somehow. You’re welcome to contradict anything I wrote. As the only response you had was “Poor Atheists,” I suspect you have no legitimate point.

  • Religious bigotry and it’s products like racism are a threat to mankind. It’s better to be an atheist than a religious fundamentalist. My friend , see URL, lost his job fighting against this very thing!

  • Well, at least the headline and first sentence match, meaning you can wear them to church without getting dirty looks.

  • Aw…..

    Poor Athiests. Not that I have any sympathy for the Christians either….

    It’s nice to be able to watch somebody else’s kultutkampf and sit and eat popcorn though. Anybody care to join me?

  • Jordan Richardson

    Pretty sure if they “got it,” they wouldn’t be bigots.