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Religion and philosophy have always been a couple. The question is whether they have been living happily together or heading for divorce, and the answer is clear: it depends on who you ask, and when you ask.

At times, philosophers have skewered religious faith. Then again, some of the most famous philosophers in the West were devoutly religious. Some of those devout philosophers argued that there was, ultimately, no conflict between religious belief and philosophical systematization or speculation. Others, however, used the tools of philosophy to question philosophy itself.

Articles on Web sites like the online Standford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Roman Catholic NewAdvent.org demonstrate the historical overlap of religion and philosophy.

Writers and bloggers frequently use the Internet to discuss issues that appear at the crossroads of religion and philosophy, including new arguments related to stem-cell research as well as long-standing debates about the existence of God. The blog of LiturgicalCredo.com, an online literary site, frequently discusses matters of religion and philosophy in the context of the humanities and liberal arts.

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