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Relient K- Two Lefts Don’t Make A Right… But Three Do

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(Setting: Four men, Bob 1; Billy; Boaz; and Bob 2, sitting around a table playing poker)

Bob 1: So what cds have you guys gotten recently?

Bob 2: Ante up!

Boaz: Well, I got this cd from a punk group called Comeback Kid.

Bob 1: Punk? My kids listen to punk. My daughter just got the Good Charlotte cd.

Boaz: *snorts*

Billy: That’s not punk. That’s just watered down, poppy, rock music.

Boaz: Yeah, the Comeback Kid is more of an old school punk.

Bob 1: Hah! My kids got this new cd by Relient K that’s totally pop punk. It sounds just like Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, and all of that other trash.

Billy: What makes bands like these so popular?

Bob 1: I think they like the security of knowing exactly what each song is going to sound like before they hear it because all of the songs sound the same.

Boaz: I weep for thier generation.

Billy: Me too.

Bob 1: At least Relient K is parent safe. They’re a Christian pop punk band. No swearing or lustful lyrics. The worst thing is the violet depiction of a car wreck on the cover of the cd.

(Billy, Boaz, and Bob 2 each sarcastically look horrified at the thought of a wrecked car.)

Bob 1: And not only that, but for a limited time, there are 4 different covers to choose from! Four different car accidents to please the kids. One is pink and shows a limo who got smashed by a fallen palm tree. One is yellow and features a car who ran off the road and into cactuses. The green one has a VW Van who’s rear end got thumped by a falling rock. And the blue one has a pick up truck that ran into a pole.

(Bob 1, Billy, Boaz, and Bob 2 snicker.)

(Billy displays his royal flush and sweeps all the money off the table)

(Bob 1, Boaz, and Bob 2 groan)

Boaz: Now you can buy the Relient K cd with MY money…

Billy: No man, I want some real music.


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About The Theory

  • nice…very nice

  • Null

    mediocre at best

  • Jonathan

    Nice spelling, all the while RK still rocks, (I admit Anatomy of the Tongue in Cheek was better than Two Lefts..)

  • Val

    The same? Yes, they are pop-punk, and though in your opinion all the songs are the same, at least they’re all good songs. Comparing them to Good Charlotte is like comparing Audrey Hepburn and the slobbering village idiot with a beer gut. But who cares anyways? Less trendwhores to worry about if you insist on disliking them.

  • casey

    compared to the other bands in the punk/pop genre relient k is proberbly the best one. i mean u dont see them putting way too much dark make up on, and taking the emo image too far.