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Relationship Issues – Capricorn With a Virgo Slob: Astrology-Based Advice

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cap fabricHello Elsa –

I’m in love with a Virgo man. Right now things are lovely, as long as I overlook some glaring issues. He is a slob, he’s had problems with jobs, and he never seems to have enough money.

Will this ever change?


Dear Capricornicopia,

So you’ve got yourself a Virgo slob, huh? Well I think that’s as funny as you do, considering Virgo is supposed to be a neat freak. And hell no, he’s not going to change… much! And this is probably good because you seem to like him quite a bit. You sound pretty happy with the problems you’re having, which does not surprise me, considering they’re custom-made for you.

[ADBLOCKHERE]Look, the fact that you are roughly 13 years older than this man does not escape me. Capricorn has a terrific need to parent and to teach responsibility, so just look at the set-up here.

But it’s not all work and no play, is it? For one thing he’s a great lover, isn’t he? Boy oh boy, he just breaks the Virgo stereotype left and right, and you know you love that. You’ve got an exotic animal here and you can’t help but see its value.

So there you go. I say, just keep doing what you’re doing. Keep trying to control him. With his Sun conjunct Pluto and his Moon in Taurus, I am sure he will continue to stubbornly refuse to bow down. And this is just as well, because I don’t really think you want a man who won’t let you run his life. Where’s the fun in that?

Carry on. 😀

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About Elsa

  • Dave

    I have a female VIRGO partner, I am a scorpio.
    She has turned into a bit of a slob as well. She is pregnant at the moment so that seems to be justifying everything that she does. Its almost like when you are pregenant you don’t have to take responsibilty for much, only that you are pregnant.
    She is also very negative about most things, most of it seems to be based on past fears.
    Not sure what to do ?