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Regarding The Six Planets Lined Up in Scorpio Today and Skepticism – “Believing” in Astrology

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People who don’t like astrology but do like me, always wind up asking me the same thing: How can a person as smart as you believe that planets have any impact on our lives? And I am always utterly baffled by this.

And I ask them where they think the line is. Just exactly where is the line between a person… you or me, and another person, or for that matter a planet in the sky?

See, I don’t understand. Because most people would agree that you can have a feeling… you can be in love with someone who is half way around the world. And those feelings travel. That person feels right there in the room with you. There is no separation at all. You are in England and they are in Africa, yet they are affecting you. Hmmm…

scorpio horoscope 2006 So the line that separates you from another entity is obviously pretty far out there. You can love across town, across the state and across the continent so why in the world would someone think they are not connected to the planets in the sky? Is it because there is a line teen feet above the earth that prevents connection? Or 20 feet out, or 100? How could that be?

And I mention this today because of the extreme situation in the sky. Six planets are clustered in Scorpio today. Think about that. Up above, all the planets are stacked up against one another. Don’t you think that matters?

See, I can never figure out how people can diss astrology, but on a day like today it’s especially unfathomable to me that anyone could think what is going in with the planets in the sky is insignificant. I just can’t see how in the world could this be? How could all this energy be concentrated out there and… nothing!

To me it’s like saying the Sun doesn’t warm your skin when it shines. It’s like saying the Sun does not affect you because it’s way up there in the sky. And I’m sorry, but to me this is completely laughable. And I just wanted to say so on a day like today when things are so intense and concentrated, like the Sun burning your skin on a 120 degree day, they beg not to be denied.

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  • The “connection” between me and a person half-way around the world is a perception. It’s my desired and thoughts and hopefully her desires and thoughts. Were she on the ISS, that “connection” would still be there, but it would be a perceived connection, immeasurable and unquantifiable by any objective observer. As such, it seems utterly irrelevant to the issue of planetary alignment or the arrangement of stars.

    Our sun, 93 million miles away, is a great big flaming ball of gas with enough mass to attract an entire solar system of planets and “dwarf planets” and asteroids and so on. We can see it, it is powerful enough to kill people when combined without atmosphere, and its effects are measurable and quantifiable. It is essential for life.

    Even other astrologers don’t attach significance to planets “entering” the arbitrary designation of “scorpio” the way you do. Barely observable with effort, this won’t even occur to the vast majority of people, the same people who couldn’t fail to see or feel the sun. It’s effects on our planet are nil in any measurable or quantifiable sense.

    Laugh if you wish, but I know the difference between a 120 degree day and a random day in which planets happen to be where they are. 🙂

  • It’s also quite silly in my opinion to attribute an influence on human behavior to these positions of stars and planets. How in the world could so many planets in scorpio (my sign btw) mean that certain numbers will be lucky for me, or my boss is going to yell at me today? Just superstition and silliness if you ask me.
    It doesn’t bother me however if people enjoy it. It’s like having a favorite football team, I love it when they win but it really has no affect on my life.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    The ancient priests of Sumer developed the symbols of astrology to correspond to their months. They developed a knowledge of the planets that we would probably be surprised to understand. But this was astronomy, not astrology. When they talked about a planet’s destiny, they meant its orbit – how it would rotate about the sun – yes, they knew that too.

    But astrology, as you posit it, bases fate on the position of planets as they appear to us within arrangements of stars that we use in our imaginations, but that are not real. In addition, the planets are not within anything. They happen to appear close to each other, or lined up, even though they are millions of kilometers apart.

    The moon has some direct influence on us, as does certainly the sun, and the planets nearest us.

    But this lineup of planets is indeed a coincidence. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
    (puff, puff…).

  • Looking at the chart excerpt Elsa wincludes in her article — assuming it is to that that she is referring — the “planets” she says are “stacked up” are Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, plus the sun and moon.

    Of course, our sun does not “move” in any real sense relative to the solar system, since its position defines the solar system. The moon rotates us once per day and the sun once per month. Mercury is a fast-moving planet, fast enough that the time of day might become important in calculating its position relative to us or the sun. Mercury moves four degrees around the sun in one day.

    So a check of the positions of the planets tells me that as of 6pm UTC today, Venus and Mars are both more or less in a straight line from Earth (say, New York-ish), both on the other side of the sun from us. And by “straight line” I mean that if you make the chart small enough and eyeball it without a straight edge, you can tell they don’t actually line up, but it’s close enough.

    Mercury and Jupiter, on the other hand, are way off-beam. Mercury is on *our* side of the sun, but (at 6pm UTC) more “beside” the sun than anything. Jupiter is on the other side, more than six AU away from earth, and kind of in a straight line with Mercury.

    One AU is 93 million miles — the distance to the sun. Jupiter is something like 585 million miles away from earth right now. At 6pm UTC, the view of Jupter we have is actually from 5:08pm UTC, because it’s 52 light-minutes away. That’s a long distance.

    Looking at Elsa’s chart excerpt again, I’m going to guess — and this is just a guess — that she’s saying Mars and Venus are at zero degress, while the sun is at one degree, Jupiter is at 23 degrees, Mercury is at 24 degrees, and the moon — which, again, covers 360 degrees in 27.3 days — is at 28 degrees. From zero to 28 does fall within one-twelfth of a circle, but it all seems so arbitrary as to be beyond silly. The earth is, of course, rotating as well, so which spot on earth can “see” these different celestial bodies within 28 degrees of each other varies.

    Astronomy is fun.

  • I should add that our moon rotates us quickly enough that a 24-hour period sees a range of 13 degrees of movement.

  • Here’s a to-scale chart of the celetial bodies in question. Decide for yourself if it is as impressive as the cluster of symbols on the chart above.

    The image is for tracking a particular satellite, but happens to have the information in questions on it, and doesn’t require a download.

  • Krish

    What is it that separates us, where can we find our distinctions. It is in fact, space. Space is what separates one entity from another. The planets are entities huge enought to put considerable impace on us
    (we small creatures) and they are situated in space. WE beleive that sun can put influence on our behaviours directly as it radiates heat energy. Like wise how can we deny the existence of radiation of tons of energy comming out from the huge planets around us. Its true that we donot fully understand how exactly it influences us till this day but beleive me it does put huger effect on people’s behaviours. Thus it is illogical to deny the effect of planets on ourselves, our personality and ultimately our behaviours.