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Regarding Saddam

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I was going to say what I’m about to say as a comment to someone else’s post, but since I’ve seen a few commenters on other posts around this place get their knuckles rapped for being insufficiently overjoyed about the capture of Saddam Hussein (or, in this case, for being insufficiently serious about it), I decided to post my opinion separately.

1) The capture of Saddam Hussein is an undeniably good thing and should be celebrated. Saddam was a bad bad man, and the fact that he is no longer at large is something to be glad about.

2) The capture of Saddam Hussein is NOT, however, a guarantee that all will necessarily be well for Iraq in the future. It only means Saddam himself won’t rise again; we still have no guarantee that whoever we appoint to replace him won’t eventually turn out to be as bad or even worse than he was. As W. said himself: “The capture of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of violence in Iraq.” It won’t mean the end of terrorism anywhere else, either.

Celebrate the capture of Saddam all you like now. If you don’t mind, though, I’ll wait until I’m more confident Iraq is going to turn out OK before I join in.

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  • For the record, Craig, what I found funny was the line “even Democrats agree that we can’t leave.” No contempt involved; I just know plenty of Dems — and I am not a Democrat, that’s for dang sure — who want the troops out now, so your blanket statement struck me as amusing. End of story.

  • It seems unlikely that she is actually finding humor in your comments, Craig. Somehow I suspect that what Natalie means is more that she finds your comment “contemptible.”

    That’s ok I suppose, but it does not constitute an argument. Is the point simply to insult you? Are other readers supposed to be impressed by her mere gesture of contempt? It would be more meaningful and convincing if she offered an argument as to why she found your position so laughable.

  • Yes, I found it so.

  • Nat, is my comment funny?

  • Now, that’s funny.

  • indeed. A true “New Way” in politics is sorely needed, and not just in the US by far. I think both the UK and the US are still a looong way from fully realising this though (i dunno enough about other countries to comment on them but i’d guess for most, if not all, it is the same)

  • Even reasonable Bushites would agree that everything has been less than smooth in Iraq I think. I have no use for examining whether we should be there or not any more. I think it is a wasted argument because it won’t change the fact that WE ARE THERE, and even Democrats agree that we can’t leave. So, I look at this as a common good for all of us. I just hate to see party politics try to deny that.

    You haven’t done that and I agree with you. Eventually we are going to have to find some common ground in this country. We have had a lot of strange things to think about since September 11th and the resulting turmoil over decisions is to be expected, but eventually we are all Americans and there has to be some common good for us all.

  • Eric Olsen

    James, this all makes sense and I share your concerns for the future. I don’t think anyone says this guarantees anything other than the certain end of Saddam’s regime. I do not believe that anyone worse can or will succeed him, however.

    As far as terror in general, no guarantees there either, but it’s one step at a time.