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Artist: Alcibiades Jones
Title: Refraction Mirage
Genre: Instrumental- Jazz-Rock-Fusion-Funk
Label: Refraction Mirage Records
Alcibiades Jones Website

Three guys and a lot of creative noise is the best way to describe Alcibiades Jones (Pronounced Al-suh-by-dees). After giving their new CD Refraction Mirage several spins I am simply marveling at how incredibly talented these three musicians are.

Austin Barney (guitar), Stuart Watson (bass) and Alex Zanecchia (drums) put it all together on this extremely enjoyable instrumental excursion. You will hear jazz, rock, surf, jam, and all of the above, mixed together to formulate one of the tastiest musical stews you will ever have the distinct pleasure to consume. This CD is jam packed with some major league ear candy.

This rock hybrid is on the cutting edge. Their funky jazz-fusion-rock workouts are difficult to put into any one niche because of the different direction each song takes. They have managed to gather influences from nearly ever style of music there is and bake it into their own one of a kind sound on each individual track. What makes the complete package so impressive is the fact that it is all instrumental. They prefer to let the music do all the talking. Although that emotional factor of lyrics is nonexistent, it is not something that you will miss. This is music with tons of color and character without the Vox Humana. You would be surprised how emotionally driven each piece is. I certainly can hear it in the way these young men play and approach every song.

I loved every track, absolutely. This one is 10 on any scale.

© Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

June 13, 2005

01. Thermidor (3:19)
02. Honduras (3:44)

03. The Villa is Burning (5:15)
04. Artemis Slain (4:53)
05. Mirage (9:44)
06. Aristotle Blues (5:12)
07. Green Tea (4:44)
08. Down with Uncle Jed (2:07)
09. Switch (5:36)
10. Into the Deep (6:03)



Austin Barney-Guitar
Stuart Watson-Bass
Alex Zanecchia-Drums

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