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Reflections on what?

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The 4 cellos are now down to 3, and the band does not seem to have suffered a bit. To fatten their sound they have added a drummer?with mixed results. Yes, it adds metal cred to their efforts that Dave Lombardo of Slayer plays five of these tracks, but does this add to the band? The band have lost a bit of their claim to fame and are edging towards being a “normal” metal band. This would be a great shame, since one of their major hooks is the fact they replicate instruments on cellos. That is not to say this album, the first to feature all original material, is a bad album, its just not as good as the Apocalyptica of old. None of the tracks on here are at all bad, most of them very good, but the drumming of Lombardo can be a tad overpowering at times, esp on ‘No Education’ and ‘Cortege’. The Lombardo-free tracks are more enjoyable by far. This may be the transition album for the cello-metal band. Time will tell whether it marks a brilliant new beginning or the beginning of the end.

Rating: 4/5

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  • The Theory

    Hmm. I own “Cult” and enjoy it… but the best song on that cd featured drums of some kind, so i would have thought that adding drums would bolster the work… but I don’t listen to “Cult” often enough to justify buying another Apocalyptica cd… So I guess I won’t find out. haha.