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Reflections on the Gang Rape In Richmond, California

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When I first heard about the 15-year-old girl who was repeatedly raped and beaten for more than two hours by as many as ten young males while another ten bystanders stood watching, laughing, and videotaping the violent attack, I had to stop and ask myself what is this world coming to?

Have we become so insensitive to violence? Where is our moral consciousness? Have violent films, video games, and virtual reality dulled not only the younger generation, but all of us – so much so that observing the sufferings of another human being is nothing more than watching a character on a flat-screen TV?

Where were the heroes that night? Where was that one voice that could have turned the tide? One voice that could have stood up and said, "Hey guys! Enough! Let her go – she could be your kid sister, your cousin, your niece." Yet….

….no one did.

Instead, one after another, they continued to commit numerous sex acts upon this young girl, they beat her, they robbed her, and the spectators continued to simply watch the attack. What about the classmate who invited her over to where the rape occurred? Did he have this planned? Was he the instigator?

When all was said and done, did anyone go up to the girl to see if she was all right? No! After their two-hour rampage, they left this young girl under a bench half-naked, beaten, and unconscious. The brutal assault on her required that she be airlifted and admitted in critical condition to a nearby hospital.

The articles that I've read quoted experts who tried to find excuses for why no one helped this young girl. They say the witnesses were probably afraid of snitching, or afraid of retaliation from the others. I say, if just one of them had an iota of morality, he could have very easily left that dark secluded place behind the school and gone back into the gym to alert the authorities, or a teacher or parent.

Instead, several did leave. Did they go back to the Homecoming dance as if nothing happened? No. Far worse than that. They went back to tell others to come out and watch what was happening.

Years ago as a kid I remember hearing about the Kitty Genovese murder. I could not comprehend how she was brutally attacked and murdered and no one did a thing. She cried out for help as she was being attacked in the street and was fighting for her life. Someone yelled from a window to leave her alone and the attacker fled. But when he saw that no one was coming to her aid, he returned to continue the assault into her apartment building. Although a number of people heard portions of the attack, no one picked up a phone to call police.

I can understand how people might be afraid to get involved for fear of losing their own life, but I can't understand for the life of me how people who would be in no danger picking up their telephone in the safety of their home, preferred to turn up their television sets or their radios to drown out the screams because as one coward said, "I didn't want to be involved."

What was so despicable in human behavior 45 years ago seems to have become the norm in today's society. Do we ask ourselves, if we continue to spiral downward, what will life be like 45 years from now? Something has to be done to stop the madness! A good place to start is with those guilty of this brutal crime in California. I say throw the book at all of them who were involved and lock them up for a long time!

Maya Muses: I'm not forgetting about those males who didn't physically participate, but participated as a spectator nonetheless. I say they too need to be reprimanded and held accountable for their behavior, and if they're not – then not only shame on them, but shame on us as a society to let that happen!

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  • rthompson145

    These punks need to be Hung, Drawn and Quartered! What is wrong with this society is the protection given criminals. Same with our weak politicians…they are scum…Capitalism would work…and is fine if polkiced…in the day …these criminals would be HUNG in public…though I don’t advocate vigalante justice…I do think…in many situations…it should be implemented…..I mean our culture is getting crushed! Raping a 15 year old…and people have NO GUTS to stop it..call the police…are U kidding me????????????????????? this is the most outrageous thng I’ve heard! People grow a pair!

  • I couldn’t agree more! The justice system isn’t doing its job! Their poor excuse is that there isn’t any room in the prisons to keep in all these criminals, so they’re set free to continue their crimes! I say, if that’s the problem then build more prisons!!!

    ….And don’t get me started on the justice system and pedophiles! It’s enough to make you want to bang your head against the wall!

  • At least, Lynn, you and R. Thompson reflect outrage. That is a good sign. There are not many good signs at all, though. This is not the first gang-rape where a bunch of guys have cheered the rapists on. And this evil does not afflict America alone. Sexual depravity, sexual slavery, sexual violence perpetrated upon girls and boys world-wide raises a stink to the heavens.

    But the first step away from this depravity is outrage.

  • A second step is found in this blog article.

    From the article: Armed family members has worked before, and very successfully. Some years ago, Palestinian monsters thought it would be just peachy to attack Israeli schools and murder a bunch of Jewish kids. It worked out pretty well for the fucking bastards, until the next day.

    The attacked school and everyone around it were being guarded by family, armed family. The attacks stopped cold. Grandpa with an Uzi, Mom with an M-16, Uncle Hiram with a shotgun is pretty scary indeed, to the bad guys.

    When the sovereign has no power, the people have to take power into their own hands to bring order to their communities.

  • I would like to propose a new law of nature that one gun-toting idiot is not allowed to shoot another gun-toting idiot unless they have lived together in the same room, eaten and conversed for at least one day.

  • As for the outrage of this incident; it goes without saying.

  • Ruvy, that’s what I meant when I said our society is spiraling downward! If things don’t drastically change in the near future, we may very well see the scenario you describe as part of our daily lives. I hope not, but what can you do when the people who are suppose to protect you aren’t doing their job!?!

  • Jet, I prefer your solution, which at least gives an iota of hope that when it comes down to it all, we’ll realize that we are all more alike than we are different. Would those boys have laughed and done nothing if the girl being raped was their sister, their girl-friend, their mother, etc.

    What’s disturbing is that some people can’t have compassion for another human being unless they personally know them and even then – sometimes that’s not enough!!!

  • Lynn, I apologize for making sense, I’m on drugs right now… 🙂

  • Lynn,

    Your society has already spiraled downwards. Mine is following fast behind yours. You can adjust to the negative changes, and do what is necessary, or you can close your eyes and refuse to do what is necessary.

    When you are the victim of a heinous crime, and the perpetrators are not likely to be caught, it behooves you to arm yourself to deal with the next possible incident, and be prepared to act appropriately – or, if you yourself are unable to do this (this happens), to encourage others in your own situation to do this. This can alleviate the sense of victimhood and helplessness you feel.

    If, on the other hand, you refuse to do this, you will remain a victim, and always feel helpless – and always be consumed by the anger this mental state induces.

    This young girl has been sentenced to at least a decade of this torture, on top of the torture she already suffered at the hands of hormone-depraved fools, on top of the likely damage to her reproductive organs; on top of the difficulty she will have both in conceiving and bringing to term a baby, much less being willing to have the intercourse needed to create this baby, and the relationship with a partner that will provide economic security for this baby.

    In short, she has been robbed of many chances for a happy life.

    What are the best possibilities to prevent his happening to another young girl? Do they lie in relying in “security”, police and prosecutors – or do they lie in your own hands as a parent, woman and citizen?

    You decide.

  • Lynn,

    I ran into this elsewhere, written about this rape at another site.

    “When my boys were in High School, they had been enrolled in karate classes for ten years, and were both second degree black belts. My daughter is on that path as well. It’s part of their education: no exceptions! You can’t totally prevent this happening, but you can prepare, you can be sure that the kids have the tools to resist, and we can all make sure the same trash never get to do it twice!”

    It’s something to do beyond being outraged.

  • Becky

    Sadly, there is no justice on this Earth that will give closure to this case. These demons should be hung in public for all to see but think about what we all see on TV everyday. Women are considered objects. They are considered “less than” and rape, abuse, neglect and murder are par for the course. As far as we’ve come, there is way more to go. Sexual violence against women and children has been and still is extremely underreported, underprosecuted and underpunished. These bastards figured they could do what they wanted because this girl was just an object and they could throw her out when they were done. Look at what we see in the papers everyday…convicted sex offenders have the run of this country. How many more children and women are going to be abducted? Abused? Tortured? Killed? And we do nothing. We send them to jail and then let them out because we want to give them second, third, fourth chances. It’s all in God’s hands and God’s wrath will make the death penalty look like a holiday.

  • Ruvy, I agree, we need to give children as much of a chance to defend themselves as possible especially now in this day and age. I would have done the same as you if I had children.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “your society”. When I wrote “our society” I was alluding to the US as a whole. I spend part of my time every year in France (Paris) and part on an affluent island beach town in the States. When I see what goes on in the US as opposed to other countries (I have lived in seven countries, so I feel I can speak with some authority) – the violence in the USA is staggering.

    I hope you’re not insinuating because my last name is Rodriguez that all Latinos are spiraling downward because this particular gang rape was done by Latino males. If we look at a number of studies and statistics on gang rapes, they occur in all parts of society and ethnic groups. As a matter of fact, the percentage for gang rapes among street gangs is somewhat low. Gang rapes on college campuses, however, are mostly committed by members of a fraternity than any other group on campus!

  • Becky, I’m with you! I say stop letting all these criminals out of prison!!! They serve a few years of their sentence and then we let them out so they can do it again and again! I say keep them in and throw away the keys when it comes to pedophiles, sexual offenders and other harden criminals! Don’t get me started on judges that give many of these criminals a pat on the hand rather than throwing the book at them! When are we going to wake up and demand that something change with the judicial system in this country!

  • Lynn,

    Two brief points. I have not linked your Latina name with Hispanics in the States. The other point: I live in Israel, not the States, and what has happened has happened to your society, not mine. To finally drive home the point about identity politics, my issues are with the various Jews from the various parts of the world, not with what Latinos/Latinas do in the United States.

    Example: there is a French speaking Jew I know named Zarka. On the bus home I was informed by another French speaking Jew that the name Zarka is a Tunisian Jewish name. This may seem a minor point to you, but it will dictate many small facts about the fellow in question. Tunisian Jews are very different from French Jews, and now that I think about this fellow Zarka, he is very urbane and polite and reserved – not like many other French Jews I have known, who are more open and voluble, and seem to have the Celtic nature many Frenchmen have.

  • Ruvy, thanks for clearing that up! How dumb of me to assume that most commentaires would be from the States just because it happened here! In this computer age – you would think I would know better!

    I can now better understand your response about people taking control of the situation into their own hands. It has been a slow process in the States, but if things don’t drastically change, I think Americans will be heading in that direction.

  • Jet, I like your way of thinking so stay on them!!! Lol.

  • Careful Lynn, people are very careful around here regarding agreeing with me, much less encouraging me….

    However Cymbalta does wonderful things at 90mg a day.


  • Yes, the gang rape of the 15 year old student in Richmond was heinous and the bystanders not reporting it was wrong. It doesn’t surpise me a bit that this went down like it did. You even reference Kitty Genovese . . . its been going on for ages and will continue to so. Whether people choose not to report a crime or not is something we’re going to have a heard time to legislate especially after the fact.

    What I don’t hear in any of these discussions on your blog or from what I’ve read elsewhere except for Ruvy’s comment which partially touches on it, is the lack of parental responsibility. Not only as parents should we be teaching, instructing and arming our children with skills to defend and prevent predators from preying, we as parents need to set up conditions in which our children participate in outings such as this where there is little or no adult supervision. The public school system has become a virtual ‘free for all zone’ especially in underserved areas. It’s evident that there were no parents who volunteerd to chaperone this dance. Thus, a lack of parental responsibility in itself.

    Apparently, the victim was going to meet her father for a ride home. What happened? I’ve heard that when the victim was not there to meet the father, the father called the victim on her cell phone but got no answer. Then what happened? I know if it was my child, I would have torn that school apart trying to find my child especially with in 2-1/2 hours time frame. Was the victim ever taught about the buddy system, or about not using drugs and alcohol that can impair judgement, or punctuality and showing up on time especially when an adult authority such as a parent is coming to pick them up. I mean there’s a whole host of unanswered questions here that lead to the possibility of a lack of parental responsibiity in raising our children defensively especially in the inner-city where predators are looking for prey that have no training in this area and no assertiveness skills. If there are no prey then the predators would have no one to prey upon.

  • mike s.

    All I would like to know is name of the punks…address would be great. Seriously!!!

  • Brian Bertran

    I think that maybe people fear the criminals, in the actual act, when they see them do things like that. Obviously the kids were likely raised by illegal aliens coming straight over from third world environments. I think that when humans see others reverting back to the primal ape stage they feel helpless, and scared, themselves, and if they don’t have a weapon, mace, a gun or something to protect themselves with they could become the second, third, fourth, and fifth victims of those monstrous, apeish, illegal aliens’ kids. One of the girl’s friends, or classmates’ father said on the news, “You can’t really communicate with their parents about their kids’ behaviour cause they don’t speak English.” It’s high time that Obama put that border wall up to prevent this sort of thing.

  • Brian Bertran

    I think I have to reverse myself on that, just somewhat. There are alot of fluff class action lawsuits out there, but I think that the victim, her parents, and all the parents and students of Richmond High School have grounds for a hefty damages sized negligence and liability civil lawsuit against: the school district treasury; the school board; obviously the principal; and maybe even the security company the school contracts with. It could’ve been any kid at the school that could’ve quickly become the victim. It could’ve even have been a boy, with other boys beating him up or bum rushing him or whatever. Their litigation/trial attornies need to seek half of the total damages for the victim and her parents and then half proportioned out to every single parents/student household except those that took part, watched, or were suspects. The school seems extremely liable and negligent. A serious set of civil litigators should “sue the very pants off” of the: principal; school board; school board members; and their security company.

  • Sorry everyone! I’ve been over my head in packing boxes these past few days and haven’t even turned on the computer! (A first for me in over a decade!!!) All I can say is don’t move right before the holidays! What was I thinking??? …..I know, I wasn’t!!!

  • Well said Jason! It’s true that parents need to play a more active role in the lives of their children, especially and most importantly they need to get involved with what is going on at their children’s schools; before, during, and after school activities.

    I don’t want to put salt on the wound and I’m sure the father of the fifteen year-old girl feels guilty as hell for not doing things differently, but I, also, wondered why he didn’t sound the alarm sooner (or did he at all?) when he went to pick up his daughter and couldn’t find her.

  • Mike, I’m not an advocate of vigilantism, but honestly I don’t know if that would change if it concerned one of my loved ones. I do hope, however, that they arrest every single one of them who was involved and they give them the maximum sentence possible for the crime! I’m tired of our court system slapping people on the hand for serious crimes.

    Hmm, a female astronaut comes to mind!!! I know it has nothing to do with what we’re talking about, but it just goes to show how so many people get away with murder!

  • Brian, let me just say here that you sound like you have a split personality! Reading your first comment and then reading your second one sounds like two entirely different people!!! Lol….okay, so I may be exaggerating a little, but just a little!

    To answer your first comment: This has nothing to do with illegal aliens. Do you seriously think that all illegal aliens are rapists??? Did you know that before the crackdown in France and before the European Union there were thousands of Americans living in Paris as illegal aliens? (Believe me, I knew more than a few!) That said, do you think that all those Americans (the majority being Caucasians from middle-class families) were all gang rapists? If we use your logic here, why not, afterall they were illegal aliens?

    You can’t put everyone in the same category, however, as I’ve stated in another comment there have been studies and statistics on gang rapes where the consensus is that they occur in all parts of society and ethnic groups. Gang rapes on college campuses, for example, are committed mostly by members of a fraternity as to any other group on campus. That doesn’t mean, however, that all guys who belong to a fraternity are gang rapists!

    That said, I agree that Obama needs to secure our borders better, but putting up a wall is not going to stop gang rapes! It bears repeating, the crime is committed by all ethnic and social groups.

  • Brian, in response to your second comment, I agree that the school did not do its part in keeping the school grounds safe for its students. The security that the school hired for the Homecoming dance were released from duty at 9 p.m.; the rape occurred after 9:30. Why weren’t they on duty until the last kid left the school grounds to go home? It was, as you say, total negligence on everyone’s part!

    When I wrote this article, it was more a reflection on those that watched this heinous crime. The bystanders who did absolutely nothing. My question was, how could one human being watch another human being be tortured and do nothing? Where was that moral consciousness among all those that watched? I can understand being afraid to speak up for fear of repercussions, but I cannot understand for the life of me those that left to tell others to come and watch and did nothing to help a defenseless victim.

  • Tim

    The whole thing sounds really…really…hot to me. Ugh. Hella sexy. I had to type this with one hand in fact.

  • Sick!