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Reflections of Saddam

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Tyrants are always the biggest cowards. At least Hitler did himself in. But Saddam? He wants to negotiate. So why am I not surprised? Typical of his type all that he cares about is his own skin. So is this a happy day? Well, I guess so. There is now one less bully in the world. I suppose the Iraqi people will (hopefully) find the courage to stand up to Saddam’s henchmen and rout them out. It’s good for America. There will be more stability in the middle east – meaning stable oil prices and the continuing flow of crude. It’s good for Bush who now has something tangible to show for the billions of dollars spent on his war. It may also help him get re-elected. The war on terrorism? Well.. that’s another story.

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  • Roland Uruci

    Yep, they caught him… I was stunned at first and then I thought about Bin Laden. Good catch for now, but I don’t think it will stop the aggression against US troops. The good that can come out of this is making the man seem less mythic. I think now they know he is not coming back… unless the US made a CIA agent get plastic surgery and staged the whole thing to save face. I bet that is the story going around in some mid-east press. Oh… and it’s a Jew and Crusaders plot againts the perfection that is Islam.
    Gotta have that last part.