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Reflections of an obscure blogger on being “Cool Site of the Day”

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At midnight last night, my blog became “Cool Site of the Day.” I normally get about 25 hits a day; so far today I’ve gotten over 1,200. At this rate I’ll end up with about 1,600 visits for the day. That’s 65 times more than usual. Wow. This graphic makes things far more clear.

I haven’t done so well in terms of my Cool Site rating: I’m at 4.7 on a scale of 1-10, which ranks me #8 of 11 sites so far this month. Oh, well.

My strategy for today, insofar as one exists, is to post frequently. I plan to continue this tactic for the next several days as well, in an attempt to keep a few of my first-time visitors as regulars. I’m most interested in what my daily visitor rate will be say, two weeks from now.

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  • san

    Wait until you get the hosting bill…

  • Gee, and I remember when CSotD meant something. <grin>

    Seriously, congratulations, you work hard on your site, and it shows.

  • Eric Olsen

    Great job Joe, and thanks for helping us out here!

  • You have to pay to be a part of CSotD? That just seems kind of ridiculous. It’s really “Cool Site of that Day that Paid $27 to Be that Way.”

  • By the way, this is not to say that Joe’s site isn’t deserving of the title Cool Site of the Day. Sorry if that came across the wrong way – I was simply intrigued by the idea that only Cool Sites that paid for consideration were truly cool sites. Joe’s writing is top-notch, and he is indeed a worthy recipient. 🙂