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Red Hot Chili Peppers Tour Details Emerge

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[ADBLOCKHERE]Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced dates for their North American tour according to Billboard.com.

The band will be touring in support of their new album Stadium Arcadium. The album will be released May 9, 2006, as previously reported here.

Tickets for the upcoming trek go on sale May 7 for members of the band’s fan club. The general public will get their chance at tickets beginning on May 13. Dates for the individual shows have yet to be announced but the tour is slated to begin in August.

Red Hot Chili Peppers North American Tour Stops:

Portland, Ore.
Boise, Idaho
Salt Lake City
San Diego
Oakland, Calif.
Sacramento, Calif.
San Jose, Calif.
Fresno, Calif.
New York/ New Jersey
Albany, N.Y.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Columbus, Ohio
Grand Rapids, Mich.
Calgary, Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ottawa, Ontario
Quebec City

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  • daniel

    you should come to monterrey mexico

  • jim

    will they be in DC this summer

  • isaid

    i read here that the rhcp maybe came on the second leg of the tour to monterrey my question is when it begings that second leg?

    or maybe that no longer is a rumor and its real

  • theZero

    the red hots are coming to mexico this saturday (Mar 10th), but not comming to Monterrey my griend…at least not for now….lets hope they have us in their minds in the second leg of their tour…

  • sk

    well it is a rumor that RHCP are coming to monterrey, mexico..anyone knows something about this rumor? maybe might be true…

  • aussiebassman

    yeh they are playing in syd on the 10th of april i think but tix sold out in like 20 mins in may… they are available on ebay but are really expensive (just glad i got my chili bowl tix from ticketek)

  • bassplayer69

    yeh please tell me the date for their tour in sydney, australia and when tickets come on sale

  • Natalie

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – AWESOME!
    So when and where are the tour dates for Sydney, Australia?

  • betterdays

    yeah i’ve heard the same thing from a few dj’s that i know that told me that fat boy slim was going to be playing a bondi…… so i don’t, i hope that they are, cuz the last time they came to aus when off.

  • WildChild

    ivE heard that too. I realli need to kno if they are coming to oz

  • cassimo

    I have seen on TV that they will be touring Australia in April and I also heard romours on the triple J website that they will be playing at the Big Day Out’s this year. Any other Aussies heard anything…. or am i going nuts?

  • peppersfanatic

    Yeh touring Australia would be a huge thing for me….especially Brisbane…. anyone have any idea if they are…ive heard rumours of June 07 but unsure wether they are correct…

  • joe

    i noticed you said they will be touring in the south for a second leg. would this be in the spring?

  • jorsh

    anyone heard anything about them touring Australia? That would be freain awsome 🙂

  • Rogelio

    I live in Monterrey,Mexico.I was wondering is the rhcp are coming to mexico. I’m willing to attend. Thank you

  • josh

    i was just wondering if there is a playlist for the concerts yet

  • jammin1663

    The Chili Peppers listed Sacramento on the cities list and then when the tour dates were announced, Sacramento and San Jose were not on the list. What happened? I will go to Oakland but it is a two hour drive as opposed to 30 minutes to Sacramento.

  • aimee

    thanks so much! that is good to hear…i was freaking out lol

  • This is only the first leg. They are going to be on the road awhile with this being a double album. They’ll be back and the south will see its share of dates.

  • aimee

    i was wondering if anyone knew why the chili peppers arent touring in more Southern States of North America? i live in Houston and would be willing to attend any shows that they play in Texas. I know they toured here in 2003 for By the Way and was a huge success.