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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Greatest Hits

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I've been tossing around ideas about this review for weeks. A part of me wants to say that nothing much has happened since Blood Sugar Sex Magik…but that's not it. The thought is really closer to "I haven't gotten off on much of their stuff since BSSM." And while that may be true, it's not the whole story.

See, the Chili Peppers is one of those bands that I resisted. They were getting airplay from Mother's Milk ("Higher Ground", no doubt) and I just did not get it. Then Blood Sugar Sex Magik came out. This was the Peppers' London Calling, their Dark Side Of The Moon (and hopefully not their Frampton Comes Alive). The funk was undeniable: killer guitar riffs and powerful in-the-pocket drumming, all anchored by Flea's kinetic and soulful bass.

So one day at work I'm listening to BSSM and a co-worker asks me if I've heard the 'real' Chili Peppers. He offers up his LP copies of Uplift Mofo Party Plan and Freaky Styley. Cripes, this stuff is nuts! Now I can see how Mother's Milk made its way to Blood Sugar Sex Magik. These early records are all about the Peppers' roots.

Now, while I was pretty psyched to have discovered the Peppers' early funkitude, I was just a little suspicious of my co-worker's motives. This was a guy who only liked a band's early (and obscure) material. So if a band makes it big, they've 'sold out'. Sorry, but I think that's crap. "Give It Away" and "Under The Bridge" were pretty big hits. Does their popularity somehow diminish the actual music?

Don't think so.

So now that I've defended the success of the Chili Peppers (sure, like they need me to defend them) I've gotta wonder just what the heck was goin' on when this pile of "hits" was chosen. The 'older' material choices are fine(you'd be crazy to leave off "Give It Away", "Under The Bridge", "Higher Ground" or "Suck My Kiss"), but there's just too much mid-tempo stuff from Californication. All those sorta-power ballads and somehow they fail to include the killer funk of "Around The World". Similarly, One Hot Minute is represented by "My Friends" instead of "Aeroplane". Very curious.

I'm not ready to write these guys off. They've survived more than their fair share of VH-1 Behind The Music-moments. The bonus tunes added here, "Fortune Faded" especially, hint at future possibilities. We'll see. Maybe they've got another Blood Sugar Sex Magik in 'em.

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  • jadester

    Greatest Hits albums are, by their very nature, extremely hit and miss. You can take the best band in the world, with tens or hundreds of truly great tracks available, but pick the absolute worst and throw them together in a “Greatest Hits” album.
    Greatest Hits ablums always say more about the people who compiled the album than the band itself.

  • What does “greatest” mean, exactly? I like compilation discs labeled clearly as “The Hits” or “Our Most Popular Songs.” When you say “The Best,” well, you’re just asking for trouble. Popularity is easy to measure by sales (more or less), but “the best” is just too subjective.

  • Eric Olsen

    I love the Chili Peppers, each phase including the current, I think they’ve matured remarkably well, but these suckers have more collections than studio albums between EMI, WB, B-sides and covers. It’s just CRAZY.

    Seeing the track listing this only goes back to Mother’s Milk, and only for “Higher Ground.” That leaves off all the EMI greats other than HG – this should be called Best of WB Years, or something similar.

  • Eric Olsen

    BTW, I am prejudiced because I knew these guys in the early to mid-’80s when they wore socks on their willies because they couldn’t afford pants.

  • Jonathan

    I adore the Chilli Peppers.
    Such fun music, so great.
    The two new tracks are pretty awesome too

  • This is the second hits collection for them, right? I’m thinking of What Hits? Doesn’t that cover more of the early years?

    That said, I’ve never been able to get into these guys. I think Flea’s an amazing bassist, but I just can’t get into their music. Perhaps it’s my loyalty to Mr. Bungle. I don’t know the specific incident, but there was reportedly some bad blood between the two bands because of some accusations that one of them ripped off the others’ sound. I seem to recall something about Anthony Kiedis refusing to play if Bungle were allowed to play on the same bill, or something ridiculous like that. I could be entirely wrong. I just know that if you like Bungle, you are forbidden by law to enjoy the Chilies.

  • Ah, here we go, I just looked it up:

    Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Faith No More
    “OK, here’s what happened, ’cause I know he has his opinion, now here’s mine. In that interview the writer said, ‘Are you guys sick of people ripping you off?’ I said, ‘Who are you referring to?’ and he said, ‘Well, Mike Patton in Faith No More.’ So I told him what our drummer said, and yeah I watch that ‘Epic’ video, and I see him jumping up and down, rapping, and it looked like I was looking in the mirror. The thing is, I had no problem with him personally. I mean, I love ‘The Real Thing,’ and I liked his vocals on that record. I mean, when I heard the record I noticed subtle similarities, but when I saw that video it was like, ‘Wait a second here, what the fuck?'” – Anthony Kiedis

    “We were looking at booking some Mr. Bungle shows in Europe this past summer, some big festivals, which is something we’d never done before. We figured it’d be a good thing: We’d get to play in front of a lot of people who wouldn’t otherwise hear us. Our agent was in the process of booking these festivals, and it was becoming apparent that we’d landed some pretty good ones—one in France, another one in Holland, some big-name festivals. Turns out someone’s holding a grudge! [Laughs.] We were booted off several bills, including a really big festival in Australia, specifically because Anthony Kiedis did not want us on the bill. He threatened to pull the Chili Peppers if Mr. Bungle was on the bill. Now, rationalize that one! That’s so fucking pathetic! I mean, this guy’s selling a million records! We are not even a speck of dust on this guy’s ass! What’s the fucking problem? It’s unbelievable.” – Mike Patton

  • Eric Olsen

    Um, I vote Chilis, although that’s a very petty thing to do if it really came down like that.

  • Jonathan

    I hate artist rivalrys or when they have little feuds. It’s just really annoying to me. So pointless, then the fans all decide to hate the other guys fans and it’s all a bunch of stupid trash.

  • hmmm, interesting. i’ve never been able to get into either Faith No More or Mr. Bungle.

    tho i do like Patton’s solo stuff…all those weird, uh…mouth noises (you can’t call that stuff “singing”)

  • jadester

    i must admit, i only got into the chilis in their recent “phase” because before then i wasn’t into music, period.
    I tried to resist initially – several of the songs from “By The Way” were being played over and over on the radio, and on Kerrang TV. I kept thinknig “this is nothing special. It’s ok, but not great” then, before i knew it, one day i realised i actually like them. The Zephyr Song (that video is sooo cool), By The War, Scar Tissue, Universally Speaking, Can’t Stop – the list of great recent tracks goes on. I hope they keep it up

  • Eric Olsen

    I agree they have really found their songwriting touch 20 years into the game and that is a terrific and welcome surprise, but don’t neglect their previous harder, funkier, groove-based stuff that made them heroes in the first place.

  • Normal person

    I am a normal person who like red hot chili peppers and admire anthony but…
    He is no match for Mike Patton he does not have as much talent in his voice

  • paula

    i just cant wait to see them in concert if they come to phila this summer

  • sheri

    Love the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But californication glazes my eyes over, like a boring converstaion with a bored person.

  • J.Sanchez

    First of all what person in their right mind would take Faith no More over the Peppers. also, why are there so many people hating on their new stuff just because its more mellow. Lyrically, their new stuff is better and John and AK have really matured as artist.

  • kyle

    heres the deal chilis are 10 times better over fucking stupid and pathetic faith no more mike patton is a total dick he took this piss out of the chilis dead guitar player what a total arsehole he really is mike patton sucks ass all night long chilis rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk forever woooooooooo so fuck u all who think tht mike patton or faith no more is good cause theyre just dick who suck ass

  • leeeeb

    woo yeah kyle!!!!!*grinsss

  • Malicious

    AK is a joke with his prancing too-cool-for-school bullshit performances.

    RCHP is music to trade at garage sales.

    Flea is talented – clearly, just such a shame about the front man.

  • leGo for the ppl

    I like some of RHCP´s songs, but as a whole, they are boring.

    Faith No More on the other hand is VERY interesting. You just dont get tired of their music, you allways find something new on their records. Great work guy!

    PS: Mike was, is and always will be a much better front man/performer/artist than Anthony.

  • Big bungle/fnm fan here… Anyone that compares a legitimate amount of AK’s live/studio/etc abilities against MP’s and picks ol heroin junkie is lying to themselves. I LOVE, and i mean LOVE old chili peppers. From 82 or whenever they started up until about 92. After that i cant get into any of it. HOWEVER, Kiedis’s vox are always offkey, painfully apparent live. NOT the case with Patton, always fun to hear/see him. If AK had more range and could stay in tune for half of his show i wouldnt even type anything.

  • Mr,BungLE


  • Dave

    first of all faith no more are crap, mr bungle are good, RHCP are good not just flea, flea and john fruciante are most probably better musicaians than any one in any of the bands mike patton has ever been in, mike patton did steal AK style look at the epic video AK over reacted and guess what it doesn’t fucking matter there both great and 2 of my favorite bands

  • evil ernie

    everybody knows that Faith No More (the Jim Martin years) shits all over RHCP any day of the week so why does it matter if Patton improved what RHCP had already done. i mean everybody in the 70s-80s used the same ideas for their videos, so why does RHCP have to be so anal about it? tards.

  • Evil Ernie

    the zephr song is gay, pointless and just gay. the frontman (dunno his name dont care) is just no, not really no.

    Patton makes better noises with his butt. Weird Al does a better version of RHCP and he’s taking the piss. RHCP are so old they are like gay old men that cant sing.

    Flea is kinda cool, the band brings him down somewhat

  • Ernie evil?

    kyle u suck

  • Guppusmaximus

    LOL… “Kenny…I hate you”.

    Yes, BSSM was their “Master of Puppets” but I agree that “Uplift..” was pretty damn funky for it’s time. I think it’s absolutely lame to even think that FNM stole any of RHCP’s sound. I don’t know how anyone can listen to “The Real Thing” and hear any kind of RHCP influence besides that “The Real Thing” was FNM’s 2nd worst album (The worst was their 1st release without Patton)so what are the Red Hot fans really saying??”Under the Bridge” & “Give it away Now” are the worst songs from BSSM.

    “flea and john fruciante are most probably better musicaians than any one in any of the bands mike patton has ever been in…”

    I wouldn’t go that far..Mike Bordin(Puffy) from FNM was freaking amazing “in the pocket” drummer and he was a true lefty. Everyone who took part in Mr. Bungle’s compilation “Travolta” were awesome. Fantomas had Dave Lombardo…Do I need to say more? Tomahawk has the drummer from Helmet and the guitarist from The Jesus Lizard..Pure Brilliance for a rock band!!

    RHCP has great musicians as well but I found that statement to be rather uneducated….

  • idiots

    at least rhcp were successful enough to still be popular and be old.
    if you watch the mock rhcp concert youll see that they were just jealous and sophomoric.

  • vanilla ice

    kiedis is a punk!

  • idiots, you are one.

    Mike Patton hated the spotlight. He has made that clear in interviews. So he made the music HE liked, rather than making the music mainstream fans would. So to say something like that is idiotic. If anything else, that would make RHCP a sell-out, for catering to mass appeal, whereas Mr. Bungle catered to no one.

  • Arturo

    What idiot takes RHCP over mr Bungle musicaly? Just compare the 2 live. OhOh!

    AK is a complete sissy. And all that shit about his drug-abuse and so on. So f.. pathetic!

  • Rukahs

    First of all, after eading the previous comments made, I can’t believe how some people can prefer Faith No More over RHCP. Even though Mike Patton is talented in his use of lyrics, he is clearly a rip off of Anthony Keidis! As previously mentioned, just look at the “Epic” video. The Chilis started the whole template for funk metal since 1984 and has been imitated by a number of bands such as Faith No More. Mike Patton is a wannbe AK.

  • goober

    lets get onething straight. rhcp and fnm arent anything alike at all. anyone saying that doesnt know shit about music. fnm is much more metal minded while rhcp is more funk minded. the vocal stylings are completely different. i think patton has aged more gracefully. ak so baldly wants to be accepted in the punk rock community it is sad. you all suck bite me


    People that could even take the Chili Peppers over Faith No More are just fucked in the head.

  • Cam

    LOL funny shit 😛
    Mike Patton VS. Chilli Peppers

    alot of people are sayin mike patton wants to be like AK, HA! if u hear anything at all from his Mr. Bungle albums there’s absolutely NO similarities,
    Disco Volante (their prize CD) ventures more into an Avant-Garde high art, modern compositions, reinventing music sounds and formula, similar to Frank Zappa tho…

    but i’ve never heard any new or creative things from the guys of RHCP, their songs are formulaic and repeditive
    if something is as predictable as mainstream music (anything on MTV or Much) how can anyone ever call it art? ART? is AK an artest? is he goin to change muic forever and 50 years from now be recognized along side Mozart? nope, they’ll fade along side hillary duff as simple band-wagon tune sell-outs
    dont get me wrong, they are a decent band, they have some sweet tunes, but thats all they are.. tunes, not art

    Patton has already influenced such bands as ICP, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, System of a Down, and so on.
    listen to pattons music, know it’s not rock, it’s not metal, or punk, it is modern classical, Avant Garde, expressionism.

    FNM i dont know, i heard they were fairly mainstream like RHCP, but NEVER look at Faith No More as true Mike Patton,
    Fantomas, Mr. Bungle and his solo work (or even wat he did with the x-ecutioners.

  • LW

    Well, shit. I’m a huge Chili Peppers fan who has just heard Faith No More 30 fucking seconds ago. They’re talented! But so fucking is RHCP!!!! God damnit, am I the only person that can like the bands because of their musical talent? christ…

  • foliaoocidental

    Note: every RHCP fan is dumb
    I love RHCP

  • Weird Al is a frigin’ GOD in my book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • !!sophie

    faith no more and the rest of mike pattons creations beat all the rhcp shit hands down.
    the rhcp is dull & boring not to mention to overly popular.
    i hear absoulutely no similaritys between the two what so ever.


  • Malicious

    As a massive fan of Maestro Patton (anybody addicted to Peeping Tom right now!!??), I’m happy to get over the fact that anything coming out of the RCHP camp is sounding banal and wholly recycled since BSSM, and that a young Patton jumping around like AK-The-Clown on a 1980’s FNM video doesn’t mean there is any musical connection, but geeesh it keeps the fire in our bellies. I love it! RCHP, while still alive and flapping about like a beached whale does not mean they have more musical integrity than any of the Patton side-projects.

    If you want a laugh check out the Mr Bungle pisstake on RHCP on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTCliDUJQ90
    If this doesn’t work go to http://www.youtube.com and look up Mr Bungle. Long Live Patton

  • VB

    The Red Hot Chilli Peppers are a perfectly okay band. I’ve never been able to get into them much before or after they, uh, “sold out” (OH SHIT GUYS THEY RECORDED AN ALBUM WITH A DECENT BUDGET AND CHANGED THEIR MUSICAL STYLE A BIT, QUICK LET’S ALL CALL THEM SELLOUTS), but I can sort of respect them because the whole “naked + sock” thing is kind of funny and Frusciante and Flea are pretty good musicians. Anthony Kiedis is an irritating, mediocre-voiced, petty (see: the story posted in comment #7) wanker and Hillel Slovak was a mediocre musician wrongly elevated in the eyes of many just because he overdosed on heroin and died. Which, incidentally, I have no fucking sympathy whatsoever for, unless the person overdosing is doing it deliberately to commit suicide or something.

    Faith No More, however, is so completely superior to the RHCP that it’s not even funny. They were far more versatile musicians, far more creative and genderbending (man, listen to “Angel Dust”! I’ve never heard anything remotely like most of the songs on that album, particularly “Land Of Sunshine”, “Midlife Crisis”, and “Crack Hitler”), and far more subversive and clever (I present to you “Be Aggressive”). No one would ever have called “Epic” a Chili Peppers ripoff if it wasn’t for Mike Patton’s Kiedis imitation in the video. Which, is, well, ONE FUCKING MUSIC VIDEO! AND JUST THE ‘VIDEO’ PART, NOT THE MUSIC! Christ. As for skills, FNM had a series of talented guitarists, notably Trey Spruance, who, if you listen to his work in Mr. Bungle, can play just about any style of guitar superbly. Billy Gould is just a good a bassist as Flea, and sometimes I think he might be better (evidence: “From Out Of Nowhere”, “Caffeine”). And vocally… comparing Mike Patton to Anthony Kiedis is like comparing Chuck D to Fred Durst. Patton can do insane things with his voice, turning from lounge-music croon to death metal screech on a dime and occasionally just producing noises that don’t even sound like they should be possible (see: Fantomas). Kiedis was a mediocre semi-rapper who couldn’t hold a note at first, then turned into a completely average and forgettable singer. Come on.

    So far as Mr. Bungle is concerned, the fact that they can combine like 6 different genres per song and have it turn out not just coherently, but brilliantly (dear god, listen to “Disco Volante”!) should be enough to instantly elevate them above and beyond the Chili Peppers. If I’ve never heard anything quite like Faith No More (especially Angel Dust), I’ve never heard anything REMOTELY like Mr. Bungle. And, juvenile or not, “The Ghost Of Hillel Slovak” was completely hilarious.

  • Bob

    Ok the least you hard headed buffoons can recognize is that faith no more are more METAL than the chili peppers. Maybe you can label the chili peppers as FUNK ROCK and Faith No More as FUNK METAL! The chili peppers have never been metal and never been as heavy as Faith No More. Since your too boneheaded to see that Faith No More are a nearly 100% different band from RHCP and Mike Patton sounds nothing like Anthony Kiedis, recognizing what I asked of you would be a start.

  • mrbungle

    my god! how can you compares Mike Patton with AK, Mike is like 100 times better singer, that’s a fact!

  • miss bungle

    Mike Patton has an amazing voice. that actually ranges *cough* hint kiedis?? all though anthony has a gd voice n performs well hes no match for the genius. im proud that patton isnt like kiedis, he doesnt play to crowds. he plays the music that he wants, and no one can ever say hes over rated. the guys a legend

  • Malicious

    Bob, nobody is really making comparisons anymore in this stream… it’s more that fans of one or the other are coming together to make comment on who rocks their world the most… it’s funny!

    chalk and cheese would be the analogy, right?

  • frusciante

    basically patton gave rhcp shit at a concert buy dressing up as them including the deceased hillel whom ak was best friends with, so i beleive ak had every right to kick him off some bills, put yourself in ak’s position. its not about who can sing better, its about the fact that patton was being a tool and got shut down as a result, patton should just shut up and take it.

  • rhcp

    Mike patton sounds like a piece of horse shit. RHCP is way better than any of mikes bands.They never sold out, they play want they want to play. It just so happens that they have become popular for doing what they love doing.

  • uglyinthamorning

    Mike Patton sounds like a peice of horse shit? only a tone deaf RHCP fan could make a coment that stupid. Mike Patton is one of the greatest vacalists of his generation, who fuking cares if when he was 22 he kinda riped off AK, he moved on and has contributed some of the greatest vocals ever recorded to three of the best bands in the last 20 year FNM, Mr bungle, and fantomas while AK, who sounds like a fuking joke live, and RHCP are stuck playing the same recycled three cord pop. Mike Patton didnt rip off Anthony Keidis, Mike Patton is Anthony Keidis, only with balls and a much better voice.

  • RICK


  • RICK

    Anthony Keidis is a fag – Mike Patton is the real thing

  • j

    I can’t believe this debate still goes on. I’m a huge Bungle/FNM/Patton fan, still, and was back when I was a kid. I was also a RHCP fan when I was a kid: Uplift, Mother’s Milk and of course BloodSugar, some great albums. However, I still listen to Bungle and Patton quite often and can’t remember the last time I put the Peppers on. I have a friend at Epic who even gave me the new Pepper
    s album. I haven’t even opened it, I don’t think he listens to it either (can you say ebay). Chilipeppers are a funk band, they didn’t invent the style, they may have had their interpretation of it; may have seemed cutting edge in the 80’s with the rest of the crap going on, but when it comes down to it, it’s hard funk. Now, Bungle on the other hand shredded and diced music into cacophonies of pure genus and are, and will always be some of the most world reknowned musicians ever! I don’t care how much more money Kiedis and the rest of them have made. How many of you have read a book from the the last Nobel Prize winner? Do you even know who it is? I’m sure the Davinci Code sold a lot more books, doesn’t mean it’s literature.

    As for the feud, the peppers come out as little bitches. Patton and co. come out on top, AK looks petty, and actually quite dumb! My guess is he listned too much to his idiot friends when the whole FNM thing was going on, instead of figuring out for himself. As for singers, it’s not even a discussion, Patton can sing, sing outstandingly, and make his voice do things people never thought possible. Kiedis can’t sing, and that’s ok, most rock singers can’t. As for the Halloween spoof, I thought it was genus: heroin injections, mocking, even the ghost of Slovak, then again, I’m a twisted fuck.

    Bungle will be legends, they already are. How many bands make 3 completley different albums in 15 years, break-up and still have legions of loyal fans annoying them to get back together? The peppers will ultimately fall into pop culture obscurity; it’s already kind of started.

  • shig

    To be completely honest, RHCP songs are so formulaic that you could have any 10 or so RHCP songs on a CD and call it the best of. It’s not simply my imagination… the last 5 years have seen a tonne of their songs getting airplay, and the majority of them sound almost exactly the same… they’ve fallen into the ‘one-sound’ trap that U2 got themselves into in the late 1980’s… and following from U2, they’ve probably found it to be less-stressful than decent-songwriting and really really profitable.

  • Jose

    You guys are hilarious! Taking Faith no More over the Chili’s is comical. Yes Mike has better vocals than AK, but AK can perform. RHCP individually and as a whole is 100 times better. Flea is the best bass player of this generation hands down. Mr. Bungle and all those crappy Mike Patton bands were just overrated by all those losers who listern to them. Some of you actually wrote about influencing bands like ICP and Slipknot. HA! You gotta be kidding me. Those are the worst bands in a long time. RHCP has been an inspiration to people and muscians for over 2 decades and show no sign of slowing down. RCHP rules!!!!!

  • the son of mr bungle

    patton rules overAK. dont believe me listen to fnm’s the real thing or listen to mr bungle’s self-titled album especially the songs quote unquote, carousel, stubb (a dub), my ass is on fire, and the girls of porn then listen to rhcp’s shitty crafted songs mikey p knows what he is doing, AK doesnt. even if mike and AK were put in a boxing match mike would still kick AK’s pussy wussy ass. anyaway who is up for an fnm and mr bungle reunion.

  • jr

    mike pattons vocals are better than aks but it still doesnt exempt the fact that not only does his band suck ass but also that his lyrics suck ass. If you ever really listen to RhCP youll find that they are much more influential, have better lyrics, and are a damn better band

  • burp!

    Mike Patton is an AK wannabe! Just look at the EPIC video. he raps like AK and Dances like AK.

  • bailstoke

    anthony keidis is a hack! the only talent in rhcp is the band themselves. furthermore, mike patton is not only a superior vocalist, he is a much better writer and his versatility is amazing.

  • Darren

    Mike patton and Mr bungle reacted after AK kicked them off the shows. If it wasnt for AK, they would not have dressed up as Hillen etc.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus

    I just wanna say that after 4 years this thread is still going… F*cking C**l.
    AND after 4 years, I can still say that anything and everything that Mike Patton lays his hands on is far superior to anything that RHCP have done or will do!! RHCP is a great Funk band but Mike Patton pushes the envelope and really can’t be catagorized. Sure, RHCP has made their millions but they sound so f*cking watered down now,it really is pathetic. I mean, if AK is gonna get pissed about FNM then maybe Anthony should get pissed at Fishbone. Hell, they sound more like RHCP than FNM!!

  • the son of mr bungle

    epic was the only time mike copied ak.
    its just a fuckin video
    everything else mike did didnt copy ak or rhcp.
    and ak was mad cuz mikey p looked better than him at jumping around and rapping
    also every rhcp songs sound the fucking same where FNM’s didnt which made them fresh everytime

  • FNM = legendary

    How ayone could prefer RCHP over FNM baffles me. The sheer amount of kick ass songs (not to mention their more quirky ones and covers that are better than the orignal songs) far outclasses the one dimensional chilis. Angel Dust is mood-altering experience, even the Crab Song with chuck moseley was better than anything kiedis brought out.

    Secondly, I know most people when talking about Patton seem to orgasm over his musical ability. He was a great vocalist, but the musicians in FNM were what made most of that band; I always hate it when people say FNM was all about Patton; Billy, Roddy, Mike and Jim were some amazingly talented musicians. Just look at Roddy playing RV, or Bill goulds bass solo on Kindergarten or Mike Bordin on
    Midlife Crisis………you get the picture. These musicians never fail to inspire me.

    Chilis….on the other hand have about 3 decent songs….nuff said.

  • Slim Pickens

    Just got into FNM with “King for a Day…” They completely rule over anything RHCP’s have put out since 1991. Patton rules! Go Peeping Tom!

  • FNM Bungles

    In my own opinion Faith No More are so much better than the chili’s. Yeh, the chili’s earlier funky stuff was amazing but how have the chili’s changed or taken new inspiration in there albums in the past 10 years? The answer is, they havnt. There albums continue to use the same guitar style, same vocals, same bass and the most annoying, same drums (which piss me off so much). Faith no more had many different periods in there music from there early stuff, to there late stuff then following Patton on to Mr Bungle and his solo jazz etc projects.

    Really, AK has contributed nothing to the music scene in the past 10-15 years, they get a hit and there happy, there a COMMERCIAL success. Patton and FNM did something intirely new, the combined styles and genres to make a whole new sound. Patton has contributed so much to the music scene. Really theres no competition in my mind, fame has went straight to the heads of the chili’s and AK, Pattons happy doing underground projects that you will never see in the charts becuase commercial success doesnt matter to him. Faith No More, Patton, Hands down.

  • Damn, after years of debating whos better, we still have not come to a conclusion. I myself just started to listen to Mr. Bungle and discover Mike Patton.
    Ive known of RHCP all my life, never thought to much of them. I always thought they were okay. But after watching Mr. Bungle live at the Bizarre Festival on youtube. I dont know, but the songs stayed with me more than any RHCP song ever had. And i realized how cool Bungle is to mix up all these different types of music. Its amazing.
    Not only that, i grew a strong admiration to Pattons voice. From there I started to listen to Fantomas and FNM. And hes a great singer.

    Californication My Ass…FNM/Bungle/Patton Rules okay

  • sonicyoungster

    2 bands in 1 decade that both seem to have a funk influence, amazing, what are the odds? And what are the odds of people calling eachother names over it 20 years later?
    I understand there are a lot of people that like the chili peppers for some reason. So would I, if they had come out with Angel dust, King for a day and The real thing. But that was FNM and it’s hardly funkrock like the RHCP.
    When it comes to funk RATM beats the crap out of the RHCP anyway

  • the son of bungle

    right now im addicted to Peeping Tom just like i am with bungle and fnm.
    still proves mike pattons bands r better than AK’s pussy wussy band

    kenny G is more talented than rhcp
    and that my friends is a shame cuz he plays a flute

    ill post again later

  • Mister

    The irony is that Mike Patton was doing his thing well before anyone had even heard of RHCP. The video clip to ‘Epic’ wasn’t Patton imitating Kiedis; it was Patton being Patton. Kiedis was and still is just a jealous Mike Patton-wannabe. Besides, Mike Patton is infinitely more talented than Kiedis in terms of vocal ability and musicianship.

    As for anyone claiming that RHCP’s other musicians are more talented than those of FNM or Mr Bungle, you fail at music. For example, Trevor Dunn (Bungle) and Bill Gould (FNM) are far better bassists than Flea has ever been. Anyone arguing otherwise obviously hasn’t listened to all three bands very extensively. This isn’t to say that Flea is a terrible bassist, but he is most definitely overrated by die hard RHCP fans.

    It’s pretty clear that all the teeny-bopper, funk-pop lovers will continue to hold RHCP on a pedestal, but the rest of us can take solace in the fact that we actually have discerning taste.

  • “Mike Patton was doing his thing well before anyone had even heard of RHCP.”

    Except us anyones in Southern California.

  • man, all of this “this band is WAY better than that band” stuff is a waste of time. these two groups are so apple & oranges. it’s like saying that my stratocaster is better than my dell laptop.

  • r

    Mike Patton is a superior vocalist end of the discusion =/

  • Jesyka

    Are you freakin kidding me Mike Patton is a freaken loser cant come p with his own sh*t and people say he does his own “style” of music my ass he ripped off rhcp becase their the best so everyone whos rippin on rhcp or ak suck an aids infested d*ck. fukn haters just accept the fact that rhcp is better and is the best band ever!! so later…

  • the son of bungle

    the commenter above is a laugh and a half and is offering to give u aids

    u obviously havent heard mike pattons stuff hes makin now
    still living in 1989 when epic came out
    what a nazi
    i would rather listen to britney spears than rhcp
    patton is still going strong 20 years later making different music while rhcp r blowing ass with each album released
    and if u dont like that opinion u can straight up eat a bowl of fucking dicks

    ill post again later

  • Would that be fried dicks or baked dicks?

  • nick

    all these RHCP qre obviously trying to be like the singer and taking drugs, theres 1song that includes rapping in all FNMs intire carrer and they stole red hot shity peppers style? the reql thing was an experimental CD get over epic find qny other fnm song with rappin and ill addmit the shitty peppers arent shitty

  • Ryan Biddle

    Oh, the drama… Patton v. Keidis? It seems to me that Keidis is precious with his ‘style’ because he’s a bit of a one-trick pony. Both men are talented artists in their own right. We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants.

    I think it strange, Mark, that as a music critic, you don’t recognize in this write-up that popularity often does diminish the actual music. From what I’ve read here, you and your slightly obtuse friend are hung up on the cliche of selling out rather than the theory itself. In the case of the Chili Peppers, the theory applies. In a way, the RHCP’s sacrificed what shred of creative integrity fostered through their first five records. They peaked. End of story. After Blood Sugar Sex Magik, there is nothing of any notable value from their camp other than the fact that they rolled the edge off of their awesome-ness for a more palatable product. And why not? The Chili Peppers totally earned their pay day. They’ve been to hell and back, man. Keidis is still singing about the loss of Hillel Slovak. Flea got himself a footnote in the history books for his approach to the bass. They managed the nigh impossible feat of transforming their juvenile novelty act into a thing of legitimacy with Blood Sugar sex Magik, definitely in the top five of all time actually funky albums produced by a bunch of white boys. Then they took that public attention and turned it into a mountain of money with which to stuff their tube socks. Metallica is another example from the early 90’s. Novelty into legitimacy into pay check. That’s the deal. Take the example of Bruce Springsteen. 1983. He’s poised to rocket into super stardom and accomplishes just that with Born in The USA. But in the midst of recording that very popular album, Bruce is cutting Nebraska, not a very popular album, but one of intense musical integrity. Sure, USA is full of catchy and easily digestible numbers, but Nebraska’s gonna stick to your ribs. Yes, popularity diminishes the actual music. I won’t even go into the whole payola mess that determines who’s in and who’s out. Anyway, we should be talking about this over drinks…

  • Bootsy C

    Faith No More are shit

  • Frusciante rules

    Okay so dont compare that music to rhcp. Ak may not be the BEST singer but by far the whole band together is pretty damn good. I mean Frusciante is a wicked good guitarist. Flea is a beast. and well theyre good. But seriously saying that AK Copied whats his names moves is pretty fucked. Maybe neither of them created it but it deff wasnt that other dude. And WOW this is funny reading about how people think the MR whatever band is soooOO much better than rhcp. DONT FUCKING COMPARE THEM DAMMIT! OH and when the MR Shit band mocked the chili peppers by mocking Hillel shooting up heroin, thats not funny. Seriously you may not like rhcp but dude, give some respect. Mock there songs but dont mock someone whos dead and because of heroin. YOu just dont do that.DONT GO SAYING THERE MUSIC IS SHIT WHEN OBVIOUSLY ITS GOOD MUSIC WISE.

  • frusciante rules

    dudess and AK is NOT!! an MIKE PATTON WANNA BE!

  • fru rules.

    OH oh OHH! and people saying that the fnm or mr bungleys musicions are better than rhcps ,, i dont care what you think. John Frusciante doesnt really care about being fast at guitar or good, all he cares about is making MUSIC and is really connected. Granted though flea isnt the best bassist, he still has mad skills with the bass slapping. And seriously saying that rhcp is a suck ass band isnt very smart, because they are good. seeing as though i have never took the time to listen to a band i will most likely never have interest in, I’m not going to say that their bassists suck or anyone else in the band. Oh and why am i saying this when everyone has their OWN opinion. WEll im just stating mY OPINION!

  • rhcp

    oh and people, dont go saying this or that band is better, because saying that isnt a fact, its just your opinion. So when i say rhcp is better,, that is MY opinion and its what i think. Its NOT a fact. So dont go saying OMG NO WAY THE MR BUNGLE BAND IS BETTER!!! RHCP SUCK! well u could say that but i wouldnt care because its just an opinion. I guess it seems like i do care cuz im making such a big deal but WHATEVER!.

  • rhcp4 everr

    Gosh, anthony kiedis pretty much made it so they wouldnt play at any of the big shot festivals because they made him mad. No fuck it was because they were mocking them. Not just they’re songs but they were mocking his former dead best friend Hillel Slovak shooting up herion. PEOPLE GET IT THROUGH YOUR HeAD,, thats a pretty good reason.


    UGh my gosh people, the red hots have PLENTY of decent songs. The musicions in that band put SO much effort into what they play. Its not even funny! Look at john frusciante, hes so dedicated to it, he just wants to make music!!!! Flea is the same way! Most people dont even know the chilis, but whenever i think of them i don’t think of thier main singer, i think of the whole band. What makes the chilis, its the whole entire band. You couldn’t have the chilis without john or flea or chad or even ANTHONY! Gosh!

  • hanna

    To the person who said ” how anyone could prefer rhcp to fnm baffles me” its simple. People may like the chilis, because 1 the effort they put into their instruments, not including anthony. 2 they have good music. 3 all the shit they have gone through as a band is pretty damn amazing,they started the band in 1983,with hillel slovak and jack irons originally, and in like 1988 or so is when john fru and chad joined the band. idk what point im getting to tho.

  • Dorito Bros.


  • f u

    Why is everyone dissing rhcp? Its between kiedis and patton, the band aren’t included. DUMB FUCKS!

  • zane

    Faith no more rock, chili peppers rock. They are both awesome bands and thats it!!!
    If a little tif breaks out don’t worry about it because it don’t mean shit in 100 years…Where as the music will live on…”Do you know what i mean Beral???

  • Tyler J

    Red Hot Chilli Peppers are disgustingly bland now. Mr. Bungle and Faith No More will never be. Case closed.

  • FuckFaithNoMore

    Red Hot Chili Peppers are 10 million times better than Fucks Naked Males

    enough said

    fuck off Mike Patton fans

  • The Son of Bungle

    Yea I’m back lol…….kiedis still sucks