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Red Hot Chili Peppers Accused Of Plagiarism

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The Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently enjoying success with their new album Stadium Arcadium, but this success could soon be clouded by allegations of plagiarism.

Last week, radio presenter Dan Gaffney of Delaware-based WGMD accused the band of ripping off Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. He claims that the leading single from the new album, "Dani California," sounds almost identical to Petty's "Mary Jane's Last Dance."

"Mary Jane's Last Dance" was first released on the Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers album Greatest Hits in 1993 as a previously unreleased track. They even won an MTV award for the video for the song in 1994.

Gaffney's show producer, Jarred Morris has posted a track on his blog demonstrating the similarities between the songs. He is quoted as telling reporters:

"The chord progression, the melody, the tempo, the key, the lyrical theme… they're identical."

Morris is keeping track of the madness on his blog, even blogging about a death threat, along with a whole slew of hate mail. It's hard to understand why this is happening, as the two songs sound very much alike.

It is unknown whether RHCP intentionally made the song sound like "Mary Jane's Last Dance." There is still a very fine line between flattery and plagiarism. Neither band has commented on this new allegation.

One can only hope RHCP get burned for releasing such a crappy single.

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  • wow. i just listened to that mp3. it’s a dead nuts ringer….at least the verses.

  • I am hardpressed to disagree. The intro, the verses… that is more than a strong similarity. I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on it myself.

  • Yea, and the opening chords of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” ripped off “Waiting For The Sun” by The Jayhawks.

    Everyone needs to settle down and realize that as far as chord progressions go, THERE ARE NO ORIGINAL IDEAS LEFT. Every song you listen to today can be traced back to another source that did it better.

    In the end, only the lawyers care. A song still has to click with the listener despite “the folk process” that brought it to life.

  • sal m

    i think the spliced song is better than either original.

  • JP, I think it goes a little bit beyond the opening chord progression but I agree it does not take long to get carried away with this sort of thing.

    Sal, “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” is a fabulous song. That’s it- it’s your new intro on BCRadio from now on! =)

  • Vinny

    The two songs sound kind of similar but it is nothing to fuss over.
    Dani California is a very poppy rock song and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” is like Bluegrassy with Harmonica.

  • Didn’t Rick Rubin produce both tracks? He was also an exex producer on the Jayhawks track JP mentions (actual production was by George Drakoulius I believe…)

    Seems to me everyone involved, if they are aware of the similiarities, must be okay with it since they are all part of the same family in that sense…


  • Kevin Davis

    “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” is comprised entirely of chords that one learns within one’s first month of rudimentary guitar lessons. Bearing this in mind, it would be perfectly feasible for a seventh grader – who has never heard *either* song – to randomly stumble across this exact same pattern of very common chords and use it for a song of his own. Chances are these similarities were not intentional. There are twenty-some-odd tracks on the new Chili Peppers disc; clearly, they weren’t short on ideas. It’s not like we’re talking about a direct replica of Beethoven’s fifth; we’re talking about some simpleton chords and some extrapolated similarities in the tune. “Lyrical theme” – please.

    Is this Gaffney person aware that Bob Dylan stole chord progressions, tunes, and lyrics for almost every song of his early acoustic career? How come there aren’t dumbass radio DJs posting masturbatory blogs about that?

  • Guppusmaximus

    Ya know, I have to say as much as I’m not a huge RHCP fan anymore “Dani California” blows the doors off that lame ass Tom Petty song.

  • Rob

    There’s a definite similarity between the songs during the verses, but Dani veers off course during the chorus and bridge, making the song stand on it’s own. The lyrics are all RHCP and Flea’s bass playing and Frusciante’s guitar work are unique as always. I don’t think this is a “Ghost Busters” vs. “I Want a New Drug” issue.

  • andy

    Another thing to mention is that dani california is in the key of C, and tom petty’s song is in G…. this means that the melody is way different, and the chords are close, but not exact (Dminor in RHCP song)…. how come nobody mentioned that?

  • Tom

    It sounds like some small town radio station in Delaware is trying to drum up some website hits. Literally, thousands of songs have the same chord progressions. Give me a break! Both Tom Petty and RHCP are extremely talented and neither has the need to rip the other off. What do you think, RHCP is some kind of new band trying to rip somebody off to make it big? Again, give me a break! Oh yeah, and if you play Dani California backwards, it says “Mary Jane”.

  • andy

    aside from my mention of the fact that the two songs are in a different key…. i love the fact that someone mentioned bob dylan (the best songwriter ever). He’s arguably the most copied artist ever, and he admits that his chord progressions etc are usually taken from or inspired by other songs…. that dj is a moron and that’s the reason the chili peppers nor tom petty have taken the time to respond to his crap

  • And still nobody is noticing the very simple fact that the same guy produced both records?

    “Mary Jane” by Tom Petty?

    “Dani California” By RHCP?

    Common Denominator? Producer Rick Rubin?

    For chrissakes? Helllllllo?

    I may be done in the music business, but I’m not dead okay?


  • Rob

    Their not really that similar, and regardless its a great song

  • Kyle

    How can you say that dani california is a crappy single? Chili peppers have been around for 23 years and have become one of the most talented bands in the world. They do not need to copy other artists music. Even if somethingwas brought up, there both under Warner so nothing will happen. Because there is so many songs in this world, sings do sound similar. Chili peppers lyrics and sound is different from Tom Petty’s. Nothing will happen about this. Let the success of Dani California continue!

  • Penny

    Not quite sure I understand what all the fuss is about. Rihanna does “Tainted Love” all the way to No. 1 with “SOS”. Isn’t that kind of the same thing?

  • LA

    First of all, the Petty song is sped-up which makes the comparison totally biased and unfair. If you just sit down and listen to the two songs in their entirety, they don’t sound alike. And if you still think they do, wouldn’t you have to look at the fact that both songs were produced by the same guy and lay some blame on him? I’m not hating on Rick Rubin, but I don’t think that fact can be overlooked, that is, if you really think the songs sound alike. Personally, I’m not feeling it. Each song totally has its own vibe.

  • Like I said…

  • Aiden


  • V

    itsn ot a rip off total differnt bass riff and johns cards are played a little differnt than thats but what makes it seem like it is is the drum beat i bet if the drum beat was differnt nobody would evan accuse them of anything and once u hear the whole song there is no way its a rip off of mary janes last dance thos radio guys jsut want ratings to there shitty show

  • mike

    same key? the petty song sounds lower and more out of tune to me. they are close, but really, even if they used the exact same chord progression – what’s the big deal? look at how puff daddy’s been around the world ripped off david bowie’s let’s dance.
    or how Vanilla Ice and Ice Ice Baby being a rip off of Queen/David Bowie’s Under Pressure

    This shit’s been going on for years…and I realyl don’t think this is a big deal – they sounds kinda similar but have completely different lyrics, completely different styles. Nobody cared when Shaggy ripped off the bassline for Angel from Steve Miller Band’s Joker. And really this is only “sorta similar” where the others were actually complete note for note rips.

  • Well, I didn’t hear the similarities at first in the two songs until last week when my local radio station aired a bit on this issue. I called in and responded to the debate stating that Pearl Jam had a single a few years back called “Given to Fly” that had many similarities to the song “Going To California” by Led Zep’.

    The bottom line: crazy things happen in music. I’m a musician and I find that many things that I write come from what I hear. I get into modes when I listen to certain artists and the music I write in those times sound influenced by these other artists. Musician’s immitate the sounds in their heads from what they want to hear. Maybe an artist has already played a beautiful progression; it is a melody that can be re-done.

    Any remember the Aerosmith Cover-retraction from back in the day? Or howabout the sticker-over-the-cover for the Marylin Manson album? I personally have ordered 2 more copies of Stadium Arcadium to keep locked away. If this claim comes to fruition, than it will be worth holding on to. If not, there’s always eBay.

  • Phil

    Why would the Chili Peppers need to plagiarise other people, they are more than capable of writing decent songs and still make a bomb on royalties off their old songs. Granted the chord progression is the same, but then anyone who’s even remotely familiar with the blues will know it all has the same chord progressions and usually the same key. The chorus is completely different in each song and the rythm is more laid back in mary jane. As for the lyrical content being similar, both songs are about drugs and women by the soundas of it. Well just add that to nearly every other rock/punk/blues/jazz/soul/pop/reggae/ska….etc song ever recorded.
    And drum beat, they are both in 4/4 timing so no wonder they are a little similar.

  • Kelsie

    I’m a fan of both artists, but I have to take sides with the Chili Peppers. First off, the Chili Peppers have been around years before I was even born, therefore have enough talent and experience to compose their own sound and style, which I find amazing and inspiring. I think the verses in both songs are similar, but not nearly identical, and certainly nothing worth getting worked up over. Tom Petty’s beats and chords are so simple, it’s almost impossible to avoid the similarity with another song.

  • rhcp

    rchp produced an amazing song and didnt copy- cmon do u think they really need too look at there succes b4 the release of “dani california”

  • foobar

    Hmm. Speed up “Mary Jane”, cut out all the parts that _don’t_ sound the same, overlay parts that have no similarities at all, and accuse RHCP of plagiarism.

  • martin

    anoyone else notice the similarities towards the end between petty and the white stripes – fell in love with a girl ? no one made a fuss about that though did they !!?

  • katy

    It sounds like the type of thing that can happen if you listen to a song, and then the next day, without realizing it, you have it going through your head and think you have a new idea for a song. It can happen to anyone, and HAS… a LOT.

  • forget about Dani California and Mary Jane’s Last Dance…I’m not even kidding when I say that their song “Snow” totally steals a riff from LFO’s “The Reason Why”

  • Ahking

    Wow! The chords are exactly the same! *NOT*

    The third Petty chord is D MAJOR
    the third RHCP chord is D MINOR

    Big difference! Seriously.

    I can’t believe anybody believes this DJ. He knows nothing about music. A song is more than chords and tempo anyway. If you listen to the songs separetly, you can hear that they have different souls.

  • Dr. Treez

    Hasn’t anyone on this blog actually heard the full version of Mary Jane’s Last Dance? Apparently not. This Delaware guy is a liar and an asshole. He himself said that among the similarities was the tempo. Listen to the full version of Mary Jane’s Last Dance (you know, the REAL song) and you’ll find that it’s much slower than the one used in this doctored mp3. The guy took the liberty of speeding up the song and has the nerve to go on the air and claim that the tempo was originally the same as the one in Dani California. What a dick.

  • vantage4

    who cares? the final section of “stairway to heaven ” has the same chords as “all along the watchtower,” tons of songs are based on the same chord progressions and every so often two come along that also happen to have similar rhythms. in one of cream’s songs eric clapton ripped off an albert king solo note for note. led zeppelin used ideas from scores of old blues songs. neither of them can be accused of being unoriginal or lacking in creativity. even if you come up with a musical idea by yourself, chances are that by now someone else has done it before. these two songs really aren’t that similar, but even if they were it still shouldn’t be an issue.

  • When I listen to Dani California I certainly do not hear Tom Petty. Sure the sounds may be similar, but if this sounded anything like Tom Petty I would’ve left the album on the shelf. How much payola is Tom Petty giving this guy for free publicity? They’re two totally different songs. Anyone with an ear can hear that.

  • Eric

    This is ridiculous. Listen to that guys track of the two, he doctored it so much to sound similar. He sped up the Tom Petty song and made the drums and bass way more prevalent. They arent as close as his track makes it sound.

  • Joe

    hmm.. google ads, targeted specfic amazon ads… hmmm

    sure are alot of ads on this site

  • pnkroses

    Whoever made this track of comparisons is so stupid! It is obvious that there are some similarities when you listen to the ORIGINAL versions but not the version that is dubbed up that obviously has Tom Petty’s song sped up.(sorry but he does not sing that fast!!) This is such a ridiculous subject and arnt there more important things to worry about in the world rather than if RHCP riffed off of Petty?? come on lets get on with our lives!

  • plllllllll

    screwe the rules… dis the peppers and i hope you burn in hell

  • Dawn

    yeah Joe, it’s called a business, what’s your point?

  • Kraig

    Well I guess Rick Rubin likes doing this kind of thing. Not thats its right. When he started producing Cash, he just had Johnny remake existing songs and made a mint. Cash, as a matter of fact, loved remaking and taking existing tracks and “making them his own”. I say just enjoy a good song in whatever form it takes. Everyone is benefitng if you ask me.

  • knucklefuck

    Same thing with Pepper’s ‘Tradewinds’, a cheap knockoff of UB40’s ‘Bring Me Your Cup’. Homos.

  • Dave

    I agree this wouldn’t really matter if it wasn’t such a crappy song to start with. For those of you who can’t hear the similarities I can assure you they are there. Since I’ve started studying jazz my ear has become more adept at picking such things. Although there are only 7 different notes in every scale to form chords with, which gives not that many chords, especially when you consider that chords like diminished and augmented chords and variations like suspended 2nds and 4ths, and 7ths, which often are hard to use because of their different sound, so the less skilled songwriters are limited to perhaps 12 or 14 chords in each key (though many don’t use that many). Its only natural that after 4 albums of similar music they have run out of chords to use. Perhaps some musical study is in order for these lads to make some more credible music in the future. I can’t see Neil Finn or John Lennon releasing a song like this. Oh well. Maybe the RHCPs will learn somethin from the whole debacle.

  • Trevour

    Who cares? Songs are copied ALL THE TIME. You can find similar melodies amongst and endless number of tunes. Take the same several chords, you can recycle them over and over into something new. They aren’t blatant ripoffs.

    If you want a real ripoff (or homage, maybe?), just compare Oasis’ “Rock ‘N’ Roll Star” with Driveshaft’s (fictional band from TV’s ‘LOST’) “You All Everybody.”

  • steve

    who cares, the peppers haven’t done shit since blood sugar, and never will, they are only good for 1 song a cd now

  • “chile” pepper

    dude , red hot hasnt come with a good album since Californication , give me back my mothers milk !! freakin sellouts …RHCP got no soul left.

    Y aca en chile sonaron como las pelotas


  • Vern Halen

    There’s only so many useful and appealing chord changes. Similar tunes happen all the time – it’s the shading (ie, tempo, key, etc.) and lyrical content that make all the difference in the world.

  • You think this song is bad the way it’s recorded? You hsoulda heard it live at Charlotte a couple of weeks ago…sounded almost like a rap song the way the lyrics came out…really bad! You could definately tell it wasn’t a dubbed performance!

  • LJ

    I wasn’t going to comment (although as a musician some of the comments from other so called musicians make me laugh). I happen to like RHCP and Dani California. I also happen to know Tom Petty and even he doesn’t think the songs are that much alike. But as for #42, Dave, your comment made me laugh more than any other. John Lennon covered Muddy Waters (no, I wasn’t alive, but I know that the Beatles did that). Everyone has some similiar chords and chord progressions and with the real copy cats and absolute ruiners of older songs Rhianna comes to mind, this whole thing is way out of proportion. Try writing a song (or 12 or 30) and then make a comment. Just because you study something doesn’t make you an expert. Try doing it for 10, 15, 20 years and then we’ll take you seriously.

  • Perhaps its a coincidence?
    What?…it happens.

  • Steve UK

    Whats with all the people saying that they don’t like the chili’s because ‘they have sold their souls’ or what not? Who cares if they don’t make another bloodsugar … they have already made one like that, why make another one? That would just be boring now wouldn’t it?

    Some people need to accept that bands move on and like to do something different. If they kept making the same stuff then that would be ‘selling out’. i.e Grow up you scabs!

    PS The songs do sound similar but not similar enough to suggest plagiarism. In England we have never even heard of Tom Petty so we couldn’t care less about him. I think thats why there is such an issue with it, because the chili’s are more popular and all but then who really cares, it’s just another classic wave of anti-chilis that happens everytime they haven’t done an album like bloodsugarsexmagic. Silly silly.

  • Phil

    All these comments about the chillis selling out after blood sugar sex magic are bollocks, since that was just as ‘commercial’ as californication and everything afterwards. Now I’m not saying I don’t like the chilli peppers, I think they are brilliant and recon they will make many more good albums. If you want the so called non sell out albums as they put it they should be talking about the eponymous debut, freaky styly and uplift mofo. Even Mothers milk was produced by rubin!
    However the most important thing is like what my fellow uk bretheren #50 said about waves of anti-chilli peppers. We know more about music than any yank since it is British music that dominates the world music industry, most modern american artists all openly say they are influenced by the british artists of their youth, including RHCP.

  • Addict

    Ya know what they say.

    “No junk no soul”

    Kiedis and Frusciante should start takin H again.

  • E.K.

    Take “When I Come Around” by Green Day, slow it way down, and you get “Glycerine” by Bush.

    Happens all the time. Some songs just sound alike. How come nobody got on Puffy for taking “Kashmir” and just going “Yeah, unhhh” on it and making a “new song” out of it?

  • Troy

    With all the songs that are out there now, there’s bound to be a coincidence of similar songs. I listened to both, and though the beginning sounds a little similar, I don’t see any plagiarism. Just a bunch of bs to me.

  • Lloyd

    Both groups suck anyways!


    Plagiarism is not the act of copying a chord pattern. What is copyrighted in a song is the melody and the words. If the melody line is similar or exactly the same in places, or some of the words appear to have been lifted, or a little of both, then that is where the problem would be. Just a sequence of chords in and of itself is not a protected entity or event.

  • Derek

    The reason no one ragged on Puffy for his “yeah, uh” version of “Kashmir” was because Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin guitarist and fanatic of all things mystical) played guitar on “Come With Me” (the actual name of Puffy’s song). You can’t rip yourself off.

  • Dude

    Does it matter that every Tom Petty song sounds the same? I dunno, but by my estimates, Petty is way overrated. Not to mention the fact that you can listen to a Chili’s album and actually have a sense of journey. Petty, it’s just the same journey every 4 min.

  • Peege

    Ok, I heard about this and decided to check it out.
    Lets get into the mechanics of the song.
    Last Dance With Mary Jane is in the key of A Minor. It contains the verse of 1, 7, 5 chord (intro) and pretty much stays constant with a few Em6’s in their.

    Lets see what Frusciante is doing…

    Chili Peppers are also using a key of Am.
    However, their chord interval is 1, 7, 4.

    So when analyzing this song in terms of plagurizm Thats not going to last a second.

    The chord patterns may sound similar. But they are both very common and used in thousands of songs. Look at green day. You can’t accuse someone of plagurizing because they have the same chord intervals.
    They may have the same key, but theres what…like 7 different common ones (including relative minor / majors)

    Aside from that, Listen to Tom Petty and Listen to Anthony Keidis. Keidis uses different rythmic patterns, and hes 10 times funkier. Plus, Frusiantes’ guitar solo makes the song unique in my oppinion.

  • tom

    im a big fan and i can deny that petty should do something about that

  • no poser

    where on the internet can you listen to Tom Petty’s ‘Mary Jane’ song anyways?

  • no poser

    Actually, Dude hit the nail on the head. Tom Petty does sound the same drone on and on. RHCP actually do take me on a trip. YEah baby!@

  • I love the Chili Peppers new work. I thought they coundn’t top “Under The Bridge” for me, but they have. My advice just enjoy.

  • JOE

    Very similar, but this stuff just pisses me off. People are takin it way overboard with accusing The Peppers of consciously copying Petty. Music has been around for ages, and things like this are bound to happen by chance. It happens all the time, and unless its as obviously blatant as was the Ice Ice Baby/Under Pressure incident, then people need to chill out. I like Tom Petty a lot, but my opinion of him in my mind would be forever tainted if he decides to fall into the hype and press charges.

    Ps.I agree with Aiden–

    And dont say there new stuff isnt the same,
    Stadium Arcadium is RHCP’s greatest album yet, period the end.

  • Travis

    Yeahhhh, what he said. Damn, JOE, my bro, ur stuff is fo sho. Completely agree with everything.

  • Tral-fazz

    Yeahhhh, what he said. Damn, JOE, my bro, ur stuff is fo sho. Completely agree with everything.

  • Pat

    Tom petty has an album commin out this summer..maybe he can get back at the peppers by performing with a sock around his balls

  • Ray Brown

    I don’t hold an allegiance to either but this is just too spooky to be “coincidental”. Even if you overlay the two tracks they might as well be singing a duete! Ruling… Royalties for Petty!…No arguments!

  • Kali

    Wow, so much fuss over a fucking song. Dani California sounds nothing like the original and GOOD version of Mary Janes last dance, and for that fact, I believe Stadium Arcadium is their best album since Californication. I wasn’t a true fan of their old work, because I wasn’t (when i was 10) fond of funk… but now that I’ve listened to Stadium Arcadium I’ve seen a lot of their old work in this album and it’s gotten me to listen to their old work and I really appreciate it.

    Sure, songs sound alike all the time..that doesn’t mean some jackass in some small town has the right to try and hurt a wonderful group’s reputation. 23 years this group has been together.

    THey haven’t pulled a Milli Vanilli Yet. (or however it’s spelled…) And they sure as hell haven’t had the need to blatently plaguerize from somebody like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I hope this guy gets pulled off the radio for his actions. Perhaps if they were only a few months old and hurting for publicity, but 23 years, come on… I’ve heard similitarities in A LOT of music in the 21 years I’ve beeen alive. 8 of which I spent in music lessons from Piano, Guitar, to Vocal..

    We can sit and spaz over who’s more qualified to judge what or where, but the bottom line is, if you don’t like the music, don’t listen to it, if you’ve got something constructive to say, say it. If you don’t, keep it to yourself, why fuel a fire that shouldn’t have been set to begin with?

    Seriously folks, get your priorities in order, it’s a song, they’re a group, it’s music…

    Love it or Leave it.

    (But what do I know, I’m just a stupid girl)

  • emily’s bitch

    1. ”Mary Jane’s Last Dance” is a much more blatent rip on the Jayhawks song ”Waiting for the sun”. 2. Although the similarities are obvious in the first few bars, the overall vibe of the two songs are completely different. 3.”Dani California” shits all over ”Mary Jane’s Last Dance” where soul and energy is concerned. SO to tom PETTY and and all of those PETTY packers out there, YOU’D BEST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

  • It sounds like Sweet Home Alabama.
    Dani Alabama

  • DiedLaughing

    I love how suddenly it’s not an issue of plagiarism, but messages about how Tom Petty sucks and RHCP rulez.heh heh. And some stupid person saying, “Don’t say anything if you’re a Tom Petty fan…Or I’ll i’ll I’ll have a fit!”

    I like both Tom Petty and RHCP, btw. I don’t see either of them ever purposefully copying the other and if you have to break it down into chord progressions, you’re gonna have to go way back.

    Tom Petty won’t do anything about this even if they sound alike. Mark my words. He’s actually one of the good guys.

  • norman mailer


  • I love their song. I don’t care whether or not it sounds like some other song. Who cares? All Rap songs sound alike, but nobody seems to comment on that.

  • Kris

    I agree with Joe and Aiden


    And Kalli Rock on girl you said it all for me

    The guy that said that shit on the radio is a jackass and so is the chick that wrote this page so please Jessa get a life and stop starting shit about one of the greatest bands on the planent. If you need the publicity to get people to check out your page this is not the way all it does is pisses people off and make them hate you. I hope you get whats coming by starting shit about the Peppers cus a try fan never dies

  • Kris

    I agree with Joe and Aiden


    And Kalli Rock on girl you said it all for me

    The guy that said that shit on the radio is a jackass and so is the chick that wrote this page so please Jessa get a life and stop starting shit about one of the greatest bands on the planent. If you need the publicity to get people to check out your page this is not the way all it does is pisses people off and make them hate you. I hope you get whats coming by starting shit about the Peppers cus a true fan never dies

  • Kris

    I agree with Joe and Aiden


    And Kalli Rock on girl you said it all for me

    The guy that said that shit on the radio is a jackass and so is the chick that wrote this page so please Jessa get a life and stop starting shit about one of the greatest bands on the planent. If you need the publicity to get people to check out your page this is not the way all it does is pisses people off and make them hate you. I hope you get whats coming by starting shit about the Peppers cus a true fan never dies

  • Beltane

    Tom freakin Petty rocks beyond whatever trogolodytic and borderline simian comments that were left by those unable to discern good music here. Aside from this, I like both artists immensely (but with Petty soaring miles above the Peppers)and I stinkin like Dani California and the SArcadium album. My feeling is that this is a trumped up charge by the idiotic DJ and Petty probably was told about it but has no intention on actually persuing any legal action against the Peppers. Both artists are great, but certain people shouldnt turn this into a shouting match for who is better, it’s just ignorant to the Nth degree.

  • lil rocker

    The chillis’ are totally awesome and nothing that anyone says can stop that. It sounds nothing like ‘Tom Petty’ and they’re trying to make some argument over a clash of opinions. People are always going to disagree and that’s no reason to put the chillis’ down. They ROCK and you ain’t gonna change that!!!

  • ledsigns

    #53 nobody got on puffy for his kashmir rip off because jimmy paige even played guitar on puffy’s version you dipshit.

  • ledsigns

    #53 do your research better. jimmy paige played of puffy’s version of kashmir so everyone involved knew it was a rip off but didn’t care.

  • ledsigns

    #53 jimmy paige played of puffy’s version of kashmir so everyone involved knew it was a rip off but didn’t care.

  • Jackie

    Listen to Come as you are by Nirvana. Then listen to Eighties by killing joke.

  • buddy holly

    this pisses me of, start accusing bands who deserve to be accused of plagiarism. There are enough crappy hip hop, rap (so called) “artists”who use plagiarism for makin a livin. Every rock ‘n roll band can be influenced by other artists,that doesn’t mean they deliberatly steal melodys or whatever. The crappy dj who is spreading this bullshit around is looking for some attention to advertise his sad crappy show. Tom petty and the peppers rock.

  • arco

    dani california was the first RCHP song I ever heard
    sad huh?
    anyways I didn’t know that RCHP was playing
    I thought it sounded just like sweet home alabama… as for the DM/Dm aspect, the only difference is a sprinkle of F#s in the DM song, so the chord progression is still essentially the same

  • Katelyn

    One of the greatest bands of all time, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, don’t need to rip off some practically unknown pansy guy from the 80’s to get the popularity and fans that they already have. People who accuse them of plagiarism are fu*k-faces that have a surplus of time on their hands with their lame, worthless lives. I’d honestly like to see them attempt to write and play music as good as RCHP. And just as someone said in one of the comments in this article.. Rihanna had her song “S.O.S.” which (which sucked… but that’s not the point) has the exact same melody as Tainted Love. And no one’s bashing her. “Oh gee… it must be a tribute. But NO NO NO, when the Chili Peppers do this, it’s PLAGIARISM because I have no life, and I’m trying to bring down the best band ever that’s been around for 23 years.” I honestly don’t understand dumbasses sometimes.

  • JOsh06



  • Jenifer

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers, are, and have been one of the greatest bands alive, no doubt. They continue to deliver amazing music to the world, and nothing should stop them, especially some Ridiculous controversy, over copying a song of Tom Petty’s. The RHCP’s should live forever and continue to play and great music full of soul and passion. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!
    Anthony Kiedis..Keep up the great vocals, one of the most unique voices ever, you can regonnize his voice, even if you dont know the song, you’ll be like Oh, its the RHCP”S!! ..and Anthony, keep up your hottness. The hottest, sexiest 42 year old i know and will ever be…so RHCP’s keep it up guys, Tom Petty should not get involved with a new amazing album…dont Play around with the RHCP’s..

  • MANDY09

    RHCP”SSSS ARE INCREDIBLE, thats all i have to say, every album made by them is amazing, and They have the hottest singer of all time..yes…ANTHONY KIEDIS!!!! Keep rockin your soul out guys…xo

  • Vivianxo

    Ya know what they say.

    “No junk no soul”

    Kiedis and Frusciante should start takin H again.

    ARE U KIDDING ME? fuck off, whoever said that, thats not somthing to say, yea sure drugs may make you crazy and express your soul more, but the rhcp’s continue to make amazing music, and honestly whoever said this read ANthony Kiedis’s book Scar Tissue and you might understand what hes been through, cause hes amazing and he fought off so much crap through his life and now’s he completly clean and still making great music..yea yea …(RHCP”S xoxo)

  • JPJ

    i agree with everyone that says that it’s just a coincidence. in fact, it’s not a coincidence at all. they are 2 basic chord progressions with a basic rock beat. and not to mention, the bass playing by flea is nothing like the one in the Tom Petty song. and what they say on the radio like how the lyrics are similar, that couldn’t be more than crap. why would the red hot chili peppers want to copy the whole song down to an idea, besides, why would they want to copy the Tom Petty song at all. They are targeting a new audience, younger kids that probably have never even heard of the heartbreakers. and if this really was a big deal, then there would be lawsuits and such. I think Tom Petty can decide better than some lame ass radio talkshow host. and on the other note, the chord progressions aren’t the same either, in the RHCP song it’s Dm and the petty it’s D7. these people don’t know what they are talking about.

  • xorhcpxo

    This is so stupid, people need to stop taking things so seriosly, and just enjoy Music. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are an amazing band. I worked in this store and we had a cd of them playing and like every person that came in was singing along to them. Who dosent like them! This whole problem with Tom Petty, is redioculious. I dont think one of the greatest bands ever would intentionly copy a song.

  • henez

    I think the comment that there are no original ideas left, made by J. P. Spencer is ridiculous. Statistically your point doesn’t hold water, the limitlessness of music means that new songs CAN be made.
    The point made that the Chilis were in no need of extra songs is true: the Peppers had so much material for Stadiuml, they had initially intended to release a TRIPLE ALBUM, Keidis decided it would draw the album out for too long.
    The songs are close, yes. But i’d like to make a CLOSER COMPARISON between the bassline in Road Trippin’ and the main riff in The White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’. Just thought i’d point out that the Chili’s have been ripped off aswell.

  • Austin McBride

    Jessa, when you bomb on RHCP like that you make me sick. Its a business, and RHCP is awesome so lay off.

  • Austin, I’m not the only one to “bomb on RHCP”. You must get sick a lot.

  • aaron

    hey fuck all that shit, why would they try and do that, there would be no reason, the peppers kick ass, and tom petty can suck shit out of my butt,

  • I dont give a fuck if they copied him or not tom is still a dick and RHCP still ownz!!! So leave the ppl and let them do what they do best – make great muzik!!!!!

  • matt

    chilli peppers rules and it doesn’t even soundthat similar, so fuk off.

  • Jacob

    The melody doesnt really change when its in another key. anyone with an hours music theory experience could tell you that. they could also listen to these two songs and tell you that they sound suspiciously alike. and for all you tards who’re saying ‘oh RHCP has been around for 23 years’ guess what? tom petty has been playing music since 1974. wait, what? 32 years? YES! LONGER THAN RHCP! And his songs are still being played. And anyone with a brain can see that the solo from Dani California is also ripped from Purple Haze, admitted by John Frusciante in guitar world magazine. has john gotten so old that he cant think up his own songs anymore?

  • CaliBeezy

    RCHP is one of the greatest bands in the world and all you haters know it so stop bitching!! pelase
    oh and about how they copied “mary janes last dance”.
    even if they did so what!
    tom petty should be happy that they appreciate him by making a slight cover of his song.
    k thanks bye

  • calibeezy

    one more thing…..the song dani california has a story behind it which is ALSO mentioned in by the way and californication

  • Blobb

    This article is bullshit. Tom Petty didn’t accuse them, the songs sound similar but neither party is taking action. How many songs sound similar?

    and Dani Cali isn’t a “crappy single”

  • For one thing, the article doesn’t say that Tom Petty accused them. Secondly, I think that Dani California is not a good single which is just my opinion. In comparison to the other great material that Red Hot Chili Peppers have released, this one doesn’t cut it.

  • Mike Lynch

    I hve played guitar for somewhere around 5 years. I have been Playing the Tom Petty Song: “Mary Janes Last Dance” for around 3. I Have only recently learned the RHCP song: “Dani California”. Where am I going with this you may ask? The chord progression is very similar, but the songs are both definately original.

  • aZn_rhcp_fan

    hey! its not possible these days to thnk up of a new rhytm n shit! its coincedence! its similar but nt the same! n hu the fuk say its crap!

  • richard

    come on why make such a big deal out of this when all rap music sounds the same

  • Shoes

    Oh dear… Bound to happen, as many here have pointed out the tracks are very similar in the way they sound but when you’re playing the same 5 chords over and over in the same way there isn’t much room for decent creativity . I remember when RHCP were an awesome band who could pump out some of the most funky original and raw sounds on the planet. Unfortunately like many good acts they have succumbed to commercialism, lined their pockets and are rapidly spiraling towards mediocrity. Real Shame.

  • Naomi

    Hey listen you fucker-who ever wrote this article can kiss my ass because the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the best band ever. It really hurts us fans when you criticize them like this and when we read this article it is a painful pill for us to swallow. Yeah, so the RHCP has some influences and maybe it could occur to you if you can get it through your fat head that Tom Petty just so happens to be one of them. Yes, I have read an article from John Frusciante and he said that indeed he did get his influence from Tom. But you have no right to do this to them.

  • Jack

    actually i downloaded the original and if u listen 2 the original mary janes last dance and this one on the audio clip the one the audio clip is sped up so looks like someone sped it up so they tampered it didn’t they?

  • Billybob

    My ex old lady had plegiarism once. She had to vist the doc once a week for shots because of all the warts on her crouch. Took her a year before the crouch warts went away. Then we had oral sex. My advice is be careful with sex or you might get that plegiarism stuff.

  • First of all about the only thing you can copyright is lyrics. You cannot copyright chord progressions and even melodies are up for debate according to the copyright laws on account of melodies over certain chords are going to happen in a natural way. The only thing that one needs to worry about is lyrics when it comes to copyrighting. Melodies have to be changed a little but not much on account of the laws.

  • Marcia Neil

    ‘The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ is an album theme; ‘Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ is an album theme. Both originate from the same source and neither of them use mechanical music instruments as recorded. An entire recording can be copyrighted but copyrighted wrongly and illegally so that record factories can fire up their assembly lines and take home paychecks. Been robbed, original music snatched and mass-marketed? See the Motown entry describing the voice-recording machines once popular as a way to save your own voiceprints. There should be a library of sound spectrographs in the FBI that show the similarities and differences among vocal frequencies and instrument-music frequencies for all marketed music; each theme uses different frequencies but no music requires mechanical instruments. Some people inspired the music and are therefore hauled onto stage? Performers are not plagiarists, they are only performers — same as practising a piece in music class.

  • Mark

    The person who wrote this article is an idiot. A “crappy single,” the RHCP are one of the best who’ve ever lived, and the song has a similar rhythm but that’s it, not the same lyrics or anything and DC kicks the hell out of MJLD, if you listen to both of them in their entirety they’re totally different songs. Of course maybe TP influenced them but what’s wrong with that? Sueing them for having a similar beat, that’s retarted. And what’s this? If you do a little research you’d find out they have the same producer.

  • Mary

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion yes? However, calling someone an idiot just because you disagree with them is unacceptable. (Note the “personal attacks are NOT allowed” at the top there?) To be honest, ‘Dani California’ was one of the weaker singles released by RHCP. If you honestly believe that they are the greatest band who ever lived, you’re missing a lot of other great music out there. Having the same producer doesn’t mean anything. Big deal. So can we expect that Metallica’s new album will sound like BSSM because Rick Rubin is producing? No. It doesn’t mean anything. It is good that nothing came out of this, as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But I don’t think that RHCP should be getting accolades for an album and single that is mediocre at best.

  • They are VERY similar. To me, the fact that it’s the same chord progression is not really that big of a deal. But, if you mix that with the fact that it’s played using the same strumming pattern, that makes it quite a bit worse. I’ve never been a huge fan of the RHCP though, and Tom Petty is my favorite artist of all time. So, I’m a little biased when it comes to this.

  • Dickman


  • dawn

    back in 2002 the RHCP stole one of my songs(“the zephyr song”, (I am an little-known female singer/songwriter) I talked to an attorney about it, who said he knew that in years prior, the RHCP stole the song “under the bridge” from another little-known female singer/songwriter.) They have nothing original, they never had and I’m glad nobody gives a hoot about them anymore!

  • NWCoast

    MMAANN! Plagiarism?! Chilli Peppers are too good and smart for that. If anything its a case of “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” Paying homage to a great with equal but different greatness! People get all uppity way to quick. Enjoy the track. Its not like they butchered it. Its amazing. Petty prolly thinks so to. He’s got a good ear.

  • Don

    first off, it’s not a crappy single, second off, the red hot chili peppers are just as original as tom petty, and thirdly, the chord prog means nothing

  • Anthony

    John did not rip off the solo from purple haze because he can’t come up with new stuff, he made it sound similar in honour of him. The chords aren’t even the same and just saying, this is now a 6 year old song, and it is still one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. You write an original song, and if I heard it, I would be able to find a song that sounds like it. Now as a bass player myself, I write a lot of riffs influenced by probably the best bass player of all time, Flea. They sound like something he would play, and sometimes an alternate version of what he has already played. Nothing is 100% different.