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Red Green Retrospective

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I’m watching the Red Green retrospective on CBC (yes, I do have a membership at Possum Lodge, why do you ask?) and they had a commercial for a laser-guided circular saw with protective laser goggles. I figured it was part of the special. And then I realized it wasn’t. I’m disappointed they didn’t call it “Saw, Mr. Bond“.

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  • I always found this show pretty damn funny. As someone who has spent some time living in Maine (father is a ‘Nard) it is oh so accurate!

  • How come canadians and brits can come up with great shows like this and we are stuck with SNL?

  • Bryan to be fair SNL was good for quite a while, unfortunately the dead horse is being beaten to a pulp. What will be really neat is when they finally get SCTV out on DVD.