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Recall Election Day photos

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Well, I did what I could to stop it. Here are some photos from this historic day.

And now on to the next project: Recall Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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  • This is really pathetic.

  • Taloran

    Excellent! Thanks for keeping us informed, Brian! I would have been unable to sleep tonight without those photos.
    All is truly well in the world.

  • As pathetic as the current recall. Not as much fun, I suppose, when the shoe is on the other foot. I still stand opposed to recalls on principle, but I do love the irony.

  • “Because I just don’t like him”


  • Eric Olsen

    Brian, you crack me up.

  • NC

    ROCK ON, BRIAN! This grassroots democratic movement to oust a governor who’s steered the state into economic catastrophe must be avenged post haste!

    Come on, Californians. Let’s get that big dumb right-wing animal out of there before he has the chance to do anything. “Fuck fair chances: Recall Schwarzenegger today!”

  • tarazzi

    hi, i just want 2 say that i luv patrick so much. holaaaaaa.patrick please get this, i luv you. im your greatest fan.