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If you use the popular Reason program (as I frequently do) to record software-driven virtual synthesizers, Propellerhead Software has an update that contains a variety of simulated vintage instruments, including the following instruments:

Wurlitzer EP100
Wurlitzer EP200
Fender Rhodes MK I (tubed)
Rhodes MK II
Hohner Pianet T
Hohner Clavinet D6
Hammond Model A

…Because guitarists aren’t the only musicians who like the sound of old gear.

Of course, a big part of Reason’s success has been the flexibility of its modular design. The GUI is a virtual equipment rack, into which several different synthesizers, samplers and loop-playing programs can be plugged into and rearranged at will. You can even hit a key on your computer keyboard, and flip the rack over, and rearrange the virtual wiring. Beginners get sounds quickly and easily, and experts find the GUI infinitely flexible.

Kurt Kurasaki’s new book, titled Power Tools for Reason 2.5, highlights a variety of ways the components can be arranged–some of his suggestions are conventional, some are a bit arcane, but all are worth experimenting with, especially with some of the features included in the last update to Reason, version 2.5. The book is bundled with a CD-ROM of additional patches for Reason, and also audio files of his tips in action.

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  • rick thomas

    i bought a copy of power tools for reason 2.5 . can anybody tell me how to use the chart on page 161 .its a redrum pattern steps 1-16 chart . i know how to use the redrum computer but i can understand this gragh. thanks rick