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Really Really Good: Underground Rock Crusaders

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Good to go for another post or so, the never late, always great Really Really Good show is back online! Just in time to hit you with the latest info on the wire, and future deals to transpire. The greatest post in the galaxy goes into orbit with news from Rock The Bells, Al Sharpton, UGK, and HipHop.net, a quick list of hip-hop blogs to watch for. Buckle in for blast off!

The Big Question: Are rap artists responsible for the explosion of gang culture?
By Ed Ceasar

Recent report says black youth need new role models. They urge for a shift from rap stars and sport celebrities as role models to businessmen, lawyers, and professionals.
The report points to gang culture, Hip-Hop, lyrical content, and imagery all linked together with detrimental effects. The British study is well worth the read as it ultimately asks “Is Hip-Hop a bad influence?”

Rock The Bells 2007
The tour that’s being called the "Woodstock of Hip-Hop", Rock The Bells is winding through America with it’s heavy duty line up. For the next month, the juggernaut concert will bring household Hip-Hop names to America, with acts from The Roots, Public Enemy, Nas, and David Banner joining headliners The Wu-Tang Clan and Rage Against The Machine. Try to catch the show when it rolls through your town, and check the links below for more info. If you plan on going to the San Bernadino show, you might want to go over the checklist, found floating around on MySpace.

San Bernardino Do's and Don'ts

Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen Venue Policy
There is no reentry for this event.
Recommended Items: Hats, a light jacket, and sunscreen.
Items that you can bring: One 20 oz. bottle of water (unfrozen), disposable cameras, ear plugs, unopened packs of cigarettes, and chap stick.

The following items will not be allowed into the venue:
Alcoholic beverages
Outside food and beverages
Audio and video recording devices
Blankets, towels, flags
Any camera besides a disposable camera
Cans, bottles, or any hard containers
Illegal contraband
Laser pointers
Lawn chairs
Open containers of any kind
Spiked accessories
Umbrellas or parasols
Any weapon or sharp objects
Pepper spray

Picthfork Media Coverage
Speaking of Wu, RZA can be seen in a video from The Hip-Hop Chess Federation, also found online at MySpace.

Al’s Crusade
Rev. Al Sharpton is continuing his campaign to clean up lyrics in music. On August 7th, Sharpton organized protest that stretched over 20 US cities. The “Day of Outrage” was held by Sharpton’s National Action Network, and saw protest in Los Angeles, New York, Houston, Detroit, and many more cities. Sharpton has called for more stringent rules regarding the words and imagery depicted in many rap songs. Read more about the issue below.

Rev. Al Sharpton leads protest over rap lyrics

Al Sharpton Continues War On Rap Lyrics, Calls For End Of Gov't Funds To Labels

Al Sharpton + Hip-Hop Music = Political Showdown

Major Collaborations
Universal recently joined forces with Loud.com, with a merger that will see the competitors joining forces. UMG will be a key investor behind the new website, extending the major labels presence online. The popularity of Loud.com and their online talent search will be a nice bonus for Universal, with the possibility of future artist signings as a side feature. Hey, online promotions worked for Sean Kingston, it could work for you too. Check out Loud.com for more.

Return of the Kings
Southern rap hero Bun B and Pimp C are Underground Kingz. To those new to Hip-Hop music, the name may pass you as some backpacker, lower level group. The name betrays how major they are, as their influence reaches to almost every rapper out today.

With literal underground hit already behind them, UGK formally introduced themselves to the world on Jay-Z’s monster hit “Big Pimpin’”.  After that we saw Bun B rapping on over literally hundreds of guest appearances while his partner/main producer Pimp C did a bid, with UGK on the minds of B-Boys worldwide. While Pimp was away, the mantra in the streets and Hip-Hop quickly became “Free Pimp C”. Now that he is back in the studio with Bun, they have completed a massive 2 CD album, filled with amazing new music, and over 30 minutes of videos. The DVD documentary features interviews with Jazze Pha, Mike Jones, DJ Kut, Yung Buck, DJ Clue, Sway, Talib Kweli, Pit Bull, Rick Ross, David Benner, Young Jeezy, Big Boi, Mannie Fresh, Three Six Mafia and Lil Wayne.

UGK is off to a good start with "International Players Anthem," and "Stop-N-Go" burning up the mixtapes.  The good folk at Jive have this nice little audio player, with the entire album and videos. Check them out and stay tuned for more from UGK!


Heres a quick run down of some of the top Hip-Hop websites that are up on the net, in no particular order. Some you know, others you should get to know. More to come soon.

Nah Right
Fam-Lay, Keith Murray, Talib Kweli, N.O.R.E. freestyles and more are currently on the main blog page.

One of the landmark Hip-Hop sites out there, partially thanks to illseed and his hip-hop quotable Rumor page. The news section is always quick with the latest headlines and they bless you with some music, interviews and videos for good measure. Oh yeah, the bulletin pages get hectic too.  One of the first look to sites in Hip-Hop.

Hip-Hop Game.com
This is where you go to listen to all the new songs, period. The streaming player holds down the audio, so you are free to listen to tons of mixtapes cuts, new tracks, and radio spots from everyone in the game. The interviews, blog post and journal entries are a nice touch, with journals by Skyzoo, Killer Priest, 9th Wonder, Strong Arm Steady, DJ Babu and tons more.

Current Top 10 songs at Hip-Hop Game.com
italics = song plays
50 Cent Vs Cam'ron – 126555 Live on the Air Hot 97
Lil Wayne – 89937 Something You Forgot
T.I. f/ Jay-Z – 84842 Watch What You Say
Jadakiss – 78949 In the Trap House
50 Cent, Styles P, Angie Martinez – 77742 Hot 97 Interview
Lil Wayne – 75948 "I Feel Like Dyin"
Lil Wayne – 71128 "Married To The Block"
Lil Wayne – 69102 "Let's Talk It Over"
50 Cent – 68830 "I Get Money"
Lil Wayne – 65587 "Hip-Hop Legend"

The well known magazine has an impressive web presence, with articles and behind the scene photos of cover shoots, exclusive music and videos, and a news section that should be added to your Google reader.

Current highlights at the site include the Lil Wayne and Baby cover shoot, coverage on their 1998 Man of the Year award winner Master P. Byron Crawford is alway on point with his Saturday Night Workout, another extension to his blog empire. The video section has Jay-Z exposed, Nas, Ice Water feat. Raekwon, and Chammillionaire's AOL freestyles. The Eye Candy section is top notch as well with appearances by Flavor Of Love's Deelishis and Hoopz.


The West Coast super site is the first source for all things west side! The media section is packed tight with podcast, new and rare audio, videos, and more. 2Pac, Snoop, DPG, DJ Quik, Roscoe, The Game, Crooked I, Traxxamillion Feat. San Quinn, Huslah & The Jacka, Young Joker Feat. Eastwood & Meech Wells, Planet Asia, The Fixxers, Dilated People, and more westsiders are in the audio/video sections, with interviews from many of the same artist. Peep game at DubCnn.

This site is a newer player in the online Hip-Hop game. With it's recent affiliation to the Rock The Bells tour, and their upcoming site site launch, IAHH looks to be avery intense website. The site will feature user profiles similar to MySpace of Facebook where you can upload your content and network with other users. The video section promises to be deep with exclusives from major artist as well as underground emcees and DJs, breakers and graf heads. Keep your eye out for IAMHIPHOP.com.

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