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Really Really Good: The Rough Diamond Life!

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Welcome to another edition of Really Really Good, the flyest feature column on the flyest blog site around! Glad you could make it. In case you are new here, this is basically a spot for me to catch you all up to speed on the spectacular adventures I have been blessed to stumble across.

I dedicate this page to sharing with you, my good hood folkerinos and Internet hounds, all the best coverage I can possibly muster. I have a bad habit of being late to class, but when I do arrive, my projects usually get straight A's, so bear with the kid as I do my homework!

With that said, class is in session. Today's lesson is on the art of crafting precious stones. Watch closely, as I drop a major gem on you right now!

Okay party people, the contest is officially over and the winners have been chosen. Thank you all for participating and stay tuned to Blogcritics.org and Really Really Good for more cool contest giveaways this week!

Don't forget to tune into The Cyber Mix Tape Show for more chances to win gifts. Winners are announced on our show as well, so tune in every Wednesday night at 8pm PST and Friday night at 9pm PST. The Cyber Mix Tape Show is part of the Blogcritics Radio Network!

Loud.com Giveaway Bag:

Antique Ngarmsupsin – La Verne, CA
Aaron Richardson – San Antonio, TX
Michael Kimrey – Doylestown, PA

Chingy Hate It Or Love It CD Winners:

Jim Burnham – Belmont, MA
Talitha Lee- Phonix, AZ
Vicki Wurgler – Fargo, ND

The International Hip-Hop Showcase, Part Two

Well, what can I say? We tried. I mean we really tried to make it happen. Last Friday was supposed to be the live broadcast from On The Rox, the upstairs venue of The Roxy. The spot was packed early, and emcees from all over the world descended in on the world famous rock venue. As soon as I arrived, I met up with 3rdi, EV, and Matt, and began to set up the gear. The one major fear I had was not being able to get a wireless signal out of the club. I was assured it would not be a problem, but I know how that usually goes.

Sure enough, as soon as I got the laptop fired up and tried to connect online, BAM! – no signal. I moved around the club looking for a hot spot, cursing. Nothing by the stage, no connection behind the DJ booth, no single at the end of the bar. Nothing. Then finally, I got one bar…in the stairwell.

The signal got really strong at the bottom of the stairs by the door. Before I could even try to connect any further, the door people were on me. They told me I had to clear the stairs and could not do the show there, as if that were even an option. So I stomped back upstairs, put the laptop away and enjoyed the show. Bataka Squad, Rah P, Da Negus, and Leggezin Fin tore the club down and showed the packed audience of Hip-Hop heads, with close to three hours of international rap.

I am very upset that the show didn't happen, but all is not lost as I will have all of the acts on The Cyber Mix Tape Show very soon. I say very soon, as we are going through some severe tech issues and such on our end. So we would like to focus your attention on some of our past shows instead, while we prepare some amazing segments for the near future.

Cyber Mix Tape Show Archived Sets

Prodigal Sunn & Trek Life Interview

Come Into Soul-Interview with Landy Shores, guitarist from RAMP ("Daylight" "Everybody Loves The Sunshine")

Prop. 215-Interview with Bruce Margolin, Esq.

The Word On The Street

The early days of 2008 are off to a bang with tons of product hitting the street, giving music fans a full dose of goodness! My personal in-boxes are crammed and I am diggin' through all the memos and press releases, trying to catch up.

I forgot to tell you all about my date with JhaVoice, as we went to see "Fool's Gold." I love the perk journalists and bloggers have, getting to see movies and concerts for free! Since some of the work bloggers do is Pro bono, getting back stage passes to Jay-Z is a huge benefit, much better than some jacked up medical plan I'd never actually use. The early showing of Fool's Gold was such a prize for me, and Ms. Voice seemed to enjoy it as well. I will speak more on the movie soon.

I'm still diggin' through the new book, If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer. I have to be honest, I had to put it down after a while. It is an interesting book, but in a weird way. Since it is reported to be in the words of OJ Simpson, it is a chilling re-telling of the famous murder case. I have picked it back up and will have more details for you soon, but for now I suggest you take a look at it. It might be the topic of one of the upcoming Cyber Mix Tape Shows as well, so stay tuned for that.

Diamonds In The RoughI plan on doing more book reviews as well, since I have so many new friends in the publishing world! There are tons of great titles out that I want to check out, and will bring you the full rundown on them soon. I still have plans for the Merging With Monsters book discussion at Cyber Mix Tape Show, so get your library cards ready. The Really Really Good Book Club is on the way!

Shouts to Mr. Choc, DJ Hopa, Candice, and the whole crew at Funky Lemonade! Choc is one of cornerstone DJS in Los Angeles, as he has held it down on the wheels of steel with The World Famous Beat Junkies, and on FM radio for years!

I had a taste of the Funky Lemonade that everyone is talking about (a sweet mix of vodka and red bull, with a dash of lemonade to even it out) and held the bar down, as Choc & Hoppa tore the roof off Zanzibar, blending new school R&B hits with 80's pop and soul! After an hour of serious beats and a dangerous third lemonade, we made our exit, but not before saying goodnight to Choc, hopefully we can get him on our show soon as well so stay tuned!

Thursday, February 14th 3:50 pm
Friday, February 15th 10:45 pm (Photography Showcase 8:30 – 10:30 )

PAFF.org (Pan African Film Festival)
Magic Johnson Theaters
4020 Marlton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90008

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