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Really Really Good: The Festivus Adventures Of St. Nickalicious!

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Ho, to the ho, to tha hizz-o! Merry Festivus to you and yours, on this holiday weekend! As we approach Xmas, we here at the Really Really Good shop have been swamped! Our Holiday Giveaway Contest has wrapped up and we wrapped up about 50 prizes last week alone! Truth be told, I do still have a handful of items that I need to get sent out, so some of you might get your presents a day to two late. What can I say, it's hard out here for a Nickalicious!

I have so many winners that I thought it was only right that I post them here at BC and thank you all for signing up! It has been a lot of fun and I plan on bringing monthly giveaways to our readers! I have a few goodies ready right now as well, including more tickets to Kymani Marley in Utah and Colorado. Talk about ending the year with a bang!

So with no more delay, I give you the goodness!

Here is a partial list of some of our Holiday Giveaway Contest Winners! Congratulations to everyone and thanks again for entering!

Courtesy of Greenleaf & Associates:

The Family Holiday DVD
Alyssa Schankman, Newtown CT / Patricia Genova, Elmont NY / Josie Cramer, Lafayette LA / Shelley Shepherd, Phoenix AZ

Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen DVD
Caryn Bailey, Sunland CA / Julie J Donahue, Roswell, NM / Betty Rood, Florala, Alabama / Bill Jensen, Waterloo, IA

A Tad of Christmas Cheer DVD
Brendon Green, Albany, NY / Betty Gill, Florence, Al / Katrina Thatcher -North Augusta, SC / Karen Free, Hartselle AL

Subscription to To Think Is Human online magazine!
Rhonda Rosser, Atlanta GA / Che Vaughn, Macon GA / David Schultz, Denver CO

Courtesy of Sterling Publishing:

Good Housekeeping Cookbook
Ali Gutierrez, Saint Johns FL

Christmas Tree In A Box
Jack Palmer, Petoskey MI

Tony Bennett in the Studio
Richard Titanic, Honolulu HI

Sacred Earth: Places of Peace and Power by Martin Gray
Stephanie Griffin, Orlando, FL

Moby Dick: A Pop Up Book by Sam Ita
Karin Cauley, Lancaster CA

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics:

Glenn Barr Hell's Proprietor Vinyl Figure
Rita Singleton, Reno NV

Little Miss Monster
Naomi Shapiro, Wichita, KS

Lil' Leona Leopard
Allegra Ashley, North Miami Beach, FL

Devilish Dolly
Eugene Mortensen, San Francisco, CA

Penny the Pirate
Jim Cincinello, Bloomingdale, Illinois

Latin Divas of Comedy DVD
Michael Swiderski, New Hampshire / Annie Sinkey, Atlanta GA / Henry Gardner, Ozark MO / Steven Tango, Medford, MA / Melvin Hays, Jacksonville, FL

Courtesy of EMI Capital:

Songs of Rodeo & Country/Life As A Rodeo Man by Chris Le Doux
Pam Cassel, Mesquite, TX / Cindi Hoppes, Edwardsville, IL / Arlene Eisenhower, Hendersonville NC / Mary Sheets, North Platte, NE / Amanda Gamble, Columbus, OH
Connie Hutmacher, Dickinson ND / Betsy Leiss, Wallingford CT / Maureen Morra, Lecanto, FL

Chris Le Doux Sings Western Country – Cowboys Aint Easy To Love
Becky Bailey, Edmond, OK / Susan Cahill, Niagara Falls NY / Clifton Wade, Lexington, NC / Heather Cowley, Orlando, FL / Jenny Ham, Topeka KS / Jason Fiske, Midlothian, VA / Kim McHughes, Pensacola FL / Patricia Hill, Palestine TX

Queensryche Sign Of The Times Collection
Lisa Davis, Bangor ME / Audrey Burke, Seminole FL / Sheila Marcucci, Hermitage, PA
Michel Brooks, Auburn WA / Teresa Crosswhite, Martin City MT / Loren Palmer, Winter Haven FL / Debbie Criss. Lyons IN / Jodene Gildea, South River New Jersey / B Sue Wilkerson, Crocker MO

Lee Greenwood American Patriot CD
Joyce Newkirk, Wilmington NC / Rhonda Laney, Fairview UT / Michelle Carter, Bass Harbor ME / Sara Hauser, River Ranch FL / Leonard Ball, Stearns KY / Randy Russell, Denton TX /

Roy D. Mercer Double Wide Vol. 1, The Best Of How Big ‘a Boy Are Ya? Vol 1 & 2
Noreen Landaverde, Puyallup WA / Jill Miller, Lexington KY / Shelley Shepherd, Phoenix AZ / Mary Casper, New Tazewell TN / Kim McHughes, Pensacola FL / Kristen Hendricks, Milltown, NJ / John Iavarone, Albany NY / Suanne Giddings, Fort Worth, TX / Auriette Lindsey, Pensacola, FL / Millie Campbell, Poplar Bluff, MO / Terry Kitts, Ceredo, WV / Angelo Luizzi, Albany NY

The Best Of Westside Connection: The Gangsta, The Killa and The Dope Dealer
Amelia Solomon, Albany NY / Tamikii Young, Birmingham, AL

Dr. Hook Greatest Hits
Nikkie Skies, Los Angeles CA / Kat McClintock, Masury OH / Shawna Williams, Visalia CA / Kim Fenner, Maysville OK / Beverly Westmoreland, Cowpens SC / Gary Watts, Attica KS / Tammy O'Hagan, Thornton, WV / Cheryl Mathis, Edgar Springs, MO / Aaron Martin, Aurora CO

Courtesy of Paramount Home Entertainment:

Girlfriends: The Second Season DVD
Jim Cincinello, Bloomingdale, IL / Paul Keyser, Tallahassee, FL / Aimee Fontenot, Thibodaux, LA / Roxann Trexel, Hodgenville KY / Deana Jenkins, Las Vegas NV
Tom Fantame, Santa Ana CA / Harriett Talford, Lancaster SC / Susan Caldwell, Reedsport OR

I Love New York: The Complete Unrated First Season
John Brown, Lubbuck TX / Don Ron of ZooLA, Los Angeles CA / Melissa Gaugert, Apple Valley MN / Sonya Carter, Atlanta GA / William Priest, Schenectady NY

Everybody Hates Chris: The Second Season DVD
Alka Parwani, Burlington MA / Kaitlyn Cusick, Massapequa NY / Geraldine Rodriguez, Boca Raton FL / Julie J Donahue, Roswell NM

Pitbull The Boatlift CD
Fred Holmes, Spring TX / Lynn Conroy, Rio Rico AZ / Jessica Mui, Bartlett IL / Tonya Martinez, Carmichael CA / William Mullen, Noblesville IN

More winners will be posted soon — make sure you listen in to The Cyber Mix Tape Show for weekly winner announcements and the the early word on our future contest!

The Airing Of Grievances

Frank Costanza: And at the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!

I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you're gonna hear about it.

Okay, this is kind of the exact opposite of that, but it works with the theme so lean with it, rock with it. A long time ago, in a Really Really Good post far way, I posted on of my first articles here at Blogcritics, entitled Karma aka Bad Businessmen. I was basically venting about a music distribution deal I had with 101 Distribution. At the time my project fell through the cracks at their company as they went through internal problems. I soon found several articles that mentioned projects with 101 that went bad. Since I had personal similar experiences with the company, I dug into the story with a vengeance and called them out on it, for my Airing Of Grievances celebration. Imagine my surprise years later, when I get an email from the head of 101 Distributions himself!

Seems like he finally stumbled across my article, thanks to a zealous intern, and wanted to clear some things up. After a few emails and phone calls, we were able to come to an agreement and he made good on all my past projects and money owed! All thanks to my little ranting post on Blogcritics! Yeah, it took a few years and management changes at the company, but in the end our grievances were heard and taken care of. I plan on having Damon from 101 Distribution on The Cyber Mix Tape Show in January. Hopefully we can go into more detail about 101 Distribution's past, present and future.

I for one, am glad to see such a Festivus miracle take place in front of my eyes! Thanks again to Damon for finding me!
The Feats Of Strength!

Make sure you tune in to our new online radio series, "The Cyber Mix Tape Show", Wednesdays 8 PM PST and Fridays 9PM PST! If our live time slot is too late for your online taste, you can always listen to our archived broadcast or download the show to your iPod!

In addition to sitting with some incredible guests and listening to new exclusives, we will continue the giving spirit of the holidays throughout the year! Our live callers will receive great gifts and promo swags, as well as get to talk to us and our guests. Subscribe to our feed and catch all the live Wednesday mix sets by DJ Shiro! (Dub Heds LA/Bar 107). Tune in to us in 2008 as we continue to flex our muscles and tighten our grip on the Web 2.0 and beyond!

Take a listen to our interview with Andrew Lojero, the man behind Art Don't Sleep Presents From L.A. With Love CD. We played some clips from the album and spoke to Andrew about how it all came together, working with Nathan Yell and Madlib, and much more. We were also joined by LA Hip-Hop promoter Swess (Chinkey Eyed Friday) and photographer/director Eric Voake.

If that's not enough, then feast your ears on "The Winner's Circle" segment, and listen to DJ Shiro chop it up and work it out on the Pioneer CD decks, live in our makeshift studio. Shiro ripped it with this amazing live DJ set as I nursed a nasty head cold. Featuring music from Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan, Mr. Lif, Mobb Deep, OHNO (Dr. No) and live impromptu performances by JhaVoice! Give it a listen and stay tuned for more live sets on Wednesday nights!

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