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Really Really Good: The All Star Block Party

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Going hard in the paint, it’s your favorite b-boy blogger, El Q the Gr8! One of the biggest weekends in NBA just passed us in Las Vegas. If your were not one of the ballers, shot callers, party people and the rest of them in Sin City, you should have thrown your own all star party and started the revolution! 

Peace to everyone who stayed and partied in L.A. this All Star weekend. I might have bumped next to you and spilled your drink at the Mor Bar, The Standard, Saddle Ranch, Avalon on Sunday with DJ Chris Cox spinning the house jams,  or LAX the same night with DJ AM & DJ Z-Trip doing it real big. My apologies, it’s all good, so kick back and if I bump into you again, drinks are on me!

Don't forget about the Circle of Light Independent Women In Music showcase at The Celebrity Centre! Tickets go on sale next week and new artists have been added to the bill. For more info on that, check my sister site, Canhead.Wordpress.com. In the meantime, check these various links and goodies that are floating around the net.

The 17th Annual Beverly Hills-Hollywood NAACP Theater Awards

sponsor flyer 2-1-2007Actress Minnie Foxx was selected as a host and presenter at The 17th Annual Beverly Hills-Hollywood NAACP Theater Awards. The highly celebrated event took place on February 19th at The Director’s Guild of America on Sunset Blvd.

Ralph Harris, Tachina Harris, Chandra Wilson, Brian McKnight, Michael Duncan, Larenz Tate, and Minne Foxx were just a few of the night's many presenters and performers, all out in support of the achievements of African Americans in theater.

Click on the picture on the right to visit the Beverly Hills NAACP website for more info. Click to the link below to view a video clip on the history of the event.

Windows media movie clip


Usher Raymond Among Naacp Theatre Awards Honorees: He'll be recognized for his work on broadway in Chicago from Eurweb.




Join Red.com

Spoken word artist Tantra is a long-time friend of Canhead/Kayaro, and she is one of the featured artists on the Join Red Video Wall. The video wall webpage has clips from artist and celebrities from Nelson Mandela, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, 50 Cent and many more, as they raise awareness and funds for The Global Fund, to help fight AIDS in Africa. Tantra is a very accomplished poet, as she is a published author, and was the first featured poet at Def Poetry Jam.com.

Tantra has a new CD titled Sacred and it's filled with some of her original poetry pieces, set to music. Check out her video spot "Scarlet Waters" at the (Red) site by clicking on the links below. Tell her Q sent you!

55Tantra on (RED) Video wall

Booking and media inquiries by Debra Williams, Diamond and Company.

Andrew Victim Gets Power After 15 Years

What makes her story amazing is that the hurricane which put her in the dark was Andrew, almost 15 years ago, and she's been living without power to her house since August 24, 1992.

Joe Rogan Vs Carlos Mencia

I had a set at the comedy store Saturday night, and after I closed, I was bringing on the next comedian, a guy named Kirk Fox that works for Carlos Mencia.

I introduce him saying that he's a funny guy, and that he opens on the road for Carlos "Menstealia." That’s the name we call him at the comedy store, and of course Carlos doesn't like it one bit.

Carlos was apparently in the room when I said this, and the perfect combination of ego and timing made him decide that this was the night to put his foot down. As I got off stage and headed towards the back of the room, he grabbed the mike away from Kirk, and said that I was too much of a pussy to say that shit to his face. Which to me, is something akin to the hottest girl in the world daring you to fuck her while you're standing there in her bedroom naked with a boner.

Of course I had to disagree with him, and I decided to get onstage with him and have this "meeting of the minds" as it were. On video, and for the whole world to see via the internet.


You can check Joe’s website for more words from the man himself. Stay tuned for more news soon. The last time I checked, Carlos Mencia’s name was on the front sign at The Comedy Store. I’m still waiting for the double billing between Joe and ‘Los, it should make for a hell of a night, sort of like hip-hop meets wrestling with stand up thrown in for good measure.

So, now I'm banned from The Comedy Store.

My agent dropped me because of the Carlos™

Carlos Mencia Claims Copyright Infringement On Comedian Who Accuses Mencia Of Stealing Jokes – from Tech Dirt.com

Carlos response to the incident on Mix 94.1 “Mark & Mercedes in the Morning” radio show

Alabama assistant basketball coach Tom Asbury picks his nose and devours it on national television.

Escalation: 1968 war protest short by Disney animator – from Boing Boing. heck this video

3 Year-old Boy Found Dead in Septic Tank
Within the next 48 hours, it was becoming a national story, Meehan said. Suddenly, the foot search was pulled at the end of that time period. It shifted from a missing child search to a criminal search because nothing turned up in surrounding neighborhoods. The boy's body was found within hours of the criminal search.

The Real Hustle: Credit Card Cloning

Audio/Video Hookups

MIMS- "This Is Why I'm Hot"

Quote from MIMS: "If you listen to the record, I've got a bit of everything in there," says the Washington Heights, New York-based MIMS. "I'm showing love to all the different regions."
"As an artist I want people to expect the unexpected," he says. "Don't think for one minute that I am going to come this way all the time. You'll hear one record and go wild – 'Wow. He did that ?' I want people to listen to the album and expect the unexpected because this is only the beginning. It is going to get better than this."



Music Is My Savior
Release Date: April 3, 2007

Stephen Marley – “Traffic Jam” video

PR Quote from Stephen Marley

'Traffic Jam' come off of an incident that happened with me and Julian, an incident with some police. After it, I went straight to the studio and we were doing some dub plates. And dub plates, you just kind of freestyle and that was how that came about, just talking about what happened. So 'Traffic Jam' wasn't really a song on the album, it was an interlude with just me, short.

From the new Mind Control album-release Date: March 20th

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