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Really Really Good: Super Festive Holiday Edition

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Coming in from the cold, it's another long overdue, fresh brew from your favorite B-Boy blogger, El Q. As we rapidly approach the end of the year, the holidays loom as most of us look into our ever tightening wallets with fear and gloom. Gas prices fall and politician's seem small, as governor's are caught red handed, bail outs are debated, and the economy continues to take a dive, just in time for the winter! Good thing we got the internet and good old fashioned Hip-Hop to help us escape the storm and keep your hearts and minds warm!

Instead of reflecting back on the events we have just been through, I thought I'd give you a fresh pile of worthwhile links, videos and assorted goodness. A nice mix of megabits ranging in topics from Twitter tips and tricks, music industry news, and random gigs worth of google able goods. With no further adieu, here is another heaping dump of cyber funk, from the king of the online thump, Q.Rock639. Links thrown into the RRG blender in no particular order.

Word On The Street
Music stars' digital strategies still in flux
Interesting article on Reuters, which compares sales of Kid Rock, AC/DC, Lil Wayne and Leona Lewis. While some of these names made a killing online, others did just as good, if not better, than the digitally pushed products. Is it really a good idea to sell your music online, or is there really any hope for the artist who releases CDs? The numbers may surprise you. I was surprised to hear that the 8th best selling album of 2008 didn't sell more that 2 million.

Journalist throws shoes at President Bush during press conference-video clip
OK, I know this isn't funny, as it is an assault on the President. But daayum! Hold on a second, I'm laughing so hard right now that I have tears in my eyes! I can understand being so mad at Bush that you want to throw stuff at him…but your shoes? I can't wait to read that reporters blog site and hear what he has to say about himself.

Shouts to Underground Railroad

I had the chance to catch a live show and log in the chat room. I highly recommend that you tune in next soon. The show is hosted by Jay Smooth, of HipHopMusic.com fame, along with G-Man and others, live from WBAI in NY. The show is amazing, and the crew talked about everything from current state of Hip-Hop to Questlove's nod to Jim Jones as the emcee to watch in '09. Tune into the archive to hear the responses to that, and peep the video below.

Attack of the Graffiti Snails!
Wow, you gotta love this one. Someone is putting graffiti on the back of snails and setting them free in London! The article has pictures of the new invasion of street art. Now I have officially seen it all. You'll find a ton of quirky links like the bombed out snail bit, by visiting The 100 Weirdest News Stories article over at Asylum.

Mr. Vegas speaks on reggae music and more!
P: Are you suggesting that the likes of Luciano, Burning Spear and Mighty Culture don’t know what they are talking about?

MV: Honestly, it hasn’t come down to that. All I am saying is that not everyone is a fan of reggae roots music, which talks about oppression and redemption. We are here to make a difference with party songs that people can enjoy and dance to. Besides, Luciano should not dare open his mouth to comment on rub dub music because as far as I am concerned, he has no songs.

Bad joke of the day
Why did Tupac and Biggie go to Heaven?

They both got Faith!

Worst Lyrics of 2008 List
While some of my favorite acts did make the list, I am not mad at the picks or surprised. Notable appearances by Nickleback, Nas, T-Pain, Metallica and Ne-Yo.

The 39 most memorable pop music moments of 2008
Check this collections of some of the standout music moments of 2008. Categories include best award show performance (Kanye West w Daft Punk @ The Grammys) Best animated music video: Tim Fite's "Big Mistake", Best come-on: "Green Light," John Legend featuring André 3000


A:V Room

Decoding the Past: Secrets Of The Dollar Bill
This show has been circulating on cable television, so you may spot it on the telly soon. If not, here's the link!  The show discusses the symbols one the dollar bill and their masonic origins.

Jim Jones
Pop Champagne
One of the hottest song in the streets right now!

Busta Rhymes
Arab Money Remix f. Diddy, Ron Brownz, Swizz Beats, T-Pain, Akon & Lil Wayne
This song is hot in the streets and stirring controversy in the media. The remix is sure to fan the flames on this little number from Bussa Bus!

You Bootleggin Buyin Mutha F@*%$
Take a look at this one, a rare studio take of the original version of "ReUnited" which featured ODB as the main emcee. Shouts to Stretch Armstrong for playing this back in the day, and whoever found it and posted it.

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