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Really, Really Good: New Music From George Clinton, Prodigy (Mobb Deep) and My Thoughts on Rock The Bells

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Aka Mid-Summer's Ritzy Sunset Phunk! It's another rundown of the hottest online sounds, compiled by your favorite B-Boy blogger, El Q!

This weekend marks yet another huge festival for Los Angeles, as Sunset Junction 2008 gets underway. If you're one of the lucky Angelino's like I am, you already know that there is never any shortage of things to do, in our sun baked spot. Every single weekend brings more cool shows that I end up hating myself for missing. Last weekend ended with me, mad at myself for not getting time off and hustling my press passes for Rock The Bells!

I work weekends and have been to almost all of the RTB events here in Cali. I had more than enough time to work the angles and get into the show, or go the media civilian route and actually buy tickets.  The ever increasing ticket prices, Africa like heat, and carbon copy performance line-up all worked against my decision to attend. Instead, I stayed local and actually made a few pennies, but I digress.

I love what Chang the GU crew have done with their rap festival/tour. They took the underground Hip-Hop stance and did it when everyone said it couldn't be done. They brought legendary rap performances that will live on, like our version of Woodstock! Moments like the last live performance the entire Wu Tang Clan, the reunion of A Tribe Called Quest, and Guinness World Record breaking rhymes that were spit with fury by Supernatural, are all RTB highlights. THE RTB crew has tons to be proud of. Now if they can just switch that line up a bit and get some acts that have not visited SoCal for the last 4 years straight! DAMN!

Rock The Bells had its usual star power in the house, with A Tribe Called Quest, Method Man & Redman, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon The Chef, Immortal Technique, Mos Def and Nas (did he really bring Jay-Z on stage in NY?) all headlining the show. Their past performances at the b-boy fest were all memorable and worth seeing. Therein lies the problem for me, all of the above names have headlined the show before! On top of that, those of us in Los Angeles have had more than enough opportunities to see these same acts a little closer to home! Ghostface, Nas, De La Soul, and Mos Def are all regular LA party rockers, so the thought of trekking to San Bernadino again this year just wasn't as appealing to me.

I hear the show was amazing, and well worth the drive. New jacks like Wale, Blue Scholars, Kidz In The Hall, Jay Electronica, and B.o.B are all on the bill this year, thankfully giving Hip-Hop heads something new to bop to. Hopefully next year's show will have some real surprises headlining, not just doing guest appearances that you might have missed if you were hitting up the bathrooms or buying expensive water. If you guys are running out of ideas for possible acts for next year, let me throw you a few suggestions to mill over!

Q.Rock639's Rock The Bells Wish List

Public Enemy: must have group at any outdoor festival and welcome return to RTB!
George Clinton: Parliment/Funkadelic: Why not?
System Of A Down: If you are gonna rock out with your Flava Flav clocks out, like the 2007 Rage Against The Machine bill, try to get these guys!
LL Cool J: Why is the man who made the song that your festival is named after, not on the bill? Make it happen!
RUN D.M.C: Do I have to break it down to you why these guys need to be here? At least in NY & LA!
Ultramagnetic MCs: Hmmmmm….
The Clipse: Whats that?  You would like to see The Clipse in LA?  Yeah , me too!

That's it for now… you can surprise me with the rest!

Prima J CD Giveaway Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, and congratulations to our winners!

Gustavo Suarez, Snow Hill NC

Heather Anderson – Rockford IL

Nicole – Palmetto GA

Madde – Englewood CO

Ashely – Hollywood FL

Webslinging-Random notes from the web

What Do You Know Anyway?

Found this article over at The Huffington Post, which points out that the presidential race is still anyone's game!  They note the changing tide toward Obama in swing states that we thought would go against him.

"Nobody Knows Anything"-Marta Evry—The Huffington Post

In a Northern Virginia Starbucks tucked snugly away in a featureless shopping center not far from Washington D.C., a man, once solid, but now thickening in late middle age, looks around furtively, almost warily, before he leans in to his companions, and says, loud enough for me to overhear,

"This country will never elect a black man president." The two middle-age women, one stylish in a pink silk t-shirt, Cartier watch and diamond rings, the other older and frumpier in a "Cougars for Hillary" sweatshirt, nod knowingly. The older woman sighs, "He's too young. He has no experience." The younger woman shakes her head in agreement, "I can't bring myself to vote for McCain though."

"Oh what a horrible dilemma," the older woman laments.  "It's not good," the man agrees. "How's the diet going?" the younger woman asks, suddenly brightening.

Politics now safely behind them, the three make small talk for a few minutes before the man says his goodbyes and leaves. I watch as he exits the store and climbs into a brand new Mercedes convertible. The man is African American, as are his two women friends.

Ya never know!

MP3 Picks
"Aint That Peculiar" – George Clinton featuring Sly Stone & El DeBarge

Uncle Jam has a new album on the way, that looks like it could tear the roof off the mutha one more time! Be on the lookout for the "Gangsters of Love" album, as its scheduled to hit the stores on September 16th.

The album has classics reworked by George and company, and included songs with Carlos Santana, Sly Stone, El DeBarge, Kim Burrell, the RZA (of Wu Tang Clan), Shavo (from System of a Down) The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and P Funk legends Belita Woods and Gary Shider!  Stay tuned to us hear at Canhead for more info on this one and peep the new mp3 below!

George Clinton Show @ Crash Mansion

"Ain't That Peculiar" – featuring Sly Stone and El Debarge

Apoc and Rel's have joined forces to become The Ritz, and their new CD "The Night of Day" is in stores on August 19th, 2008.  If your new to the sounds of Apoc & Rel, then take a listen to one of the rising stars in Hip-Hop.  They are getting major play on college stations, and recently landed on Urb Magzine's Next 1000!

These guys have a amazing concept with their new album's throwback noir vibe!  The songs are filled with samples from classic movies, soundtrack symphonies and rapid fire lyrics.  Don't sleep on The Ritz!

The Ritz-Langston Bukowski

MySpace Blog, MP3 Link ,Stream the album here


Prodigy – H.N.I.C.2 in stores now

Currently serving a jail sentence, Prodigy continues to shake up the rap world as his new album H.N.I.C. Pt. 2 is well on its way to being one of the best Hip-hop albums of the year.  The Mobb Deep emcee has stepped his online marketing game up to new levels, with his constant blog post, and new partnership with online music distributor Vox Music Group.  Even though he is locked up, P's names still rings bells on the streets and behind the wall!  Fans can keep up to date with Prodigy by checking his blog posting for Vibe.com, as well as his site HNIC2.com.  Check the links below for more murda music from P!

Full "HNIC PT 2" Album Download, "The Life" MP3, Website

YouTube Picks
A short list of some of my top choices! Get the snacks and enjoy!

Hanify Jamiyl "Insatiable Rose"
Check for this new Hip-Hop artist, with his grown man swagger and stunning beauties! The new video is off his album "Krushed Grapes", which is well worth looking for! Peep the video, leave him a comment on the song and tell him Q sent ya!

Beres Hammond
The reggae legend has a new online CD out. A Moment In Time is the name of the album to look for from the reggae crooner!

Throwback Video Pick Of The Day

Stardust – "Music Sounds Better With You"

This was one of my favorite house cuts back when it first came out! The video doenst really work for me, but the song is still the ish! Dance your asses off for a second to this rocking little joint!

Ghostface Killah luvs ya'll man!
Just watch it, stupid and stop downloading his shit… whatever, whatever, whatever!

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