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Really, Really Good: From Burma to Las Vegas

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Coming back at 'cha with more video screen captchas, it's another roundup of the best of the good stuff here at Really, Really Good! Your favorite B-Boy blogger L. "Q.Rock639" Cue is hard at work, preparing another dose of hotness, so forgive me for the delay in posts. In the words of Rakim Allah, "It's been a long time … I shouldn't have left you." With that said, on with the show!

BlogWorld & New Media Expo

The BC community is all abuzz over the upcoming BlogWorld & New Media Expo to be held in Las Vegas on November 8 and 9. The first-of-its-kind trade convention is shaping up to be a fun-filled time for bloggers, podcasters, computer geeks and those up on the sexy coolness of Internet tech. Blogcritics will be there in full force, as they have a booth directly across from the Yahoo booth! (Talk about competition!) In an attempt to bring a little flavor to the event, I have reached out to Eric Olsen, the publisher of BC, and Rick Calvert, the director of the expo. There are several names, acts, and companies that we are courting and hope to bring to the table, but I will avoid jinxing the deal by naming names. What I will do is give you a quick rundown of who will be present.

The BlogWorld expo will attract personalities from all realms of the blogosphere, bringing some well known "web celebrities" out to Vegas. As I mentioned earlier, Yahoo will be on hand, as will Chris Ballard for Sports Illustrated, Leesa Barnes of Caprica Interactive Marketing, KCET's Hugh Hewitt, Arianna Huffington, editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, reps from the NFL, Google, BC's very own Eric Olsen, Jim Turner of One By One Media, and tons more!

The expo may be slightly on the tech side. Trust me, if you don't understand what some of these subjects are about, this is the perfect chance to take a crash course and see what all the fuss about. Hell, million dollar corporations are jumping in on the bandwagon of bloggers for a reason. Hopefully we will have some more event announcements in the next week, so stay tuned. I heard a rumor that the new Will Smith movie will be premiered at the convention, with the Smith family in attendance, but don't quote me on that just yet! Besides, do you really need an excuse to go to Vegas? Just make sure you take Maggie Fox's advice, as she says at her Blog Social Media Group, "the whole 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' thing ain’t true – so behave yourself!" See you there!

Watch Wednesdays

If you're in Los Angeles, you may want to mark your calendars for the newest weeknight event. We here at Kayaro Inc. are proud to present "Watch Wednesdays," a bi-weekly party featuring movie screenings, live music, wine, and food. Think of it as a great date night, smack dab in the middle of the mind-numbing work week. The event will be held at The Grand Star Jazz Club, in the Chinatown district.

Our first screening will be October 24, 2007. We have teamed up with MVD and Conerstone RAS to bring to you the legendary reggae movie Rockers. The DVD recently enjoyed it's 25th anniversary and the popularity of the movie continues to grow. There will be more announcements around this very soon so stay tuned to Blogcritics and Kayaro for more. Future planned screenings included a Halloween Hip-Hop Costume party featuring Method Man: Live At The Sunset Strip and a compilation of work from filmaker Erik Voalk, with a wide arrray of exclusive footage from The Pussycat Dolls to Noam Chomsky and footage from Iraq. Save the date, impress your mate, and Watch Wednesdays!

Random Web Sightings

Hustle Knockin has many choice posts from everything on Mike Tyson, hip-hop, and one of the funniest video blog posts online now, the Jay Smooth vs Bill O'Reilly post! Take a look for your self and bookmark him as a new favorite site.

Pot Calling The Kettle Black Award

Viacom is suing Christopher Knight for posting a clip of Web Junk 2.0 on YouTube, saying he violated their rights. The only thing is the clip from Web Junk 2.0 is of Knight, used by Viacom without his permission!

So Viacom took a video that I had made for non-profit purposes and without trying to acquire my permission, used it in a for-profit broadcast. And then when I made a YouTube clip of what they did with my material, they charged me with copyright infringement and had YouTube pull the clip. Folks, this is, as we say down here in the south, "bass-ackwards".

Sounds loopy huh? You can read the full story at his blog and leave your comments on the situation!

Burma 101

With all the news coverage from Myanmar and the protest and civil unrest, I began researching the subject and the country. I'm ashamed to say I could not point Myanmar out on a map before I began this post. If you are like me, then you'll learn a bit of world history in the following bit. Here are a few interesting facts on the troubled country.

The history of Burma as a country is a long and rich one, while Myanmar's history is shorter, with it's official birthday being 1989. For one, I had no idea that the majority of the world's rubies come from the region. Add to that the horrid working conditions of the mines, rubies are the new blood diamonds with a story to rival Sierra Leone.

The recent spike in oil prices sparked the current protest, but the country has been lorded over by military juntas for years. Election results are ignored as the the military refuses to budge. Monks led the largest protest in the country's history, as the stand-off with the police has brought international attention to the situation. Marches and protests are being planned and held around the world to show support for the Burmese people as this story contines to unfold.

On the ground in Yangon – 28 Sep 07- Exclusive Al Jazeera

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