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Really Really Good – Double Feature!

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Canhead is on the check in, with over 1,500 hundred emails in the inboxes, each one filled in the middle with more nuggety news than CNN and Fox combined. Live from your favorite underground website, too funky for the other news junkies!! From South Central to Hudson, Oak Grove to Oakland, South Beach to Venice Beach, and international ports abroad, this is what’s Really Really Good in your hood!! The Red Pill Season has begun, are you ready?!? Glasses of water at the bottom of the post!

Check out the Blogcritics.org Culture Section. They have a segement called FOCUS: Kids in the Hood and the articles deal with topics like playground bullies, rites of passage, and the introduction of gang mentality in young kids, and more.

Parents Beware: The 6 Top Modeling Scams That You Need To Know About
Tip sheet that lists the top 6 scams con artists use to prey upon young girls.
from Hip Hop Press.

MTV Video Music Awards return to New York
from ABC.com.

Buck Owens RIP

“Waiting in your Welfare Line” mp3 .

Cloned Pigs Produce Healthy Pork? from National Geographic News.

Also on National Geographic.com UFOs — Is It Real video.

And yet again at NGC…NGC US’ global special reveals the “Lost Gospel of Judas” from Indian Televison.

Dilated Peoples “Back Again” video.

Check out YoGotti’s ““Gangsta Party” Video E-Card featuring Bun B and 8Ball!

“That Heat!”

This new album is on FIRE for real! Check the video for “That Heat” featuring will.i.am and Erykah Badu and click on the links for some more on Sergio!

Real Format

Sergio Mendes talks hip-hop from AP Wire.com

Hookup between will.i.am and Sergio Mendes not just an industry gimmick from Canada.com.

Sergio Mendes Concord Music Group page.

Russell Simmons signs new deal with HBO from Mediaweek.com.

Make sure you stop by DJ 3rdI’s MySpace page! Dude has some serious footage from his trip to Africa, and the documentary he is workin’ on is sure to be a huge hit! Check the clip for his video “Hip Hop Revolution” and pay his site a visit!

3rdI Subnet.

Click the pic to hear “Crazy”

Taken from a press release:
On the heels of announcing their being added to Coachella, Gnarls Barkley, the highly anticipated collaboration from Danger Mouse and Cee-Lo, has been confirmed to perform on the main stage at this year’s Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza will be held August 4-6 at Chicago’s Grant Park. Gnarls will be performing on the main stage on Saturday the 5th.

Gnarls Barkley added to Lollapalooza from Chocolate.com.

Let’s Play Hide The Negro from Crunk & Disorderly
“Longoria recalls, ‘She said, ‘You can’t give grandma a calendar. She doesn’t know Tony’s black.’ I said, ‘We’ll just tell her he’s French.'”

I guess it’s true what they say about turning a ho into a…DESPERATE housewife!

Song of the day:

“I Got Your Back” — Jha Voice

Peace party people!! Here are a few more links, old and new, floating around the net that’s worth a look….

RIP Octavia Butler

Octavia E. Butler at TwBookmark.com

Octavia Butler, 1947-2006: Sci-fi writer a gifted pioneer in white, male domain

RIP, Octavia Butler, “genius” science fiction writer

Essay on Racism: A Science-Fiction Writer Shares her View of Intolerance from NPR.com

Octavia Butler: RIP

Octavia Butler, 1947-2006

Sales Of The Notorious B.I.G.’s Debut Album Halted

Talib Kweli & Makeba smile for the camera at RTB 2005. Click pic to go to Talib’s blog.

Tre’s new cut “Roots Love and Culture” with MC Lyte is just a taste of what’s in store, as he is set to drop his new CD, Slim Kid’s Cafe, and hit the road for a spring tour. Make sure you catch him performing with his new band Fuqawi, as well as Speech from Arrested Development , Modill, and Longshot on the Rap Renegades Tour.

1 More Hit is the upcoming documentary that follows hip hop producer J Swift of The Pharcyde. He was featured in the March edition of Scratch magazine, and the movie shows him as he tries to overcome homelessness and a crack habit and jump start his music career. Check the website for more info!

Interview: Marc Ecko — Responding to “Gamers Are Pissy”

Teddy Live in ’79 DVD – NEW!

Check out the new Video from Family Force 5!

“Kountry Gentleman” VIDEO WMPRealQT

Exclusive Interview with Donald Fagen at MP3.com. Stream this entire interview for free!


MySpace Shout Outs!!

Jha Voice — The MySpace Freestyle Promo is classic!

One Session — Make sure you check these guys out! Their new album is in stores now, look for the review soon!

Burning Brides

In The News:

More Than 500,000 Rally in L.A. for Immigrants’ Rights
I saw some of this from my window and walked the streets with the people today. Latinos shut downtown L.A. down for real! That’s what’s up!

In case you missed it…

Ex-Congressman’s Loot to Be Auctioned

Chef Gets Big Send-Off on ‘South Park’,South Park’s ‘Chef’ quits, citing religious bigotry, ‘South Park’ Responds: Chef’s Goose Is Cooked.

Plight Deepens for Black Men, Studies Warn, New York Times.

Scientists make ‘bionic’ muscles.

Check out Apocamon: The Final Judgement!

MySpace Massacre! Vol. 1 Mixtape coming soon!

AOL Blackvoices Isn’t Working.

A few joints on MySpace you need to hear

“Don’t Wait To Long” — SlimKid3’s Cafe

“No Daddy” — Teairra Mari.

Check Windwalker’s site for some heat!

“Above The Clouds Inst.” — DJ Premier.

More soon, stay tuned.

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