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Really Really Good: Common Gangster Downloads

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Welcome party people to another round of sounds at RRG! We have the engines running at full steam, and thousands of things to cover, so this one will be tight and compact! The year end is going to be chocked full of funk, so start clearing your calendars! Stay tuned to RRG for more good stuff than you can handle!

The Premier Download: American Gangster is already gangbusters!

Or something like that. The phenomenon of the new Washington/Crowe gangster flick has taken over America, as the early reviews and anticipation of the movie is incredible.

We have received hundreds of emails since posting our give away contest two days ago here at BC, indicating how eager the public is for the movie. With press screenings starting tonight in Los Angeles and New York, the buzz on this movie will surely go into overdrive for the next two days – all great for publicity and promotions.

My question is, how will American Gangster do at the box office? My early prediction is that it will open strong, but run out of gas quick, sad as that is to say. The fault won't lie in the creative departments or promotional teams that slaved over the project. It's just simple numbers. Everyone has already watched this movie.

I don't mean that like “American Gangster is a story that has been told before". No, I mean everyone has already seen this movie – literally. Almost all of my friends have watched it. It's already on the streets, crystal clear DVD, missing only the audio soundtrack. It's online; one of my friends is watching it right now as we speak! While I think it will do big in the box office, the fact that it was shuffled around hands for so long added to the swift hands of movie pirates will slow it down tremendously.

With that said, go see the movie! Enter our contest while you’re at it!

Random Web Sightings-BlogWorld Expo button takeover!

Join Me at Blog World ExpoBlogWorld New Media Expo brings tech giants to Vegas! The expo is getting closer, and we are preparing to make the trip to Sin City. If you look around, you will start to see the BlogWorld button showing up on tons of blogs out there. I'm trying to do my homework and take note of some of the people that will be around because the names and lineup are all impressive – a virtual Who's Who in Internet tech world will be there.

The people behind some of the most influential blogs and websites will be in attendance. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, super blogger and smooth dancer to boot, has just been confirmed as the closing keynote speaker at BlogWorld & New Media Expo! Check BlogWorld Expo.com for more developments and start packing!

If you are going to the expo, leave us a comment below! Make sure you look for the BlogCritics booth #319 at the expo too, right next to Yahoo and Blogger & Podcaster!

A/V Room-Common's Gangster Rules!

Common is evolving into one of the most rounded Hip-Hop entertainers, with his acting career taking off as his music career matures and continues to gain followers. He has a role in the American Gangster movie next to Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, following his part in "Smoking Aces" last year. Look for Common's upcoming roles in The Night Watchman with Keanu Reeves and Wanted with Mogan Freeman and Angelina Jolie. Add to that his incredible last album, Common is riding a health wave right now.

Common shares the wealth and gives back to the community as well, as he recently announced the launch of The Common Ground Foundation, Inc. The non-profit organization will focus on issues of impoverished youth, empowerment and global AIDS/HIV prevention programs. Fans can add another album to their collection soon as his greatest hits album, Thisismethen: The Best Of Common, is on the way. Check the link below to listen to one of his classics, dig the YouTube shots, and respect Common's gangster!

Common "I Used To Love Her" WMP Video ink

Below: Common in the studio; HOT 97- Angie Martinez interview w/ Kanye and Common; and The Corners

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