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Really Really Good: Can I Get A Witness?

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What’s the word, party people? Hope you're ready for another round up here at The Really Really Good show. With so much drama in the U.S.A, it’s kind of hard being your favorite B-Boy Blogger these days. Still I strive to bring you the news in the freshest manner possible. Checking the news wire and surfing the net has never been this fun! Today’s focus is on artists that are going through the revolving criminal system, new videos and music links. Bon Appetite!

Foxy Brown won’t deliver in jail!

Brooklyn based rapper Foxy Brown is headed to jail after her recent sentencing trial. Brown faces up to a year in prison for parole violation charges stemming from her July assault case. AllHipHop.com interviewed Foxy in 20005, detailing the incident leading to her present case.

The female rap artist’s management camp is also saying Foxy is not pregnant, as she stated earlier in court and in the press. The question now is, did Foxy lie about her pregnancy to gain leniency from the judge, similar to Nicole Ritchie and her case? If that wasn’t enough, Brown will release an album Brooklyn's Don Diva in November, with a single on the way. Let's see if she can withstand the whirlwind that the story of her pregnancy denial started.

Jah Cure ready for festival

JahCure is finally free and ready to bring the world his message and music. His new album True Reflections has some of his latest hits as well as new cuts. The much-anticipated CureFest, a 3-day event held in celebration of Jah Cure, takes place in October and will mark the first major performance by him.

The singer was imprisoned in 1999 on gun charges and rape. The case against him was questionable with many irregularities and mistakes on the part of the police and prosecutors, casting the entire trial in mystery.

While many celebrate the release of the reggae singer, Roy Moyston of the Jamacia Gleaner asks the question, "Who speaks for the black woman" who was raped and looks at the future of the Rastafarian movement. Suzanne Ferguson, the rape victim, spoke publicly about her feelings about Jah Cure and the rape, stating that she has flashbacks when she hears the singer's music and wants him to admit his crime. Check out the clip of Jah Cure’s Press Conference and stay tuned for more information.

Remy Ma charges dropped to assualt

The former Terror Squad first lady, Remy Ma, who was charged with attempted murder, saw her charges dropped to assault this week. Before fans start celebrating her semi victory, they may want to wait to see how her new charge of witness tampering and other charges hold up in court. TMZ is reporting that Remy Ma had some of her associates attack the boyfriend of one of the possible witnesses in her assault case. Remy Ma is scheduled to go back to court on Sept. 20th.

Fresh: A Day In The Life

The two man crew from LA, known as U-N-I, are looking for a spot in Urb Magazine‘s “Next 1000".They are making major noise for themselves, rocking club venues and gaining tons of press. You can hear what all the noise is about and vote for them at Urb's website.

Oh yeah, if you’re in LA, you can catch U-N-I performing September 15th at “Fresh: A Day In The Life”, in 33Third Records Store, for free! The doors open at 1pm, with performances by U-N-I, Percee P, Trek Life, Zen, JhaVoice, Bent Vinyl, Dr. Oop, and many more! Sponsored in part by yours truly and all the good folks here at Kayaro! Stay tuned for more details all this week!

Shouts to the homie Trek Life! You can catch him live performing at “Fresh: A Day In The Life”, at 33Third on Saturday, September 15!

New Wu

The new Wu-Tang Clan single “Watch Your Mouth” is making the rounds on the internet. It’s too early to judge, but so far the first single totally sounds like a Wu joint. Take a listen for yourself!

Speaking of Wu, Unkut has an interesting take on the Raekwon/Aftermath situation. Robbie has a point; I don't know why we ALL fell for that one, with the history of the artist that were signed on to work with Dre, then never heard of with Dre again! Take a look at his breakdown.

Video Picks Of The Day

Lord Finese Vs Percee P – Two top notch emcees trade verse in this throwback clip, complete with real NY Hip-Hop feel too it!

Where We Going From Here
This amazing video has been online for a few months. While I have had a copy of the CD single for a while, I was sleeping on the video. This is an amazing effort from rap artist Myself, that needs to be seen and heard more. Check out the video and MySelf’s MySpace page while you’re at it!

Plastic Dreams (1993)

One of my favorite house tracks ever, this classic is the perfect example of how dance music should sound, heavy dark and too funky to ignore. The video is a little weird, but what do you expect for 90's house!

The Rolling Stone Cover Shoot: Kanye West VS 50 Cent

Kayne West Vs 50 Cent On September 11th – 106 & Park

Bun B throws out OG Spizikes at Sneaker Pimps Houston

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