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Really Really Good: Beats, Rhymes & Life

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Live from LA, it’s the really really good show, hitting you up with a rare mid week posting! The news is coming in at an alarming rate and we are running the presses non stop, here at the media compound of Kayaro! Check your inboxes for more of the daily progress, and read the Really Really Good tome for all the rest. Dig in.

The Queen Returns!
Mary J is scheduled to drop her new album, Growing Pains, in November. With the full rush of last quarter releases planned across the board, and talk of release date delays, we all will just have to wait and see when is arrives. Until then, we have her new single “Just Fine”, here at RRG!

"Just Fine"-Produced by "Tricky" Stewart and Jazze Pha – Real Player (HI) (LOW) Windows (HI) (LOW)

MySpace Music Page Picks
A quick list of some people posted on MySpace you should check out. All randomly tight, and worth a second look and listen.

North Cali crew repping and showing some real potential. Check out the smokey vibes of “We Smoke”, “Throw It Up” for an idea of how they roll! The guys got a distribution deal so hopefully we will hear more of them soon!

~Hiphop Philosophy.com Radio
AC has put in some serious work, as he single handedly holds Hip-Hop down! Hiphop Philosophy.com radio is a 24 hour online radio station, serving Hip-Hop non-stop. When I say Hip-Hop, I mean the real article, not the corporate version! Rare exclusive cuts from the best emcees to ever record can be heard here!

AC goes live from noon to 8, sometimes later, from his AirGfx Shop in Long Beach. When hes not there, you can catch him at one of your favorite Hip-Hop night spots, with his legendary tee-shirts and mix-tape CDs proudly displayed. Take a listen to the show, check the MySpace page, and tell him Q sent you!

~THX & Nominz Present: The Lab
THX is one of the best kept secrets in Los Angeles, as his beats are legendary in the town, with many emcees making the trek to his studio. With his recent production for Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Badd Lucc and more, THX will not be a secret for long. Check him out!

AV Room

~NY Jets Thomas Jones = MC Jones Jets?
Running back Thomas Jones has many accomplishments to his belt. Playing against his brother Julius, and his trip to the Super Bowl with Chicago a huge ones, now the running back reportedly has his sights on Hip-Hop. Word on the street is Jones may start working on music. If his rap game is a strong as that stiff arm, watch out!

~RRG Throwback Video
G.O.D. pt. 3-Mobb Deep
One of the hardest beats ever laid down by the Mobb, with the sick Scarface intro sample on top of those drum drops makes this beat straight crack for real Hip-Hop heads. You know the routine!

~Rick Ross-Rising to Power
The big man from Miami is on his grind still, with a new album about to rock the block. His new album “Rise To Power” is a collection of songs from back in his Suave House days. There are some seriously hot singles on this album, with Scarface, Devin The Dude and The Clipse joining in on the mic, along with many others. Look for the album and check the Hood Affairs interview with Rick Ross.

~In the shameless self promotions department comes this little gem! The video to Q.Rock639’s first single, “Wobbly Weeble” featuring the incredible JhaVoice, is now up on YouTube. Hopefully I will have CD singles ready for BlogWorld Expo in Las Vegas, but wanted to introduce it here to you, my BC fam and friends! I am still working on the final album, but have some amazing material, lots of which we are performing together, with musicians and deejays joining the set daily. More soon!

Kayaro's Top 5!-Five of our favorite links this week, in no particular order!

5. Nas has new album title nixed. Is this true? Nas was going to call his next album "Ni**a"? My only question if it is true is … why? According to SOHH.com, Antonio "L.A." Reid told FOX. 'And they would be unlikely to release an album with that title. How would that look at Wal-Mart?'

4. Jamie Foxx is scheduled to join county group Rascal Flats, in a performance at The 41st Annual CMA Awards. According to EURWeb.com, Foxx will join Rascal Flats in performing "She Goes All The Way", on Wednesday, Nov. 7th. The award show is broadcast on ABC, 8pm ET.

3.Bell back in jail! In the never ending Jena 6 case, Mykal Bell is reportedly back in jail on more charges! Bell returned to court and was sentenced to 18 months for charges that happened prior to the Dec 4th incident.

2.Snoop Dogg response to Bill O'Reilly – NSFW! Of course Snoops response is going to be not safe for work, c'mon! Nice bit tho'.  In other Snoop related news, the Long Beach rapper may been seen on a highway near you… picking up garbage.  As part of his 160 hours of community service sentence for weapon charge, Snoop may soon be on trash detail and park maintenance.

1. T.I. arrested. The southern rap star is facing felony gun charges as his latest album just landed. CNN.com has video of ATF agents searching T.I.'s Atlanta house. If that wasn't enough, MediaTakeout.com is now reporting that agents went in full raid mode, breaking windows and doors and using stun grenades, in the presence of T.I.'s family.

T.I., real name Clifford Harris, is charged with possession of illegal weapons. Prosecutors have witnesses as Harris bodyguard is working with the authorities, detailing T.I.'s futuristic, fortress like, walk in safe, fitted with hand print scans and stocked with assault weapons.

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