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Reality TV: Second Chances

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America’s Best Dance Crew recently allowed Team Millennia to dance again. Last season they arrived as an average hip-hop based dance crew. The judges decided to hold on to the lyrical and creative Fanny Pak instead. This time they’ve emerged with a questionable hip-hop/rock-fusion style. Here are some more shows that allow second chances. As an aside, I can’t even consider Real World/Road Rules challengers. Those kids make a living off of those challenges.

The Show:

The Contestants: Stephanie and Bobby Jon

The Outcome: In Palau, Stephanie was seventh place, Bobby Jon was tenth place. In Guatemala, Stephanie was second place and Bobby Jon was ninth.

Analysis: Stephanie and Bobby Jon got screwed over the lack of a tribal merge and the two had to take each other on with a fire building challenge. Although Stephanie beat Bobby Jon, she was outnumbered and had no chance of recovery. On the return to Guatemala Stephanie got both the upper hand in challenges and a very dedicated alliance partner in Rafe. Bobby Jon did get saved an extra episode by Stephanie but was outnumbered by her original tribe. Stephanie was not so popular with the jury and lost to Danni 6-1. By playing a little more aggressively and having a strong alliance, Stephanie made smart moves to get her to the finals. Bobby Jon on the other hand wasn’t as lucky.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: Amanda and James – China to Micronesia. Amanda went from third place to second; James went from seventh to seventh.

The Show: Flavor of Love

The Contestant: New York

The Outcome: Season one runner-up; season two runner-up.

Analysis: This woman is like a cockroach, she keeps coming back. She attempted to get the heart of Flavor Flav, with a combination of her loud voice and her small dresses. Does she even own anything that can correctly cover her boobs? Flav should have picked her over Hoopz on the first season because Hoopz was trying to gain fame. VH1 knows exactly what they were doing casting and re-casting her. They’ve spun off New York’s own shows.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: None, thankfully, though both Saaphyri and Buckwild have come back on season three as advisers for Flav.

The Show: Project Runway

The Contestant: Daniel Franco

The Outcome: Season one, first eliminated (12th), season two, fourth eliminated (still 12th).

Analysis: Daniel Franco suffered from speed issues and didn’t stand out of the crowd. He spent a lot of time pacing and tacking on pieces. In his final challenge (Lingerie) he was both slow and had a dowdy execution. As the leader of his team he took the blame and was eliminated. That probably was the best for Kara and Chloe, because they went on to be fourth and first place. At least in the end, Santino sang a song about him.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: Several contestants have been seen on the casting episode but get rejected for that season and accepted in a latter season. They include Mychael Knight, Kayne Gillaspie, Daniel Feld, and Stephen Rosengard.

The Show: Celebrity Mole

The Contestants: Stephen Baldwin and Corbin Bernsen

The Outcome: Steven went from second eliminated to third eliminated. Corbin Bernsen went from third eliminated to second.

Analysis: Both contestants were felled by a supermodel. Corbin was paranoid and dubbed the “Super-Veiny Hockey Dad” by Kathy Griffin for all his screaming. The second time around Corbin was looking for clues everywhere and although the producers planted a candle clue, no one believed him. Stephen Baldwin on the other hand was portrayed more like an old surfer. He never really obsessed over the game and jokingly made moves on Kathy Griffin in the first Celebrity Mole. The failure of both contestants could be due to a combined mix of immunities, note taking skills, and trusting a supermodel.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: Thankfully, no other celebrity was desperate enough to go on two seasons of this show.

The Show: The Amazing Race

The Contestants: Dustin/Kandice

The Outcome: Season ten, fourth; season eleven, second.

Analysis: Running around the world is a hard thing, especially when placed back to back. Dustin and Kandice, the beauty queens, went from trying to hear clues from crickets and writing rap lyrics in season 10 to sorting mail and wearing medieval armor. The two were strong competitors, probably the all-female team with the best chances of winning. They did make some mistakes and broke down at points, but improved on their standings the second time around.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: In the same two seasons David/Mary attempted to do better without their Backpack alliance. They failed. They were sixth in season ten, but were eliminated ninth in season eleven.

The Show: So You Think You Can Dance

The Contestant: Twitch

The Outcome: Eliminated in Vegas season three, runner-up in season four.

Analysis: Sometimes the producers know when to cast people. Stephen "Twitch" Boss made it all the way through the Vegas rounds in season three, but lost the last position to Hok. It was probably gut wrenching knowing that you were number 21 in the top 20. Twitch came back the next season with his guns blazing. He had a distinct hip-hop style, but could also pull off ballroom and lyrical styles. His hard work got him the runner-up position and a lot of exposure to the dancing community.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: Hok was in season two and almost made it, but got cut when he couldn’t get a visa. He went back in season three and just missed out on being part of the top 10. Although not as well documented Katee Shean can be seen in the background of the Vegas auditions in season three, but got cut. She went through in season four and got third place.

The Show: Big Brother

The Contestant: Janelle

The Outcome: Season six, third; season seven, third.

Analysis: Season six had the twist that pairs secretly knew each other. Janelle’s secret partner was former roommate, Ashlea, and she was eliminated first. To make her hill even harder to climb, the house was divided between her alliance, the Sovereign Six, and the friendship alliance. Still she knew the game, she knew what to do, and she was a competitor. She became second runner up. The second time around, she came back even stronger, winning four HOH competition and five powers of veto. Still, somewhere in the end, the Chilltown alliance got to her and she was second runner up again. As a consolation, Janelle won the $25,000 America's Choice. At least America liked her.

Other Contestants That Tried Again: There seemed like half of season six ended up in season seven: Kaysar, Howie, and James all got another shot. In season six they were ninth, fourth, and sixth respectively. By season seven they were 10th, 8th, and 7th respectively.

There are many contestants that get a second chance like Jaslene from America's Next Top Model and  George Huff on American Idol. If you ever get a second chance to do anything, learn from your previous mistakes. Most of the contestants actually did better the second time around, probably knowing what was going to happen in the game helped. For a few, they may have been fan-favorites, but that doesn’t necessarily make them good players. The good contestants know what they are doing, have plans, and follow them.

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