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Reality TV Casting Call Wrap-Up: MTV’s Dating Show, Makeover Show, Adventurous Families, and More

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Well, everyone, 2009 has come and gone with a lot of great reality shows this past year. If you have thought about being on a reality show in the past then take a chance and tryout. Below are some of the latest casting calls so hurry up and apply, you never know if you might be the next reality star! Good luck!

Now Casting Women Living Extravagant Lifestyles!

A major cable network is now casting The Good Life. Everyone loves the good life—especially you! Maybe you live like a princess or maybe you only act like one; it matters not—point is, you deserve to be a princess!

If you’re getting pampered on someone else’s dime and your extravagant lifestyle includes luxury cars, designer handbags, and expensive jewelry, you could be just the girl we’re looking for! In this new series, it’s all about you and your glamorous lifestyle.

We are searching for the most outrageous, over-the-top ladies who are living large! Maybe you were born with a silver spoon or maybe someone handed it to you—either way, you’re A-List, baby! And it’s time everybody knows.

  • Is your closet full of designer clothes and shoes that would make Imelda cry?
  • Do you carry your teacup Maltese as an accessory?
  • Do you live in an amazing home with maids, a chef, a personal assistant or a driver?
  • Is your job an intense social calendar and your hobby shopping at Gucci?
  • Are you on the cutting edge of every trend and don’t miss a beat when it comes to Hollywood gossip?
  • Do you live a lifestyle everyone envies?

Your parents or your boyfriend may think you’re over the top- but we get it! You don’t shop sales, you don’t let rules get in the way of a good time and you love champagne! Your friends want to be you and you want to be famous. And we want to help. Attitude is everything–let’s show the world what its like to be you!

Buy a knock off? No way! Do your own laundry? Unthinkable!  Pay your own way? We must be kidding!

We are currently casting in and around the following cities:

  • Los Angeles/Orange County
  • Dallas
  • Charleston
  • West Palm Beach
  • Aspen
  • Louisville

To be considered, you must be over the age of 21.

Now Casting Moms and Everyday Women for a New Makeover Show!

Are you looking to shake up your look? Are you facing a milestone and deeply deserving of a special transformation? Do you want to "wow" the crowd at an upcoming major event?

If you're ready to transform your checkbook, your curves, and even your lifestyle, then we want to hear from you!

The producers of The Biggest Loser and The Office are currently searching for the most dynamic moms in the Los Angeles area for the opportunity to become a new woman.

Do You Have The Hardest Job There Is? Tru TV Series Casting You!

Do you work in a day-to-day job where you enforce rules, resolve conflict or mediate rowdy folks who don’t always want to hear what you have to say?

Are you able to keep your cool while ducking bullets and dodging punches… all before your first coffee break?

If so, Tru TV wants to hear from you! We are currently casting our first season and we’re looking for outgoing characters who manage to keep a smile on their faces (and their sanity!) while being screamed at, belittled and downright abused… and that’s before their first coffee break! We’re looking for referees, tow truck drivers, bodyguards, and anyone else who can show us what it takes to stay tough while dealing with really difficult people!

If this sounds like a description of your day-to-day life or that of someone you know, please email me your contact information and tell me a little about yourself or your contact.

MTV Now Casting New Dating Show

Are you dating two different guys and like both so much that it’s difficult to choose?

A new MTV show is looking for girls that are confused and need help deciding which guy is the right match. And who better to help than your parents! After all, they only want the best for YOU and can see what love often blinds.


  • Girls must be between 18 and 23
  • Boyfriends must be between 18 and 23
  • Outgoing personalities
  • The girls parents must be on board and have strong opinions and personalities
  • You or your parents must live within 45 miles of NYC
  • Must be available to film last weekend in January and first weekend in February.

Untitled Web Series Casting: Do You Need Help With Your Financial Issue?

Do you want to change your financial future? Do you have a few dollars (maybe $500 a month) that you want to turn into your retirement fund? 

A large consumer financial institution is seeking individuals and families that need some help planning for their future to star in a brand new series that will take the confusion out of finance! We will be casting across the country and we want to hear your story.

Do You Love to Party? Are You Out Drinking Almost Every Night of the Week? Have You Ever Wondered What It's Doing to Your Body? Now Casting

Are you the life of the party? Are you out almost every night of the week drinking and whooping it up? Would you like to know if your actions are having an affect on your body?

A new game show is looking for major party people. Come to our show and tell us how this is affecting your life. You may be able to get healthy and win a little cash for your troubles.

Makeover Show Now Casting

An Emmy-winning show is looking for people who need a makeover. Do you or anyone you know need a makeover? Do you have a friend who has big, outrageous hair? Do you know someone who wears way too much makeup? Do you have someone in mind who dresses way too sexy? If so, we want to hear from you today! Contact me and we'll fly you and your friend out to New York to get a makeover!

Untitled Fashion Project Now Casting

Do you have a passion for fashion?

Have you ever dreamed of being a part of the fashion industry, but have no idea how to break into it? Have life’s circumstances become an obstacle in achieving your goals?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, a major network and Rock & Republic want to meet you! They are going to provide a unique opportunity to a few lucky fashion ‘outsiders’ to make a name for themselves and pursue the career they thought they could only dream of.

Currently seeking men and women ages 18 – 30, from all walks of life. So, whether you come from the wrong side of the tracks or just don’t know how to break into the fashion industry by yourself, apply now!

Now Casting Adventurous Families

Looking for the ultimate family adventure? Eager to ditch the typical family vacation and experience a truly unique and exciting bonding experience? Wish you could bring your family even closer together?

The producers of The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser, and The Office are currently searching for America’s most outgoing families to compete in exciting outdoor challenges in the nation's most beautiful national parks.

Family compensation: $5,000

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