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Reality TV Casting Call Weekly Wrap-Up: FOX’S Hell’s Kitchen, Trump’s Ultimate Merger, Millionaire Matchmaker, The Real World, and More

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Here are the latest reality TV casting calls for the week. There are a lot of great casting calls this week: Hell's Kitchen, Donald Trump has a new show, and MTV is casting a couple shows. Are you ready for your 15 minutes? Good luck!

FOX's Hell's Kitchen Now Casting

FOX's Hell's Kitchen is currently looking for chefs, 21 and over, who are outspoken, competitive, and can stand the heat in one of the most exclusive and toughest kitchens in the world. Applicants must be passionate, skilled at their craft and aim to become the next winner of Hell's Kitchen.

New Trump Show Now Casting – Ultimate Merger

Donald Trump Productions (NBC’s The Apprentice) and Juma Entertainment (ABC’s The Superstars) have teamed up for a groundbreaking new show.

We are currently conducting a nationwide search for successful, eligible bachelors who think they have what it takes to win the heart of a TV personality and gain the approval of Donald Trump!

Now Casting Makeover Show: Mothers and Daughters Needed (LA/OC/SF Valley)

WETV is searching for mother/daughter duos for their new makeover show, You’re Wearing That?!

Is it time to retire your old look and step into a new gorgeous you? Now casting mother/daughter teams to get makeovers by a renowned New York Stylist. 

  • Does your mom dress too young for her age?
  • Do you hate your daughter’s baggy clothes?
  • Is your mom’s hair style stuck in another decade?
  • Does your daughter dress too suggestively?
  • Would you love to see your mother get a new look and off your back about how you dress?

Important requirements: Minimum age for daughter is 13. Both parties must be interested before anyone applies to the show.

Casting Bravo's Hit Show Millionaire Matchmaker: Do You Want to Date a Millionaire?

Season three of Millionaire Matchmaker is now casting single men and women 21 and up, good-looking, sexy, and with big personalities!

Millionaire Matchmaker is entering its third season with big surprises in store. As host Patti Stanger and her staff try to make the perfect matches, they must navigate their way through millionaires and millionairesses who think they know best.

If you think you have what it takes to capture the eye — and heart — of our millionaire men and women, apply now!

MTV's Silent Library Casting Call

Returning for its second season, MTV’s hit show Silent Library puts contestants through offbeat challenges for the chance to win thousands of dollars. The series is set in a library where the six contestants, who play as a team, must remain quiet if they want to win.

That's where you come in! We're looking for a variety of outrageous talent to help break our contestants' silence!

Only apply if you are located in the New York City area and are non-union. We are looking for the following:


  • Body builders
  • Overweight (must be 100-200+ lbs overweight)
  • Willing to dress in drag (looking for manly types)
  • Long-bearded men (think ZZ Topp)
  • Hairy men (must be willing to shave back, stomach, neck, etc.)
  • Skinny, nerdy men (40-65)
  • Tall lean men (35+)


  • Hot models (18-29)
  • Elderly women (65-80)
  • Hot twins/sisters/best friends

Male or Female

  • Guitar player (rocker type)
  • Drummer (rocker type)

Shoot dates will take place during the month of December.

Cable Series Casting Unusual Families/Relationships

An award-winning TV and film production company is currently casting unusual families or families with unusual relationships to feature a reality series for a top cable network.

How Did You Meet Your Husband? Or Wife? Now Casting

Did you and your husband meet in an offbeat way? Did you meet in the most romantic way? Do you have one of those magical stories that just give the chills every time you tell it? Was it love at first sight? Or was there an insurmountable challenge to meet your husband or wife? Was it the funniest time? Or was it the most awkward moment?

Whatever the story is, we want to hear it. Now introducing a show about the beauty, romance, and simplicity of falling in love. How did it happen? What is that moment when two people became one?

If you have a touching story you want to tell and possibly tell it again on a new up and coming TV show, then apply now!

Win $100,000 on Major Cable Network Show Now Casting: New Hot Reality "Party Show!"

A major cable network is now seeking couples for a brand new, hot "party show — men and women 21 and up, sexy, gorgeous, with big personalities who know how to party!

This show asks the question: Can you throw the biggest, baddest party on the planet? Can you outdance, outparty, and outhink the competition? For the chance at winning $100,000, are you able to pull together the world's hottest party?

Guaranteed on air show, filming at the end of this year.

E! Network Now Casting LA Actresses

The E! Network, in coordination with Tommy Habeeb Enterprises, is producing what promises to be one of the hottest new reality shows, LA Actresses. This docu-series (a docu-series is one in which there is no elimination or competition — examples of such programming are The Hills, or Real Housewives) will revolve around five women who are working toward their dream of becoming accomplished actresses.

LA Actresses follows the trials and drama of a group of young actresses in Los Angeles, each striving desperately for her big break and struggling to achieve her dream of becoming a world-famous movie star.

This group of girls share the common goal of acting success, as well as the competition they face in an industry inundated with thousands of other women all wanting the same roles. Love and support are also in supply, however, and these sassy, intelligent women never fail to surprise with the depth of their love for each other and their craft.

The life of a struggling actress is a hard one, one fraught with difficult decisions about borders and boundaries, and how far one should go to achieve success. Agonize along with these new friends, cheer their successes, and mourn their defeats.

Juggling their lives and careers, our LA actresses sweep everyone around them into the whirlwind of Los Angeles industry life. LA Actresses will show the lavish parties, casting calls, degrading side, jobs, and the ever-present promise of that big break.

Potential cast members must be 18 years of age or older, as well as legal residents of the Unites States.

Casting auditions are being held over the next two weeks. Spaces will be limited so all interested parties should submit themselves for consideration as soon as possible. Auditions are held during the week primarily between the hours of 1am and 8pm.

Real World 24 Holding Open Casting Calls in IA, TX, MA, AZ, IN, NY, PA, DC

MTV’s hit show The Real World is looking for cast members for season 24. To be considered for a spot as one of our lucky roommates, come on down to our open casting call. Next season’s cast may have a place for you!

The requirements for an audition are simple. If you are between the ages of 18 and 24 then bring yourself, a valid ID, and a recent photo to our open casting call. You’ll interview with the casting directors and soon you could be sharing your life with millions of viewers on the next season of one of MTV’s most popular shows!

MTV True Life Casting: Are You A Neglected Boyfriend?

Do you feel neglected by your girlfriend? We want to hear your story!
Our Emmy-nominated, documentary-based TV company is looking to develop a show about 18-25 year-old males who feel that they are neglected boyfriends or a are currently in an abusive relationship.

In light of MTV’s True Life: I'm a Neglected Girlfriend, we think that it’s only fair to show that guys are neglected as well.

If this is you, or someone you know, we’d like to hear about it. Please feel free to come out of the woodwork and tell us a few things:

1. Who are you? (What do you do for a living? What do you do for fun? How would your friends describe you?)

2. Who is your partner? (Age? Job? School? Social life?) How did you meet? How long have been in a relationship?

3. Why do you feel you are neglected? (Emotional, physical, financial, etc)

4. What do your friends and family think about your relationship? (Approve? Disapprove? Indifferent?)

5. What do you and your partner do when you're together? What do you do when you’re apart?

6. What is the future of your relationship? (Breaking up, try to work it out, etc…)

Anonymity will be respected if requested.

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