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Reality TV Casting Call Weekly Wrap-Up: Millionaire Matchmaker, Bride Makeover Show, MTV, National TV Commercial, and More

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Here are the latest reality TV casting calls for the week. Are you ready for your 15 minutes? Check out what we have on tap this week. Good luck!

National Commercial Casting for Real People

If you have weight to lose, then here’s your shot and you can receive $5,000! An industry-leading sports nutrition company is looking for 18- to 35-year-old men and women who need to lose 30-40 pounds.

Lucky participants will receive a national advertisement campaign and $5,000 worth of professional consultation and training advice from industry experts. We are seeking healthy and motivated individuals.

Casting for Brady Bunch Type Families for TV Show

We are casting Brady Bunch type families in the NY Tri-State area for an eco-makeover show — families that were created when one person with children married another person with children. And now, because of the sudden large family, things have gone awry in terms of wasteful spending in the home and energy waste, no recycling, multiple car usage, etc. If this sounds like your family, or close to it, then please reply and send a picture of the family, your name and contact info, and a brief summary of summary of your situation. Once again, currently only casting in the New York Tri-State area.

E!/Style Network Casting Brides-to-Be for Makeover Show

Casting stylish and not-so-stylish people and crazy dresser for makeovers — pays big money!

We are holding casting auditions NOW, so apply now to reserve an audition time!

If selected for the show and you participate, you receive $1,000!

Casting for the following:

Stylish people to help makeover loved ones! This is your chance to show off our style and help change a friend, relative, or co-worker.

Do you know someone who's had the same style for years and they love it? Does she wear the same prints and patterns all the time? Does she always look like a mess? Or is she always way overdone and too revealing? We can help! We are looking for all kinds of people in need of makeovers! Plus, if you nominate someone and are selected to participate on the show, you receive $1,000! The makeover candidate receives a full makeover and $1,000 as well!

  • Former cheerleader who needs to drop the super-sexy look and add some class to her life!
  • Square peg college girl needs to lose the square and add some sex appeal!
  • She looks like she just rolled out of bed and goes to class like this!
  • Stuck in the '90s and needs to start looking like 2009!
  • Green girl is so busy saving the planet, her style has gone to shame.
  • Disheveled and going through major life changes!
  • Survived a major tragedy and in need of a new chapter and look in life!
  • Stripper needs to leave her job and look behind and look forward to a whole new life and flair!
  • She dresses like it's Halloween every day! She always looks like a character and the crazy attention she gets is forging a wedge in your relationship.
  • Bride-to-be in need of a beauty overhaul before starting married life!
  • Overcome addiction and she's in desperate need of a new job, but she won't get it with her current disastrous look!
  • Her bright and loud style attracts all the wrong attention and no one takes her seriously.
  • Lost a lot of weight, but her bad fashion continues to weigh her down!
  • Country girl in need of a big city look!
  • Biker babe in need of softening
  • Big hair, overdone makeup and loud clothing scream for a style rescue!
  • Former beauty queen whose let herself go needs immediate beautifying.

MTV is Casting Real Teen ASAP!

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