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Reality TV Casting Call: From the Producers of The Bachelor: Dream On, America

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Do you hear the siren call of unscripted television beckoning? Then this is for you:

From the producers of The Bachelor: Rome, comes Dream On, America A NEW WISH FULFILLMENT SHOW!

Make your dreams come true! Have a BIG personality? Can you sell your dream story in front


of an audience ? Make your dream, whatever it is… a reality! New primetime show seeks contestants, some story examples to follow!

A trip to Vietnam, a new surfboard, housekeeping for a year, a toilet-trained-allergen-free kitty, a personal chauffer, a job that doesn't suck, parents who don't nag, base-jumping lessons, a Bush-free nation…

[MOMS] What is your dream? Are you a single mom? Mother of multiples? Do you want to make your mom's dream come true? Are you a Mr. Mom who dreams of a short escape from his hectic life?

[ROMANCE] Are you dreaming for a wife? Fiance? Wanna do something special for a girlfriend/boyfriend -wife/husband? Have a long-distance, overseas relationship and dream of bringing your true love over to America.? A newlywed couple who eloped and dream of a big wedding? Want to surprise wife/husband of 50 years on anniversary? Do you dream of finding love? Want to reconnect with a lost love? Do you want to marry-off your son/daughter? Would you like to propose to someone special?

[MAKEOVER] Are you losing your hair? Struggling with obesity? You a skinny nerd who dreams of getting buff and getting girls?

Newly divorced and dreaming of a makeover and new man/woman? [THANK YOU] Would you like to thank someone? Heros? Parents? Coaches? Mentors? Anyone that has influenced your life?

[REUNION] Do you want to plan a family reunion with all 200 of you relatives? Wanna see your High School friends again? Wanna wow old classmates, College team buddies? A hopeless romantic dreaming of reuniting with long lost love. You a New York pizza shop owner dreaming of going to Italy to meet your extended family?

[BAD JOB] Have you been working a crappy job all your life? A frustrated clown dreaming of a life without kids everywhere? A bathroom attendant of 20 years dreams of somehow leaving it all behind. What would you rather do?

[SPORTS DREAM] You want to make a sports come-back? Do you want to help your dad's sports dream a reality? Have you always wanted to visit a famous stadium? DO you have a shrine to a sports star and you would love to play a game with them? Are you a coach-dad and dream of building a baseball diamond for your kids. A young Olympic hopeful dreaming of winning gold?

[HEROES] Are you a police officer or fire fighter with a dream? A veteran who dreams of climbing Mt. Everest? A military wife who dreams of surprising of her hero-husband upon his return from Iraq with the gift of a lifetime?

[BUSINESS/INVENTOR] What is your passion? Dream of changing the world with new found invention? Young and dreaming of going to an Ivy league medical school but can‘t afford it? [OTHER] A struggling artist dreams of a New York gallery opening. A small town talented musician dreams of recording a music demo. You a grown woman dreams of moving out her meddling mother out of the house?

An idealistic political hopeful dreams of running for office. A passionate treasure hunter dreams of finding his gold. A struggling young farmer dreams of saving the family farm. A survivor of a near death experience dreams of…THE SKIES THE LIMIT! – you must be very personable and NOT afraid to talk! This is your key to winning the prize on this show!

STORY a must! Please email your story and a PHOTO to: AlexShaw13@aol.com

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