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Reality Television Casting Call Weekly Wrap-Up: MTV Party Girls, NBC Restaurant Competition, Masters of Dance, Toughest Jobs and More!

Are ready for your 15 minutes of fame? Have you always dreamed about being on a reality show? Here's your chance — take a look at the latest and greatest reality casting calls! Good luck!

MTV Now Casting For the Ultimate Party Girls

The Real My Fair Lady (working title) — from the producers of The Apprentice and Wife Swap, MTV is now seeking women who love to party and are known by their peers as party animals.

Here is an opportunity of a lifetime to learn proper etiquette from the elite.

We are going to help turn bold, outspoken, love-to-party women into “proper ladies” — think Lindsay Lohan turns into the Queen of England!

  • Are you the girl that speaks her mind — are you bold and are you the life of the party?
  • Are you constantly shocking people with your crazy behavior?
  • Are you a girl who sometimes can drink more than the guys?
  • Do you have the attitude that you don’t care what others think about you?
  • Do you love to hang with crazy friends or the boys?
  • Do you ever wear clothes that are too revealing?
  • Do you ever play drinking games that are not ladylike?
  • Do you ever use curse words in public when you shouldn’t?
  • Would your manners possibly get you thrown out of a formal gathering?
  • Do you think if you learned better skills, you would get more out of life when it comes to impressing a man or getting a better job?

Here is the opportunity of a lifetime to learn proper etiquette like those of the Royal Family. We will give you the chance to master the art of charm and poise. Hopefully, we will turn you into a lady fit to be a Princess.

Get ready to be whisked away to learn proper etiquette and better ways to communicate, in order to hang with the elite. Come back a new and improved woman with a MAJOR prize in hand!

NBC Restaurant Competition Show Now Casting

Granada America, the producers that brought you Nanny 911, Hell’s Kitchen, and Kitchen Nightmares, are seeking two-person teams, with pre-existing relationships, who have always dreamed of opening their own restaurant!

Have you and your spouse, friend, family member, business associate or colleague dreamed of opening your own restaurant? Is one of you a whiz in the kitchen while the other is a front of the house superstar? Do you have what it takes to open and run a successful restaurant? Has financing always been a problem?


  • Over 21 years of age; U.S. Citizens or Permanent U.S. Residents
  • Two-person teams with pre-existing relationships: couples, friends, family, co-workers, chef teams, retired couples, college grads, weekend gourmets, old and young!
  • Must be outgoing, creative, love the restaurant business and want to open and run your own restaurant!

How Do I Look? Now Casting

Casting too-flashy and too-revealing females in need of full makeovers! 

Do you know a female who's too revealing or too sexy or too flashy? Does she think she has a great look, but you think differently? Does she think she's trendy, but you think she's trashy? We can help!

We are looking for LOTS OF FEMALES IN NEED OF MAKEOVERS and we're looking for gals who dress way too revealing and are in need of a more classy style! If you nominate her and participate on the show, you receive $400, lots of TV exposure and a lot of fun! The makeover candidate receives thousands of dollars' worth of clothing, shoes, bags, purses, jewelry, makeup, hair (color and cut/extensions at high end salons) and more! 

We are open to all looks, but here are a few ideas:

  • Too revealing Mom who lets it all hang out
  • She left stripping, but she still looks the part
  • My teen dresses way too provocatively!
  • She dresses like a porn star, but she's not!
  • She dresses like Malibu Barbie every day
  • She looks like a streetwalker
  • Her fishnets and mini-skirts have to go!

Master of Dance Now Casting Dancers of All Ages and Backgrounds

Open casting call for dancers! We are looking for 50 trained dancers for the upcoming dance competition reality pilot Master of Dance for TLC. We are looking for THE true master of dance! Dancers of all backgrounds, styles, and ages are welcome (21+ please) – dancers 35 and older are encouraged to apply! If you have skills on the dance floor and an outgoing personality, we want to hear from you!

Dancers MUST be available March 18-19 for filming. Please email contact info, your dance background and/or resume, and a photo.

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